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Repurposing Retro: 10 Ways to Upcycle Old Cassette Tapes

If you were born before the era of smartphones and tablets, you remember the good old days when cassette tapes were all the rage. Listening to music was a very special experience as you couldn’t just skip between the songs or start a song over if you wanted to play it on repeat. Cassette tapes really pushed us to experience an album as a whole and if you’re still holding on to a big collection, here are some epic ideas on how to repurpose them!

1. Cassette Tape Box Chalk Holder 


You’ll remember that cassette tapes always came in a hard plastic box and while these boxes used to be sacred to us at the time, nowadays they can serve a different purpose. Check out how Pimp My Junk turned an old cassette tape box into a convenient chalk holder!

2. Cassette Tape Business Card Holder 


You should always have a pack of business cards at hand everywhere you go, because you never know when an opportunity for networking may arise! If you love all things retro, this cassette tape business card holder by Jeremy Faludi could be perfect for you!

3. Cassette Tape Purse 


On the first glance it appears as if you’re carrying a cassette tape, but a closer inspection shows it’s actually a purse! If you love accessories with a plot twist, a dynamic and unexpected design that impresses people, get the tutorial for this unique cassette tape purse by Kooky Quirky Cute!

4. Cassette Tape Succulent Planter 


We’ll never get tired of finding fresh ideas for indoor planters! Today’s top pick is this cassette tape planter that adds a beautiful retro element to your interior and pairs beautifully with succulent plants that don’t need much maintenance. Check out the creation process at Creative Green Living!

5. Cassette Tape Pencil Holder 


It’s so hard to part ways from the items that used to mean so much to us. They usually hold a big sentimental value and even though we may not listen to cassette tapes anymore, there’s a part of us that still loves their presence. Check in with Upcycle That to see how you can repurpose some of your old cassette tapes into a pencil holder!

6. Cassette Tape Pom Poms 


The most valuable part of the cassette tape was the film inside of it. Times change and what we used to cherish so very much can now get a new life as a gift decoration! Creme de la Craft will show you how to make these cassette tape pom poms!

7. Cassette Tape Faces 


Most of the things you can make from old cassette tapes are very functional, but remember that it’s totally okay to just have fun sometimes and be super silly! These adorable cassette tape faces we found at Handmade Charlotte are the perfect project to do together with your kids!

8. Cassette Tape Gift Card Holder 


We love the idea of gift cards! You can show someone you love how much you value them but at the same time give them freedom to spend the amount on their own time, in their own way. Add an extra element of thoughtfulness to this gift and put it in a special holder made from a cassette tape box, as seen at Mod Podge Rocks!

9. Cassette Tape Smartphone Stand 


It almost seems like a paradox that cassette tapes and iPhones could ever mix, but we’re living in an era when everything is possible! Check out how Hometalk honored the past and embraced the future with this exceptional smartphone stand made from a cassette tape box!

10. Cassette Tape Gift Topper 


Do you have a friend who absolutely loves cassette tapes and notably misses the pre-iTunes days? Surprise them by wrapping their birthday gift in a musically themed wrapping paper, then topping the present with an old cassette tape and a film bow. Onelmon shares the whole process!