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Tying it Different: Creative Shoelace Tutorials!

Getting a new pair of runners is always fun but sometimes we find ourselves wondering whether they might look even more awesome than they already do if the laces weren’t just strung normally. Before we looked it up and learned some new techniques, however, we had no idea how many lace tying techniques were out there! We tried to invent a few of our own, but we mostly just tied ourselves in big knots. Lucky for us, the very Internet where we record our love for little projects just like this one is a veritable gold mine for tutorials just like the ones we suddenly needed!

Check out these 10 awesome shoelace tying designs that look very impressive and take a moment of concentration, but are actually a lot easier than you’d think.

1. Diamond lace shoes


Instructables guides you through the process of lacing your shoes in a way that skips the first hole that comes next in line, goes into the second, and then doubles back underneath so that you can repeat the criss-crossing pattern to create a bunch of layered X’s. When you’re all done, those X’s overlap to create a series of little diamond shaped spaces between the laces!

2. Spiderweb laces


When you were trying to make your own lace design, did you actually kind of like the knotted created you accidentally came up with? We’ve done that before too but we found that it caught on itself funny so we couldn’t tighten the shoe. Instead, try trying this spiderweb inspired lace design from Kid Spot. It’s knotted looking and woven in a cool way on the sides, but it still lets the laces slide to tighten the shoe properly around your foot.

3. Star laces


Perhaps your shoes fit well enough already that you’re not really concerned with being able to tighten the laces around your foot and you’d rather just tie them in a way that looks awesome? We’ve done this many times before with runners that we slip on even when we shouldn’t, because otherwise the laces go unused anyways. You might as well make them look cool, right? Check out how Stuntmotomoto made theirs look like an awesome pentagram star!

4. Lattice lacing


Did you like the diamond idea but there was something about it that way a little too crowded for you? Maybe you enjoyed the way the laces overlapped but you would have preferred that they do so a few less times so the layers were more spaced out. Then check out this cute latticed look instead! It reminds us of the kind of structure you might have in your garden for flowers to climb as they grow. See how it’s done on Instructables.

5. Braided bar lace


If you’re going to get decorative with your laces, you might as well go all out, right? Laces are a great opportunity to add a little bit of colour to your look, but sometimes picking just one contrast colour is simply too difficult. That’s where we made braided bars instead! Choose three colours of lace and braid them all together, and then lace your shoes according to this tutorial on Lace Anchors. We like the bars for braided laces we think because anything else tends to look a little too busy in combination with that tripled texture and thickness, but do whatever you like!

6. Dual colour loop back lacing


Have you ever bought awesome new runners that come with two colours of laces in the package and each one matches the shoe design so well that you have trouble choosing which one to lace? Then use both! Why choose when you don’t have to? We’re completely obsessed with this dual colour fade look from vincenzo_monteroso. Check out how they made it happen with a little bit of careful backwards looping.

7. “No” lace


We’d certainly never heard of the concept of spelling words with out shoelaces, nor had we thought of trying it ourselves, but now that we’ve seen these hilarious “NO” sneakers, we’re not sure we’ll ever go back! We think they look especially good on a low cut shoe because the message lays almost flat. Check out how it’s done on Lace Anchors!

8. Asterisk laces


Perhaps you’re just looking for a little bit of subtle detail in the lace area that will add some interesting style without actually detracting from your outfit or the scheme of the shoes themselves? Then check out these simple asterisk shaped laces! Fieggen walks you through the process of creating a simple overlapping star just above your toe.

9. Checkerboard laces


When we said “overlapping colours”, did your brain automatically picture very overlapping colours, to the point that they essentially alternate? Then what you’re thinking of is exactly what Lace Anchors is here to show you how to do! Weaving yourself a checkerboard across the top of your food lets you blend two shades equally and creates a really neat illusion (plus, you’ll never have to tie your laces and that’s always a plus, if you ask us).

10. Dual colour washboard laces


The Freckled Fox

Washboard laces are simple and to the point while still managing to be a unique twist on the regular shoe tying technique. In fact, they’re probably the easiest alternative tying method you’ll find, so if you’re looking for something quick and subtle, this is the idea for you! You can spice things up a little bit without much more effort, however, by creating the washboard in two different colours rather than one.