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Say it Out Loud: Adorable Homemade Birthday Banners

When it comes to decorating for a birthday, we love getting creative with it and using our DIY skills. There are just so many awesome things you can make to really brighten the place up and get everyone in the mood for celebrating! We really enjoy finding new and unique crafty pieces to make whenever we throw our kids, friends, or other loved ones a party, but there’s one more traditional thing that we always include, simply because we had one every year growing up and now it’s become an integral part of the birthday party experience. In short, we’re massive fans of bright, colorful birthday banners!

Sure, you can buy all kinds of cute birthday banners in stores, but we always find things more satisfying when we make them ourselves. That’s why we’ve been on the hunt for fun new banner styles all across the Internet lately! just in case you love birthday banners too and would like to try some new styles or designs, here are 15 of the best banner and bunting ideas we came across in our search!

1. Pastel polka dot banner


Are your kids’ favourite colours mostly soft, cute colours that all go very well together? Do you love dressing them up in bold, cheerful patterns to reflect their bubbly personalities? Then we just know you’re going to adore this pastel polka dots banner idea from Rain on A Tin Roof! We can’t get over how lovely the idea of coordinating both the party décor your child’s outfit to their favourite colours is.

2. Name and photo train banner


Perhaps you’re the kind of nostalgic parent who loves nothing more than going through photos of your kids, relishing every captured moment and sharing them with family and friends whenever you can? Then we’re pretty sure we’ve found just the birthday banner idea for you! Simply Real Moms suggests printing a photo from each month of the later year and making those into a banner that celebrates the way your child has grown. We think their train idea is totally adorable, but you could use this basic photo idea and display then in whatever design you please!

3. Mini standing pom pom banner


Perhaps you’re not actually hosting a whole, full-sized party but rather just a dinner for a few friends, so you’re not going all out with decorations but you still can’t resist the idea of a banner to make a friend feel appreciated? Then perhaps this smaller, cake topper sized banner would be the best idea for you! We love the way Mothers Niche made it from kebab sticks, string, crafting paper, and adorably colourful pom poms for flare.

4. Ribbon and felt letters milk jug banner


Did the idea of making a miniature birthday banner really appeal to you because you can perfectly picture your kids helping you make a smaller version a little bit easier, putting it where they think it’s best displayed, and proudly showing everyone at the party their work? Then here’s another idea that uses all kind of neat crafting supplies to keep them interested! A Bird and a Bean suggests using paper letters and a ribbon on kebab sticks or paper straws for the banner itself, propping it upwards in upcycled glass milk jars filled with crafting sand for stability.

5. Picture and party hats banner


Were you very pleased with the idea of using photos of your child as part of your birthday banner design but your favourite pictures are always the ones where they’re making the silliest faces? Then here’s an alternative idea that lets you highlight that a little bit more! We love the way In Colours cut out pictures of their baby’s expressions and put little birthday hats on each one, making a bunting that’s full of giggles and smiles.

6. Year 1 photo banner


Perhaps the birthday party you’re organizing is a really big deal because it’s a first birthday, so you’re trying to keep the décor specific to how particularly special the occasion is? Then here’s another photo-centric idea that’s perfect for nostalgic parents who can’t believe how fast the year flew by! Check out how Semi DIY made this “year 1” themed banner in just a few simple steps.

7. Glitter letters and scrapbook paper banner


Would you prefer to stick to simple letter and a bunting flag style banner because that’s the kind you always had as a kid and you just appreciate the basic aesthetic? Well, we can’t say we blame you because we love how customizable that base idea is, but just in case you’re still feeling in need of some guidance, here’s a clear, concise tutorial for making sparkly letters and patterned bunting flags on Simply Soiree.

8. Vintage inspired paper and metallic painted letters


We know that not everyone themes their parties specifically, but even if you’re not going with an overall theme, you can totally still have fun choosing a colour scheme and aesthetic for your party and décor! When we try to establish a particular atmosphere for any special occasion, we find a banner or bunting very helpful for driving it home. That’s why we loved this vintage inspired bunting flag idea from Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes so much! We can’t get over how well contrasted but also fitting them metallic painted letters are up against the old fashioned patterns of the bunting paper.

9. Snowflake banner for winter birthdays


All of these flowery, brightly coloured banner designs are all well and good, but what if the person you’re decorating for has a winter birthday and consequently adores snow and cold weather as a result? Well, we’re pretty sure if we had an extra reason to gather all out friends and celebrate together in the middle of winter, we’d be huge fans of the season too! We can’t get over how cute this snowflake birthday banner design from Titu 123 would look at a winter birthday party.

10. Pretty ribbon banner backdrop


Along with your birthday banner, were you actually hoping to cover the place with all kinds of cute banners, buntings, and hanging décor just to really spiff it up? Then here’s a great idea for not only making your walls look a little more cheerful, but also for giving guests a cute place to take whimsical party pictures against an adorable backdrop! Check out how Dear Lizzy used a simple length of string and some long strips of ribbon. You could also use cut strips of spare fabric in your favourite colours!

11. Sparkles and streamers banner


Perhaps you already bought a cute birthday banner with sparkly lettering because you’ve never been great at neatly drawing or stenciling words, but you can’t help but feel like it’s just missing a touch of flare for your tastes? In that case, we thin you’re the perfect person to be giving this cute streamers idea a try. Check out how From Bare to Bold embellished their sparkly banner in an awesomely crafty, very celebratory looking way that’s surprisingly easy.

12. Minnie Mouse banner with bows


Are your kids the kind of creative minds that love to let their imaginations run wild, particularly when it comes to characters and movies from Disney? Then we just know you’re going to love this simple cut and paste silhouette bunting design featured on Pinterest! They show you how to trace the shape of classic Disney mouse ears and add adorable little bows to turn the silhouettes into Minnie Mouse. Draw or paste a letter on each set of ears and voila; a happy, Disney inspired birthday bunting!

13. Lace doily letter background banner


We’ve talked a lot about colour, pattern, and sparkly, but what if your favourite thing to make décor pieces with, no matter how permanent or temporary they are, is actually texture? Well, whether it’s physical texture that you can feel or visual texture that just keeps the eye interested, we’re totally with you on that concept. That’s why we loved this paper lace doily banner idea from Let’s Make It Lovely so much! Check out how they placed a paper doily behind each letter to make sure it really pops out in a readable way, rather than getting lost in the pattern of the bunting flags.

14. Mini boxed birthday banner


Perhaps you’re not actually hosting a party at all but you still want to make a friend feel very appreciated and loved on their birthday, so you’re looking for a greeting with an extra bit of flare to include with the gift you got them? In that case, we have a feeling we’ve found the perfect bunting tutorial for you. Instead of walking into your home and finding their birthday greeting across the wall, they can open a little box and find their very own miniature bunting right there in their hand! Check out how easily this cute greeting can be made on Shelley Makes.

15. Burlap and clothespin banner


Have you actually carefully built up a more rustic chic aesthetic in your home because you and your family live a quiet country life and you always love the idea of extending that scheme into the party décor whenever you spiff the place up for special occasions? Then here’s a design and tutorial that’s absolutely perfect for you! We love the way See Vanessa Craft pasted a layer of cut burlap on each bunting flag underneath the letters, really making them pop but also reinforcing your rustic chic sense of style.