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12 DIY Candles That Embody the Spirit of Fall

Fall awakens our inner decorator and all of a sudden every store trip ends with you brining home countless pumpkins, candles and cinnamon sticks. Your home needs to radiate the seasonal spirit of fall and we totally get that! If you want to ditch the compulsive store trips but still want your living space to have a romantic, fall-scented ambiance, start with these 12 DIY candles that embody the spirit of fall! 

1. Spiced Fall Candle 


Fall is the time of the year that smells like pumpkins, cinnamon and apple pie. If you have a favorite aroma, you could definitely isolate it and make it the main ingredient in your homemade candle, but Little House Living shares a tutorial for a spiced fall candle that mixes together the best of fall spices!

2. Pumpkin Spice Candle 


You’re already sipping on pumpkin spice beverages and trying out the best pumpkin   recipes – why not make a pumpkin spice candle as well? It’s going to give your home a charming pumpkin smell, one that truly makes you feel the fall in all its glory. Find the tutorial at Sun Kissed Kate!

3. Cinnamon Spice Candle 


Cinnamon is that familiar aroma that takes us into the world of apple pies and cinnamon cookies as soon as we smell it. It’s the scent that remains relevant not just throughout the fall, but during the holiday season and winter as well! The Happier Homemaker‘s cinnamon spice candle will serve you well for the rest of the year!

4. Apple Pie Candle


Pies are the royalty of fall, reigning over all other meals, always feeling like a priority. Let’s face it, however healthy kale salad might be, there’s nothing better than Grandma’s apple pie that just came fresh out of the oven! Capture that fantastic scent within a candle with a little help from My Life From Home.

5. Fall Chai Candle 


If you love creating romantic, intimate ambiances in your home, ones that give us a cozy living space and make us feel all warm inside, Hello Glow‘s chai candles are the perfect choice. Use small canning jars to create simplistic candles that will give off a subtle light in the background of your every day domestic bliss.

6. Pumpkin and Nutmeg Candle 


Nutmeg is another one of the amazing spices that finally get the proper recognition during fall. In the combination with pumpkin it reminds us of a delicious pumpkin pie or a hot beverage that tastes like Thanksgiving. A Cultivated Nest will help you capture this sensation inside of a beautiful candle!

7. Beeswax Fall Candle 


If you can’t possibly decide on just one type of fall candle to DIY, you are totally welcome to make your own personal little collection! Veriditas Botanicals shares the process of making beeswax fall candles with a variety of different scents. They even come with lovely labels, which is great if you want to give them away as a gift!

8. Crayon Fall Candles 


Children love the fall for all of the colors it has to offer and exciting crafts it inspires.  Kids Play Box shares a marvelous idea for fall scented candles that are made from crayons! Your kids will love how innovative this project is!

9. Cinnamon and Orange Candle 


Give the classic scents of fall a fresh and citrusy twist by incorporating orange into your fall candle! It’s going to pair wonderfully with cinnamon, giving you the balance between refreshing and familiar. Check out the how-to at The Cents’ Able Shopping!

10. Squash Candles 


It’s not all about the scent – the looks matter too! Decorating your home for fall is no small task and an abundance of pumpkins is a must! Martha Stewart will teach you how to make squash candles that have the shape of everyone’s favorite little pumpkins!

11. Essential Oil Fall Candle 


Don’t know how to infuse your candle with the aromas of the fall? We just learned at Life a Little Brighter that essential oils are the simplest way! Not only are essential oil fall candles quick to make, you can make a variety of them without much fuss!

12. Red Cinnamon Candle 


The most beautiful thing about fall must be the colorful leaves. All colors of the warm spectrum, from light yellow to bright red, are beautifully represented in mother nature and if you want to bring this charming colorful energy into your own living space, Ann’s Entitled Life will show you how to make a red fall candle that smells like cinnamon!