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DIY Refashioned Boots that Stand the Test of Time 

We all know that shoes tend to come and go. We fall in love with a pair of boots but by next season another one has stolen our heart. The biggest loser in this story is our wallet that could really use a break! This season, instead of manically buying new shoes, try giving some of the existing ones an epic makeover! You can find some inspiration in our roundup of DIY refashioned boots!

1. Crystal Boots 


Sometimes it’s the simplest change that has the biggest impact. You don’t have to be a crafting master to make these crystal boots by I Love to Create! We imagine it’s a good feeling, knowing you’re able to hold on to your comfy pair of boots a little while longer!

2. Thigh High Boots 


If you’ve been dreaming of owning a pair of thigh high boots and always lose yourself in the fashion shows where they are so proudly displayed, you’re going to go bananas for this thigh high boots hack by Sock Dreams! Refashioning has never looked sexier!

3. Lace Trim Boots 


Lace is an element that can make your stylish boots look much more elegant! If you’ve been walking around in these boots for a while and now you’re wishing they could be upgraded into a more exclusive piece, check in with Indie Jane to see the tutorial!

4. Studded Fringe Boots 


The transformation that your boots endure can be but subtle and yet it can provide you with all the confidence in the world! Adding some golden studs and a suede fringe to the back of your boot can give you a whole new spring in your step! Find out more at Brit + Co!

5. Chain Boots 


Brit + Co always delivers, so here’s another brilliant and incredibly simple makeover of boots! A couple of gold chains can give your shoes a totally new and trendy look, making you feel an extra level of gratitude that you stuck with them for another season!

6. Black Flower Ribbon Boots 


The boots we found at Love Maegan are going to fit your style perfectly if you love dark pieces that have a sensitive element to them. These boots were upgraded with a beautiful ribbon that is decorated with black flowers that almost blend in with the shoe.

7. Glitter Boots 


If you are looking for a pair of shoes that you could take to the most extraordinary occasions and always be in the spotlight, don’t forget about the old boots you haven’t worn in forever that are sitting in the back of your closet. A Pair & A Spare has a way to turn them into mesmerizing glitter boots!

8. Glitter Star Boots 


Stars are a motive that never goes out of style, no matter how much other trends shift and change. Adding them to a pair of boots instantly gives them a cool and trendy look! Check out how easy and fun it is to make these glitter star boots by Made Up Style!

9. Star Studded Boots 


If glitter doesn’t fit in with your style preference but you’re totally sold on the stars, you can easily opt for these star studded boots by Style Stories! They have a certain rockstar vibe to them, fitting into the expression of business up front and party in the back! 

10. Bohemian Boots 


By now you must be on the lookout for the newest pair of festival shoes that are going to fit with your free-spirited outfits and be comfortable enough for you to dance in all day and night long. We love these bohemian boots that are featured at Mom Spark!

11. Pearl Studded Boots 


What can you do when you love the design of your boots but you still think a change would do them good? Decorate just the heels! The shoes will look completely normal from the front, but once they’re seen from the side or the back, their true beauty will come to life! Get the tutorial for these pearl studded boots at Honestly WTF!

12. Gold Tip Boots 


Another way to refashion boots that only has to do with a small part of them but ends up impacting the whole shoe is dyeing only the tips! This idea is going to save you a lot of time and you’ll be out in the streets with fresh looking boots before noon! Get the inside scoop at Cut Out + Keep!