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A Trending Style Statement: 15 Chic Polymer Clay Ring Designs to Try Out

Wearing a ring as an accessory is like wearing a little piece of your personality on your finger for everyone to see!

There are plenty of gorgeous rings you can buy in stores and we have many store-bought rings that we love. But being the DIY lovers that we are, you can probably imagine why we prefer wearing something we’ve made ourselves. We get such a sense of satisfaction out of it.

Clay Ring Ideas Made of Polymer

Our current crafting obsession, is to make rings out of polymer clay. There are nearly endless designs you can create using clay and a little bit of creativity.

Just in case you would like to learn how to make polymer clay rings too, here are 15 of the coolest ring making tutorials we’ve found online so far!

1. Clinging fox ring

VIEW IN GALLERYClay Ring - clinging fox

We’ve always loved split rings because we like the way they look no matter the design, but rings featuring little characters like this adorable fox from Lilac Sprinkles are definitely a favourite! This tutorial shows you how to use a simple metal split ring as a base to build a little tail and a small head with ears and tiny features. The finished product looks like a tiny fox is clinging to your finger!

2. Clay dream catcher ring


In addition to working with clay, have you also always loved painting? We do too and we don’t mind doing it on a very small scale, on a little surface that requires some attention to detail. That’s why this clay and hand painted dream catcher ring caught our eye. Zaky White shows you how to get your basic chunky polymer ring shape out of clay, leaving yourself enough width to paint, with a pointed brush, a little detailed image of a pretty feathered dream catcher in whatever colours you choose.

3. Simple polymer clay ring

VIEW IN GALLERYHow to make polymer clay rings

Did you look at the design we just showed you above and think about how much you’d like to make it and how you’d like your design to look, but you’ve never worked with polymer clay before? And you feel like you could use some guidance that’s a little more detailed when it comes to making the ring?

How to make polymer clay rings

In that case, we think you might appreciate this very basic step-by-step tutorial for making the plain ring shape! Follow these instructions from Luis Cisneros Visual Artist and, once you’re comfortable with that process, you can embellish as you please.

4. DIY marbled clay rings


Have you made clay rings before but you’re used to doing each one all from just one colour and now you’re thinking you’d like to branch out and try different looks that combine more shades? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll appreciate these pretty marbled rings from Spoonful of Pretty! They show you how to make the base of the ring from one colour and a sort of clay “gem” on top by marbling two other colours together and working them into the base before everything has dried.

5. Polymer clay reminder ring


Are you a little bit more experienced in working with polymer clay and you feel like you’re able to work in a few extra techniques that will give you an extra cool ring in the end? Then check out how this tutorial from  2 Cats & 1 Doll made these awesome miniature chalk board rings from clay! They show you how to build the actual ring and get the intricate designs around the frame, as well as how to create the actual chalkboard part so you can write on it later.

6. Bluebell polymer clay ring


Perhaps you’re actually quite experienced with polymer clay art and you’re not shy about making shapes and molding the clay into all kind of detailed little designs? In that case, you might be the perfect person to try your hand at creating these stunning little bluebells from Irinia Iva. They’ve affixed their blossoms to a simple metal ring, letting the clay transform just the top of your finger in a delicate way.

7. Polymer clay kitty cat ring


Do you love the idea of creating shapes and images out of polymer clay but you’re not sure you’re quite ready for delicate moulding and colour combinations like we just showed you above? In that case, perhaps you’d prefer a simpler flat design, like this adorable cat ring from Brookelyn Kim! We love the way they kept things stylishly monochrome by indenting the cats features in the clay itself rather than adding other colours into the mix or painting them.

8. Clay glitter bow


Perhaps you do want to create shapes and, even though you’re not sure about painting or adding other colours of clay, you’d still like to give the finished product a little something extra to really make it stand out? Then we have a feeling you’re going to love this sparkling bow design from Delighted Momma! Their tutorial guides you through the process of both making a cute little bow and covering it in whatever colour glitter you like best.

9. Knotted clay ring


Have you ever seen clay projects that are pressed to look like they’re woven together but it’s actually just an illusion? Clay can be quite hard to weave, especially on a small scale, because it’s fragile until it dries but making it look like it’s all braided together is easier than you might think! Zaky White shows you how to press certain spots down to make a knotted pattern, as well as how to lightly paint certain spots to add shadow.

10. Chunky floral polymer ring


Have you always been a little bit better at pens and drawing than you have with paints or engraving? Then perhaps you’d prefer this chunky hand drawn pattern ring from Mo Clay! Their tutorial shows you how to make a ring that’s a little more bulbous on one side, giving you space to draw little flowers or whatever other design you please using a find pointed ink pen.

11. Wrapped clay rhinestone ring

VIEW IN GALLERYPolymer clay ring

Do you like the idea of adding a little bit of sparkle to your ring for a little extra personality buy, as much as this sounds like an oxymoron, you’d like your kind of sparkle to be a little more subtle than the glitter design we showed you earlier? In that case, consider adding a single rhinestone right in the middle instead! We love this beautiful tutorial from Craftliners because it shows you how to neatly and carefully wrap the clay around itself, creating a stylish cross-over effect.

12. Woven polymer clay and thread ring


Have you been scrolling through our list looking for a design that’s a little more creative and unconventional than the average clay ring you’ve seen around? In that case, perhaps you’d prefer to make this totally awesome thread woven look from Little Button Diaries! They show you how to make a ring with a flat square face and poke little holes all around the outside edge so you can create a spiralled effect by weaving thread through the holes in whichever directions you like.

13. Faux granite polymer clay rings


Do you quite enjoy the squared off style of the design we showed you above, but you’d rather make it look a little more geometric and abstract than the pretty threaded ring we just showed you? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look at this clay ring tutorial from Fall for DIY! They show you not only how to make a squared off ring that has your finger going right through the shape but also how to make a version that has a textured looking finish similar to that of granite stone.

14. DIY Finn The Human ring


Have pop culture character inspired jewelry pieces always caught your eye the most because you have a great appreciation for the characters you’ll find there but you also love to accessorize? In that case, this awesome Adventure Time inspired ring from Monzter Michelle sounds like it might be right up your alley! Their tutorial walks you step by step through the process of making a ring that looks like the character Finn The Human is hugging your finger.

15. Spiralling snake rings

VIEW IN GALLERYHow to make a clay ring

Are you feeling a little bit brave about your polymer clay skills right now and looking for a design that will let you create fun shapes without making things too hard for yourself? Then we have a feeling you’ll be a big fan of this spiraled ring idea from Ludmila Bakulina that looks like a marbled snake has wrapped itself around your finger! We love the way they’ve swirled two colors together and we think it’ll look totally awesome no matter what colors you choose to make it with.

How to make a clay ring

We hope our clay ring ideas above are something you’ll try soon. For those of you wanting to know how to make a clay ring, we gave credit to all creators so please follow the links in our article.

Hopefully it will be as much fun for you, as it was for us to write this article on clay ring ideas.

And if you end up making something yourself, don’t be shy and let us know in the comments box below. We’d love to hear from you.