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Creative Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas

You might not be the one taking your own wedding photos, but the poses and concepts are a great opportunity for you to get creative! Whether your pictures are creatively whimsical or just plain fun and silly, you’ll have a blast coming up with fun ways to show your excitement on your big day.

Check out these adorably unique concepts that might jog your imagination and help inspire some creative DIY ideas of your own!

1. L.O.V.E.


(Source: Art Photo)

This picture idea is like a romantic version of the YMCA dance, which makes it a lot of fun!

2. Here comes the bride

VIEW IN GALLERYHere comes the bride

(Source: Art Photo)

Get your bridesmaids together and craft signs with one word each to make the sentence “Here comes the bride”.

3. Jumping on the bed

VIEW IN GALLERYJumping on the bed

(Source: Lindy Truter)

This one you could even take without a photographer if you know how to use a self timer! Either way, you’ll have a blast jumping on the bed like you’re a kid again.

4. Wacky socks


(Source: Louise Vorster)

The limits are endless with this idea! The socks could be matching, outrageous (think comic book super heroes), or hand knitted by you and your bridesmaids- whatever looks the most fun!

5. Jump for joy


(Source: Art Photo)

…Literally! You’ll also get some hilarious outtakes trying to time this one properly, and sometimes those are even more fun than the real photos.

6. Tug-o-war


(Source: Iz Photography)

Sew, cut out, glue, or otherwise make a part banner that says something like “Love” or “Just married” and play a friendly game of tug-o-war for the camera.

7. Peekaboo kiss

VIEW IN GALLERYPeekaboo kiss

(Source: Louise Vorster)

Play with focus and dimensions by having your bridal party peek underneath you while you share a kiss. Whether they look admiring or scandalized is up to you!

8. Denim and runners

VIEW IN GALLERYDenim and runners

(Source: Claire Thomson Photography)

Coordinating casual outfits in combination with your wedding skirt is a great concept for brides with kids. Try matching your tops and running shoes.

9. Happy reflections

VIEW IN GALLERYHappy reflections

(Source: Emin Photography)

Whether your reaction is real or staged, documenting how great everyone thinks you look creates a picture that you’ll value for years to come.

10. Heartfelt words

VIEW IN GALLERYHeartfelt words

(Source: DP Photography)

This picture creates a genuine reaction that will give you feelings every time you look at it. Write each other a pre-ceremony letter, stand just out of sight of each other, and have your photographer catch your faces as you read.

11. Fun with flower girls

VIEW IN GALLERYFun with Flower Girls

(Source: Bobby Earle)

Whether you’re paying patty cake, fooling around with your veil, or goofing off in some other way, getting playful with your flower girls makes for all kinds of adorable pictures.

12. Don’t peek


(Source: Jennifer Bagwell Photography)

This idea is nothing short of adorable. You’ll love how cute it turns out and the parents of each kid in your wedding will appreciate it too.

13. Photos in a photo

VIEW IN GALLERYPhotos in a photo

(Source: A Perfect Day Photography)

Nostalgic brides will have plenty of material for this one! Sift through old wedding pictures of your own parents and your partners and choose one each. Print them, frame them, and pose!

14. Bridesmaid nostalgia

VIEW IN GALLERYBridesmaid nostalgia

(Source: Brides of Aidelaide)

Give each bridesmaid a blackboard and have them write down how you first met. The resulting picture is playful, amusing, and cutely nostalgic.

15. Get framed


(Source: Renaissance Studios)

For couples with kids, this idea is perfectly playful and lets them feel like they’re really part of your special day. Try finding a big, ornate frame at a thrift store or garage sale.

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