A Cherished Memory: Creative Ways to Save Concert Ticket Stubs

Have you always been a concert going enthusiast on top of being a craft lover? That sounds a lot like us, but we’re also pretty nostalgic on top of it. That’s why we always keep our concert ticket stubs! Because we’ve loved going to concerts and live shows or events for so many years, however, we’ve saved up a lot of ticket stubs over the years. Lately, instead of just keeping them in keepsake boxes, we’ve been thinking about how we can display them a little bit better, since we’ve really seen some cool acts! That’s why we started looking up different ways to save and show our concert tickets!

We found so many ticket stub ideas in our search, however, that we had a lot of trouble choosing which method we liked best. We thought other people might be struggling to find ideas too, so we decided to put them all in a list to help others out!

1. Pasted notebook ticket stub diary


Have you found a notebook with a covered, pattern, or design that really speaks to you or reminds you of the awesome nights you’ve had out with friends and the amazing live shows you’ve seen? Then why not transform that notebook into an album? We personally don’t like to permanently glue our tickets into books because then they’re stuck forever and we’re worried we might want to move them someday, but a few pieces of rolled tape on the back will stick them well to the page. Check out how that’s done, as well as how some cool layouts are made, on Uncommon Goods.

2. Ticket stub wall art


Is there one thing that you’ve been attending for so many years that you have many of the same ticket in different designs and with different years written on them? Then you basically have enough stubs to make yourself a series! Whether it’s tickets to a local street celebration, an annual music festival, or a particular band’s tours, we think this wall collage art idea from Dionne Designs is one of the best ways to show them off!

3. Drop-in ticket stub shadow box


Are you the kind of nostalgic person who has lots of experiences displaying things in shadow boxes? We’ve used them many times too, in all kinds of ways, but this ticket stub saving idea might just be one of our very favourites! Randi With An I suggests making a slit in the top of a shadow box and sliding the ticket from your latest event in so it falls down like a piggy bank for cool tickets against the glass. Guests will love lookin at the different things you’ve seen as they walk by!

4. Framed ticket stub collage


Did you love the idea of making a collage but you don’t have quite enough of them, especially of the same kind, to make the giant  wall art we showed you earlier? In that case, perhaps you’d rather create a smaller scale version inside a frame! We love the way Alternatively Chiic arranged their tickets in groups so they look like a neat piece of repeating pop art.

5. Plastic pocket ticket stub albums


Everyone has seen photo albums full of plastic sleeve pages for displaying standard sized photos before but have you ever seen the smaller sleeves design for Polaroids and other differently shaped prints? Well that’s how The Rebel Chick decided to display their tickets stubs and keep them undamaged! The idea works just like a photo album but you’ll put the part with the band or show’s name outward so people can see all the awesome acts you’ve witnessed while they’re flipping through.

6. Ticket stub glass table


Do you love the idea of arranging your ticket stubs in a frame or glass case but you’d rather make them a more central piece in your home’s décor because seeing live entertainment is very special to you? Then we have a feeling you’ll much prefer the way Rouse House Design arranged theirs underneath the face of a glass table, they way others might place photos of their friends, family, and pets. Guests won’t be able to help but brows the cool things you’ve had the privilege of seeing.

7. Ticket stub artist shrine


Are most of your ticket stubs from the exact same artist because they’re your absolute favourites and you’ve seen them, like, a million times? Then we have a feeling you’ll get a kick out of this funny DIY “shrine” idea from Craftster! They created little boxed full of pictures and stickers in tribute to their favourite musical acts and, within those shrines, they put all their concert tickets from seeing the very bands in the shrines. It’s a little bit “fangirly”, but it’ll be amusing to your friends!

8. Ticket stub jar lamp


Have you ever seen those lamps that have empty jars for bottoms rather than just plain porcelain or plastic stands? Well, they might not seem that unique to you now and they didn’t to use either… until we saw the way Gusto & Grace filled theirs with their old ticket stubs from all kinds of different concerts, live shows, and events. The best part is that these lamps are easily opened so you can look through the tickets whenever you like. This particular tutorial might not show you how to make one yourself, but they’re also not hard to create on your own if you can’t find a store bought one pre-made.

9. Ticket stub fridge magnets


Would you rather see your awesome ticket stubs every single day somewhere in your house that you go often, that way you can remember all the cool things you’ve seen all the time? In that case, maybe you’d prefer to make yourself something like these awesome ticket fridge magnets, just like The Plaid Owl did! They’ll also stay safe on the fridge without getting lost or damaged.

10. Ticket stub canvas wall art


Are you still thinking about how much you enjoyed the collage ideas we’ve shown you so far but we just haven’t quite found the one that interests you the most yet? In that case, we absolutely think you should check out the way Amy Grau Design arranged and stuck down their tickets on a black canvas, leaving space for a printed music quote to really tie the theme together.

11. Ticket stub Door art


Have you always loved decorating parts of your house in unconventional ways, sticking keepsakes right to your walls rather than hiding them away in albums and boxes so you can enjoy your good memories all the time? Then maybe you’d rather do something like Broke Ass Stuart did and transform one of your doors using your tickets. You don’t have to paste them on so they stay forver, but taping them down will still give you a totally awesome look.

12. Concert ticket change purse


Do you have some tickets that you’d still like to save but you’re not so particularly attached to that you want to keep them pristinely preserved the way you got them originally? Then perhaps you’d be willing to get a little more crafty with them than we’ve shown you so far! In that case, check out the way Craftster sewed right through the cardboard of the tickets and glued on a snap in order to make an awesomely nostalgic and totally cool looking change purse.

13. Plastic sleeve paper ticket organizer


Are most of the concert and event tickets you’ve gathered made of paper rather than printed like the classic little cardboard tickets, so they won’t work for most of the DIY projects we’ve shown you so far? Well, have you ever seen those plastic sleeves that people often use to protect papers and organized their course work in school or for workshops and teaching? Those work well for storing larger paper tickets too! Fold them so the show or band name shows and put the papers in a three-ring binder to pull out and look at whenever you like. Get the full details on Serial Princess!

14. Stub diary with memory captions


Have you always loved keeping your keepsakes and nostalgia pieces very personal by writing captions for them? Well, we like that too, but for many of the most important things we’ve kept, we decided to keep them really personal by hand writing the memories we wanted to keep next to the tickets. That’s exactly how Book Coverings stored their concert and event tickets too!

15. Program and playbill binder


What if the thing you’ve actually kept the most of isn’t just event tickets but rather entire programs nd playbills for live action productions, plays, and musicals? In that case, you’re going to need a more space efficient way to store them rather than just sticking them to your door or collaging them inside a glass table! We love the way Serial Princess used those full page plastic sleeves we were talking about earlier to preserve their playbills and store them such that they can be looked at but don’t take up a lot of space.