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Taste Different: Delicious Recipes Made With Green Tomatoes

Green tomatoes might not be the most common vegetable people choose when it comes to making veggie dishes, but we were recently reminded in a restaurant just how delicious they are and we couldn’t help wondering why we don’t use them more often in our cooking at home! Since then, we’ve been on the lookout for any and all green tomato recipes we can get our hands on, just to make sure we take more advantage of these delicious flavours more often and in all kinds of unique ways.

Just in case you love the taste of green tomatoes just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the best tasting and most flavourful recipes that we’ve come across in our search so far!

1. Spiced green tomato bundt cake


When we started talking about ways to use tomatoes, we’re sure that making a cake probably wasn’t the first idea that came to mind! We felt that way too and, to be honest, we were a little skeptical of this idea to begin with, but we tried it anyways and it was so good that we were nothing short of grateful. Check out how My Diverse Kitchen made a delicious spiced green tomato bundt cake!

2. Green tomato galette


Just in case you’ve never had a galette before, here’s a version made with green tomatoes that will practically blow your mind as an introduction to the delicious dish! Of course, the classic kind is basically irresistible as well, but we’re grateful to Corner Cottage Bakery for this new idea.

3. Smoky lentil tacos with kabocha squash and green tomato salsa


Because green tomatoes are so wonderfully flavourful, we actually think they’re one of the very best things to use in vegetarian dishes. That’s why we were so excited to come across this fantastic veggie taco idea from Princess Tofu that features smoky lentils, kabocha squash, and green tomato salsa for a fresh and mouthwatering flavour combination.

4. Oven fried green tomato caprese


If you’re any kind of tomato lover on a regular basis then we’re sure you’ve already tried the wonders of caprese salad before, but just because you love something in its original version doesn’t mean you can’t put a delicious spin on it sometimes! We simply adore this oven fried green tomato caprese tower featured step by step on Diane, A Broad.

5. Savoury green tomato cobbler


Now, most people we know would think that cobbler is something you only make as a sweet dessert with fruit and, up until recently, we were definitely among them. Once we found this fantastic savoury green tomato cobbler, however, our minds were changed for the better! Check out how Drum Beets made this delicious dish in just a few simple steps.

6. Green tomato chilli


When we think of the dishes we love most that we usually put tomatoes in, chilli comes to mind because the version we make is actually very tomato heavy, making it a little more unique than most. Imagine how excited we were, then, when we came across this even more alternative version from The Novice Gardener that’s made with green tomatoes instead of red!

7. Green tomato tartines


We don’t make ourselves tartines often but whenever we do, we’re reminded of just how delicious and diverse a snack they are! That’s probably why we adored this scrumptious green tomato tartine idea featured on A Couple Cooks so much. They suggest laying your tomatoes on a base of cream cheese and topping the with chopped onions and olives.

8. Braised short ribs with pickled green tomatoes


Has your favourite way to use tomatoes actually always been as a marinate or side dish to your main meat entree because you love they way they add flavour to whatever meat you’re cooking that night? Well, red tomatoes aren’t the only kind you can do that with! Check out how Eats Well with Others made these braised short ribs with pickled green tomatoes to see what we mean.

9. Grilled green tomato tostadas with black beans, avocado, and cilantro


Were you quite intrigued by the green tomato salsa taco idea we showed you earlier on our list but you actually find that that particular recipe didn’t have quite enough green tomato involved in its mixture for you? In that case, we’d suggest taking a look at this delicious tostada recipe from Food 52 instead! They show you how to make it happen using grilled green tomatoes, black beans, avocado, and cilantro.

10. Green tomato and leek frittata


Have you been looking at some of our pastry based recipes, like the cobbler and the galette, and hoping we’ll actually link yo to your favourite kind of baked savoury dish that’s often served with tomatoes? Well, if the answer to the nature of that dish is frittata, then you’re in luck! Cooking Books is here to show you step by step how a green tomato and leek frittata is made.

11. Grilled chicken taco with green tomato salsa


What if you actually quite liked the idea of making a taco recipe topped with heaps of green tomato salsa but it’s the rest of the ingredients you weren’t feeling quite so sure about? Well, if you’d prefer that it involve some meet to make it a little more satisfying for you, here’s a delicious grilled chicken taco with green tomato salsa for you to try instead! Get the full details on Ichigo Shortcake.

12. Italian green tomato pasta sauce


Perhaps your very favourite tomato based dish is usually a simple pasta with tomato sauce, so you can’t help but wonder whether that same concept might taste equally delicious if you swap up what kind of tomato you make it with? Well, we’re pleased to report that this concept actually is something people do, and that it actually also is just as delicious! Learn how to make it happen on Genius Kitchen.

13. Green tomato Southwestern panzanella salad with cilantro lime dressing


Have you actually been scrolling through our list hoping you’ll come by some kind of deliciously fresh salad idea because the wonderful taste of tomatoes when they’re simply diced and served fresh is actually your favourite part of eating them? In that case, we think you simply must try this mouthwatering green tomato Southwestern panzanella salad with cilantro lime dressing, featured on She Likes Food.

14. Fried green tomato Benedict with pimento cheese hollandaise


Now, we all know that fried green tomatoes are a classic dish and anyone’s who has tried them before knows just how delicious they are, but what if you love taking your favourite food ideas one step further sometimes? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how F for Food made this fried green tomato Benedict with pimento cheese Hollandaise sauce!

15. Blackened shrimp and fried green tomato salad


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about a salad that will have you enjoying green tomatoes no matter how they’re included or prepared, but you can’t help wishing there was some delicious protein in the mix as well? Then we think perhaps you’ll get a long a little better with this blackened shrimp and fried green tomato salad featured on Closet Cooking!