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Gorgeous Crochet Crop Tops for Summer

Few DIY techniques let you get as ornate an effect as delicate crochet! Lacy crochet patterns are the kind of project that will make your friends gasp at your skill, even if the technique was fairly simple. You might be tempted to put down your yarn now that spring is coming, but don’t forget that crochet clothing can be worn all year round!

Check out these gorgeous crochet crop and bikini tops that are perfect for summer.

1. Granny crop with ribbons

VIEW IN GALLERYGranny crop with ribbon

No, it’s not called a “granny crop” because it’s something your granny might wear! The Lavender Chair shows you how to make a quick, simple crop using the granny square technique and some pretty ribbon!

2. Lace back crop

VIEW IN GALLERYLace back crop

The style of this crop might look like a racer-back gym bra, but the gorgeous lace pattern makes it a classier garment. Check out the pattern on Beautiful Crochet Stuff.

3. Mermaid crop

VIEW IN GALLERYMermaid crochet crop

This crop from Mermaid Cat Designs will certainly remind you of the kind of whimsical thing you might see a mermaid wear, especially if you crochet it in aquamarine!

4. Ruffle bottom crop

VIEW IN GALLERYRuffle bottomed crop

The delicate layered ruffles around the bottom of the top balance with the simple chainlink style at the bus. Get the pattern on Craftsy.

5. Lex crop

VIEW IN GALLERYLex crochet crop

The halter style of this crop lets you tie it so it fits comfortably on your bust. It also looks totally adorable! By Hand London has the pattern for you.

6. Hippie fringe crop

VIEW IN GALLERYHippie fringe crochet top

This crochet crop top looks like a garment straight out of the 70s! Follow Wandering Illusions’ pattern to get this throwback style.

7. Lace tape crop

VIEW IN GALLERYLace tape crochet crop

Beautiful Crochet Stuff shows you how to make a gorgeous loose hanging crop that literally drapes your upper body in lace.

 8. T-shirt crochet crop 

VIEW IN GALLERYTshirt crochet top

Not everyone wants a bikini style crop top. Beautiful Crochet Stuff gives you a more casual pattern that’s still a crop but with less of a beach-y flair.

9. Broomstick crochet crop

VIEW IN GALLERYBroomstick crochet crop

The term “broomstick” refers to the stitch the top is worked in, not what you’ll ride while you wear it! This pretty linked top will look gorgeous in any colour. Get the pattern on 365 Crochet.

10. Off the shoulder crop

VIEW IN GALLERYOff the shoulder crop

Mermaid Cat Designs gives you the pattern for a beautifully laced bust and shoulder that shows off your collar bones and your crochet skills!

11. Shell pattern crop

VIEW IN GALLERYBralette crochet top

Mailka Godt‘s video tutorial walks you through the steps of making a gorgeous crochet crop that looks just like delicate seashells.

12. Casual crochet crop

VIEW IN GALLERYCasual crochet crop

It’s not a t-shirt but it’s not a bikini top! Beautiful Crochet Stuff gives you the perfect pattern for a simple tank top style crop that will look cute with just about any summer shorts or skirts.

13. Boho halter fringe crop

VIEW IN GALLERYFringed boho halter

Here’s another flashback to the crochet fringe of the 70s! Sassy Love Crochet gives you the perfect pattern and style for your next summer music festival.

14. Lace crop

VIEW IN GALLERYLace crochet halter

Crochet techniques make for the perfect lacy effect. AKARImc‘s pattern will show you how to create your own crop with a delicate lace motif across the bust and along the bottom of the top.

15. Pineapple crop

VIEW IN GALLERYPineapple lace top

The Purple Poncho gives you detail instructions for creating this adorable crop with lace in a pineapple motif! What could be more summery?

Do you have a friend who loves making their own summery clothing each year? Share this post with them for a little bit of crochet inspiration!