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Loose and Comfortable: DIY Morning Robes 

When you wake up early in the morning, sometimes the mere act of putting on proper clothes seems like a really demanding task. It’s easier to just wrap yourself in a loose robe, head to the kitchen to fix yourself some coffee and only start thinking of the day’s outfit after you’ve already properly woken up. Robes are a great garment to wear whenever you want to feel extra comfy in your home. If you want to make a robe for yourself but you need some ideas, start with our selection of DIY morning robes!

1. Embroidered Robe 


Do you like to feel extra fancy, even when you’re at home? You’re going to love this embroidered robe we found at Melly Sews! It really proves that comfort doesn’t have to be without a style and that even when you’re chilling on the couch, you can still look special!

2. Cotton Sheet Robe


You don’t need to go fabric shopping in order to make this robe – you’ll only need to open that one drawer we all have at home that’s stacked with big cotton sheets and pull one of them out! Damask Love will show you how to turn it into a proper robe!

3. Kimono Robe 


If you love the style of the traditional kimono, you can absolutely use it as inspiration for your very own morning robe. It’s going to make you feel very special every time you wear it, like you’re not just wearing a simple robe but something much more meaningful than that! Martha Stewart shares the details!

4. Fleece Robe for Kids 


Mornings can be so hectic when you have kids. One minute they were still sound sleep and the next minute they’re running up and down the house only half dressed. Fleece Fun shares a tutorial for a beautiful and soft fleece robe that you can make for your kids, to keep them warm and comfortable in those hectic mornings!

5. Peach Bathrobe 


The morning and evening bathroom routine is a very important part of the day because, however repetitive, it helps us jumpstart or wind-down our day. A bathrobe is the perfect thing to wear during your bathroom time, as it feels very light and unconstrained. We love the one by Sewbon!

6. Trellis Edged Robe 


You can use this opportunity to get really creative with your DIY bathrobe, because chances are it’s going to stay with you for a very long time. Whether you’re bingeing on Netflix all night long or waking up super early to be productive, the robe is going to be there for you! Find a tutorial for a unique trellis edged robe at Camelot Fabrics!

7. Hooded Robe 


If you like to think of the robe as a security blanket, something that can make you feel very safe and comfortable, the addition of a hoodie is non-negotiable! The Creative Spark shares a tutorial for a lovely hooded robe that you can also make for your little nuggets!

8. Soft and Comfy Robe 


There are many qualities that make a robe, but comfort is right at the top! Seeing as you’ll be wearing this robe at your most relaxed times of the day, it has to contribute to the experience and make you feel laid-back. We found a great one at Oil & Blue!

9. Short Sleeved Robe 


Are you feeling a bit done with traditional robes because you always feel too hot in them and the long sleeves somehow always end up in your morning coffee? Make yourself a short sleeved robe! They are a great alternative to the traditional robe and you can find the instructions for it at Lana Red Studio!

10. Linen Bathrobe 


If you’ve ever experienced the joy of sleeping on linen sheets, you’ve probably already dreamed of wearing a linen robe! The Thread is brining you a tutorial for a linen bathrobe that is so light you’re going to forget you’re wearing anything at all!