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DIY Nightgowns for Warm and Comfortable Nights

When we were little kids, we basically only wore nightgowns. That’s what we were always dressed in when our parents put us to bed each night and, although we ended up in oversized band t-shirts and fleece pyjama pants like every other teenager later on, we’ve always had a soft spot for cute, traditional nightgowns and how comfortable they are. Now that we’re older and have garnered some sewing and fabric working skills, we’ve taken an interest in learning how to make the nightgowns we loved wearing as kids, just for a little bit of creative nostalgia.

Just in case you’re as interested in the idea of making yourself or your family members some awesome DIY nightgowns as we were, if not more, here are 15 of the very best designs we’ve found in our search so far!

1. Pillow case nightgown


If you’re going to go the to the trouble of making your kids some nightgowns from scratch, would you prefer to really make the project extra useful and turn it into an opportunity for upcycling as well? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Bridget Baxter made these adorable ruffled nightgowns from a collection of old pillow cases (in surprisingly few simple steps).

2. 10-minute upcycled nightgown


Are you actually quite new to the sewing game and looking for something a little bit simpler than creating an entire nightgown from scratch by yourself? Then perhaps you’d be better off starting out with an alterations style project instead! We’d suggest taking a look at how It’s Always Autumn transformed an oversized pre-made nightie that doesn’t fit into one that’s perfectly tailored and comfortable for your little one to wear.

3. Nursing friendly nightgown


Rather than making a nightgown for your kids, would you rather make something for yourself instead of heading out to the store and spending money on a new one? Well, if you’re expecting a new baby soon, it’s totally understandable that you’ll need a new one, but we’d suggest altering one you already have instead, just to save a little money and get a little creative! We love this guide from Bonnie and Blithe because they show you step by step how to turn what you’ve already got into a super useful nursing nightgown that will made midnight feeding time with Baby nice and easy.

4. Easy toddler t-shirt nightgown


Do you have a stash of old, oversized adult t-shirts that you’ve kept aside for repurposing into other things? Well, now is one of those times you can reach into the pile and transform one into something new! Check out how First Time Mom Losing It made a few simple cutes and stitches in order to turn a simple large sized t-shirt into a cute t-shirt style nightgown that’s perfectly sized for a little girl.

5. Comfy oversized sleep shirt from scratch


Did we actually really catch your attention when we started talking about t-shirts and sleepwear in the same place because your favourite kind of “nightgown” to actually wear is really just an oversized shirt, but you’ve often wondered whether you might be able to make them yourself so you can have all different fabric patterns and designs rather than just picking up shirts that are too big for you at the local thrift store? Then we have a feeling you’ll really appreciate this comfy sleep shirt tutorial featured on Melly Sews.

6. DIY 60s style nightgown


When you think of nighties, does your mind actually wander to vintage fashions and styles, like you might have scene in movies or old fashioned magazines? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll appreciate this gorgeous 1960s inspired nightgown pattern just as much as we do! Check out the tutorial at Allie M Jackson to see, step by step, how this adorable babydoll nightie was made in more detail.

7. Ruffled sleeve holiday pyjamas


When you were a kid, do you remember your very favourite nights being the ones where you got to put on a special, new nightgown that was a little fancier than usual because the next morning was a special occasion, like Christmas, Easter, or your birthday? In that case, we have a feeling this stunning pattern for a long holiday nightgown with ruffled sleeves and a ribbon might be right up your alley! Get the pattern in full detail on The Crafting Chicks.

8. Pretty DIY silk nightdress


Did we really catch your interest when we started talking about old fashioned neglige style nighties because you really love that short, pretty aesthetic, but you can’t help but think that you actually might prefer a more updated style, rather than the looser, chiffon design you saw earlier? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Panda Silk made this cute silk version that’s tailored more like night dress.

9. Kids’ lace trimmed nightie


Despite the fact that we’re talking about pyjamas and things your kids will only really wear around family at night, are you pretty sure they’d still prefer that you make them something a little fancier, perhaps something that might make them feel like little princesses? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Do It Yourself Divas made a night dress that’s simply constructed but that’s also trimmed around the bottom and the sleeves in lovely lace, just for some special detail.

10. Easy nightgowns from a pillow case and a t-shirt


Were you very intrigued indeed in the idea we were talking about earlier where we suggested making nightgowns for your kids out of pillow cases but you’re worried that your kids are actually a little bite too tall for that, since they’re a little older? Then we think you might all get along with this alternative pillow case tutorial instead, since it combines the use of the cases with old t-shirts! Using the shirt as a bodice at the top but creating the skirt by sewing the pillow cases on below the bust adds length that the other style of nightie didn’t have. Take a better look at what we mean on Love, Lishie.

11. Vintage inspired silk nightie


Are you actually a big fan of quite a few of the designs and styles we’ve shown you so far, but you’re having trouble choosing between the silk and vintage nighties in particular? Well, who says you have to choose? Perhaps you’d prefer to take a look at the way A2Z Sewing Tutorials made this pretty nightgown that combines the two ideas in a lovely vintage inspired silk nightdress with an embroidered lace panel at the neckline for some nice detail.

12. Men’s silk shirt to women’s silk lace nightie


What if you’re very interested in making yourself a silk nightie but you were actually hoping to use fabric or materials that you already had in your house, rather than going out and buying new things, since you don’t have any spare silk in your fabric bin right now? Well, maybe someone in your family has an old silk shirt they don’t wear anymore that you could try repurposing into a cute little nightie instead! Get the full details for what we’re talking about on DIY Pick.

13. Old t-shirt and scrap fabric into long night shirt


Now that we’ve talked so much about night shirts, lengthening nightie styles, and repurposing old pillow cases, are you intent on combining those ideas into something you think will be even more comfortable than what we’ve shown you so far? Then we have a feeling this awesome long night shirt idea outlined step by step on Live Your Art might be a little more up your alley! They show you how to add length to an old, comfortable t-shirt using strips of old, colourful pillow cases. You can make this design as long and stripy as you please, which we love.

14. Newborn baby sleeper gown


Have you actually been scrolling through our list hoping to find some kind of pattern or tutorial that will help you make a comfortable sleep dress of a smaller baby because your children are still very little, but you’re concerned that making a nightie with a regular cut at the bottom would ride up on a baby and not be suitable for sleeping in? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Stitched Together made this long sleep onesie with an elastic gathering at the bottom to help it stay pulled down.