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Getting Crafty in Kitchen: 15 Cute Knitted Dish Cloths

By this point in our lives, we’re considered advanced knitters. There are just some things, however, that we’ll always want to knit for ourselves and the people we care about even though they’re usually considered beginner’s projects. We’re especially willing to knit very easy things if they’re things that people can actually use on a regular basis! What’s our favorite simple project to speed knit right now? Dish cloths, of course!

Check out these 15 awesome knitted dish cloth patterns that make for great palate cleanser projects between bigger things for very experience knitters, great practice projects for knitters who are still learning, and great gifts for just about anyone at all.

1. Rippled dish cloth


The best part about knitting in a plain cotton or acrylic yarn, like one would for a dish cloth, is that you can simultaneously keep the colours simple but also get creative with the stitching pattern and the texture you create will actually be seen. Lily Sugar’n Cream, for example, shows you how to create a lovely little wave and eyelet pattern that gives some cute visual without getting too complicated in the knitting process.

2. Knit Dish Cloth


Would you rather create some cute visual appeal in your dish cloths by striping colours rather than doing fancy stitch patterns? Then check out how Coats Design Team made these simple clothes using a range of colours and some yarn over technique! We love that this project is the perfect way to practice two new things- colour changes and yarn overs- without getting to overwhelming. It’s also a great stash buster because you don’t need very much of each colour to make your stripes!

3. Keep Calm and Carry On Knitting dish cloth


Are you a big fan of textured lettering and detail rather than complicated colour work, particularly because you’re still learning how to switch stitch styles mid row and account for that change on the way back? Then we have a feeling you’ll have a fun time trying your hand at this “Keep Calm” themed cloth! The finished product is kitschy and cool but the skills you need to actually make it are basic ones, just used in a way that might be new to you. Find out how it’s all done on Knitting Pretty.

4. Pinwheel dish cloth


Perhaps you’re actually already quite a skilled knitter and you’re just knitting dish clothes because you like doing so? Then you might prefer to make something a little fancier in design, colour, and construction. We love this fancy pinwheel design because it catches our attention in the colour variation, the stitch patter, and the edge design. It has basically everything we could ask for! Get the full instructions on Esther Leavitt.

5. Woven dish cloth


Because they’re similar to knitting swatches for bigger projects, dish clothes are actually the perfect opportunity to try new stitches that you’ve never used before but would really like to master before you tackle them in something larger, like a sweater. That’s why we first did this woven cloth patter from Carrie Fleming! We wanted to make a stunning entrelac cardigan, but we felt we needed just a little bit more practice with the stitch before we tackled a whole garment. By the time we finished this easy dish cloth, we were ready for the bigger piece and we had a useful new dish cloth as a bonus!

6. Lace Mesh wash cloth


Here’s another great opportunity to make yourself a great new dish cloth and learn a new stitching technique! This time, you’ll be learning the basics of lace by creating this simple lace mesh cloth with a seed stitch border. We love the ombre that Selina Kyle created this one in using a gradient yarn.

7. Seed stitch dish cloths


Did you read the part we just mentioned above about the seed stitch border and realize that that’s a technique you could really use a little more practice with as well? Then get on it with this simple but adorable textured cloth from Cara Corey! This pattern will also show you how to pick up stitches around the edges to knit a border in another colour, which is also an extremely useful technique for you to master moving forward.

8. Stars n’ Stripes dish cloth


Maybe you’re just looking for novelty clothes that you can use on holidays and special occasions to place appetizer dishes on when you have guests without cramping the style and aesthetic of your dinner’s tablecsape? Then check out these super cute “stars and stripes” themed did cloths from Beth Richardson. They’re so simple to make that you’ll have a whole set in no time.

9. Simple Straight Knit dish cloth


We’ve talked about a number of simple patterns up to this point but maybe you’re looking for something that’s really novice and basic because you’re either a brand new learner yourself or you’d like to teach someone who’s never knit before? Then this easy stockinette stitch cloth from Bunchberry Studio is the perfect way to master the fundamental knit and purl.

10. Sailboat dish cloth


Are you still in need of some practice when it comes to knitting but you’d like to at least learn how to increase and decrease stitches so you can start making things that have shape? Then check out this adorable little sailboat dish clothe from Frugal Knitting Haus! The techniques you’ll need are easy ones but you’ll still feel like you’ve accomplished something new and fun.

11. Linen Stitch dish cloth


No matter how long you’ve been knitting, there will always be more unique stitches for you to try out, learn, and master. Just in case linen stitch is the next one on your list of things to practice, here’s a dish cloth from Kristen Kristek that’s made entirely using that technique! It’s simple but appealing, especially if you use a variegated yarn with lots of fun colours involved.

12. Grandma’s Favourite Dish Cloth


We kid you not, this simple dish cloth pattern was the very first thing we ever knit many years ago and even though we didn’t refer to this precise pattern source specifically, we did in fact learn it from our grandma! It’s just one of those classic patterns that knitters have memorized and made over and over again for generations, teaching new knitters as they come. We owe Ruth Slate a big thank you for writing the details down for everyone to see, just in case!

13. Avocado dish cloth


Are you looking for something simple that’s still got a bit of novelty or kitsch to keep you interested, but you’re worried your skills are still a little limited? Then heck out this funny little knitted avocado cloth from Carly Henry! It’s another pattern that only requires knit and purl but thanks to strategic stitch placement, you’ll still get a simple image that’s fun to do.

14. Spring Fling Dish Cloth Trio


Perhaps the reason you’re knitting dish cloths is because you think they make a fun, easy DIY gift for the people close to you, but you’re already a skilled knitter who is totally open to things like stitch patterns, colour work, and knitting more than one cloth in a set! In that case, you’re going to love this adorable cloth trio pattern from Tammy Desanto. No matter which contrasting colours you choose, The final bundle will look like a whole lot of fun, and who doesn’t need a little extra fun when they’re stuck doing the dishes or wiping up counters?

15. Sand Dollar dish cloth


Are you a big themed knitting fan with a kitchen that pays homage to your favourite place on earth- the beach? Then this adorable little sand dollar cloth is exactly what you need! It’s mid-range when it comes to skill level but quick to knit and fun to use. See the full instructions for making one of your own on Katie Hanrott.