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Refreshingly Classic: Delicious Spring Lemonade Recipes

The very moment the weather starts to warm up where we live, we start craving fresh, fruity flavoured things. That’s why lemonade is such a huge love for us. It’s the perfect place to combine fruit flavours and the idea of a refreshing beverage that you probably didn’t make or have very often while the weather was cold over the last few months. Because we adore lemonade so much, we’ve always got our eyes peeled for new and unique recipes and flavours that we can really treat ourselves with all spring and summer long to celebrate the season.

Just in case you love lemonade as much as we do, here are 15 of the best tasting and most creative lemonade recipes we’ve come across so far!

1. Spring wildflower lemonade


In recent years, we’ve been introduced to the idea of edible flowers and we’re completely enamoured with it. It kind of never occurred to us that the flowers we love seeing so much when they bloom could taste just as delicious as they smell! Of course, you should research edible flowers carefully and only use the ones that are safe to consume, but once you’ve figured out which ones you like best and are also safe, you’re in business. This fragrantly delicious spring wildflower lemonade recipe featured on Frog Mom is the perfect example of what we mean!

2. Pink spring lemonade


Every once in a while, we’ll go into a store or restaurant and buy a pink lemonade expecting an extra delicious taste but on our first sip we’re disappointed to find out that the pink only comes from a coloured syrup and the actual flavour is no different from regular, classic lemonade at all. That’s why we were so happy to come across this homemade pink lemonade recipe from Thirteen Thoughts! They show you how to make it right (and without using food colouring) so you get both the adorable pastel colour and the deliciously fruit inspired taste you’ve been thinking about all winter.

3. Spring thyme lemonade


Are you absolutely a huge lemonade fan, but you find that you actually prefer yours a little less sweet than most people? Then learning how to make your own is definitely a smart idea because it lets you control how much sugar goes in. It also gives you the power to include contrasting herb flavours that will perfectly balance the sweet and citrus flavours of classic lemonade! If that idea sounds totally appealing to you, check out this fantastic spring thyme lemonade recipe from The Little Epicurean.

4. Sparkling ginger lemonade


In addition to being open to the idea of putting a twist on regular lemonade and trying new flavours, are you quite intrigued by the idea of playing with texture too? Then sparkling lemonade might be just the thing you’re looking for! This recipe from The Buddhist Chef might be especially up your alley if you’re a big fan of ginger as well! Check out their tutorial to learn how easy sparkling ginger lemonade is to make.

5. Pineapple ginger lemonade


Did the idea we just showed you above catch your eye pretty well because you do like ginger, but you find you enjoy it a little more when it’s mixed with other flavours? Then maybe you’d be more a fan of this super flavourful pineapple ginger lemonade recipe from Dishes From My Kitchen! This is one of the most refreshing drinks we’ve tried all spring so far and we enjoyed it so much that one week we made two separate, rather large batches because our family went through it so quickly.

6. Coconut lavender lemonade


Perhaps you’re still thinking about how much you loved the idea of making a floral lemonade because you can’t think of anything that sounds more like spring, but you’re also looking for something particularly unique to really make the whole homemade process worth it? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Confectionalism made this awesome coconut lavender lemonade that looks, smells, and tastes fantastic.

7. Refreshing cucumber lemonade


Whenever we catch ourselves feeling dehydrated because we’re not huge fans of drinking plain, flavourless water, we make ourselves a big jug of cucumber water to encourage ourselves to drink more. It only makes sense, then, that we’d be completely in love with cucumber infusions in other kinds of drinks as well! This super fresh tasting cucumber lemonade recipe featured on Kitchme is the perfect example of what we mean.

8. Blueberry ginger lemonade


Are you still thinking about how much you love the idea of making ginger lemonade and maybe even adding another flavour into the mix, but pineapple has never really been your favourite so you’re not too sure about the recipe we showed you previously? IN that case, here’s a totally awesome alternative for you! Smart Little Cookie guides you through the process of making a version that combines ginger and blueberry in your favourite drink.

9. Kiwi lemonade


Perhaps now that you’ve seen how many different flavours are available out there, you want to try as many different fruit lemonades as you possibly can? Well, we went through precisely that phase, so wee fully understand the craving and we have all kinds of recipes to share with you! This fantastically flavourful kiwi recipe is one we’d definitely recommend hanging onto to make your family on warm spring days. Get the full ingredients list on Mom Foodie!

10. Watermelon lemonade


We’ve shown you lots of uniquely flavoured fruit lemonade recipes so far that will introduce all kinds of spring and summer tastes into your season, but here’s one that we always come back to because it’s just plain delicious. If you’re a big watermelon lover, we have a feeling you’ll feel the exact same way about it! Get the full ingredients list and mixing instructions on Passion for Savings.

11. Mango ginger lemonade


Are you sensing a theme with the ginger mixtures yet? There’s just something so incredible about the way ginger tastes with all kinds of fruit, especially when there’s an underlying sense of lemon and citrus! Just in case watermelon, kiwi, and pineapple aren’t quite what you’ve been looking for, here’s another alternative for your consideration. Mango lovers rejoice, because that’s the primary ingredient here! Get the full details on Turmeric n’ Spice.

12. Matcha green tea lemonade


Have you fallen in total love with the matcha green tea trend like we have over the last few years? Well, we certainly can’t say we blame you, because we’re completely obsessed and we’ll make just about anything in that flavour, whether it’s food or a drink. That’s why this green tea matcha lemonade recipe caught our eye so well. My Vega shows you how to mix it with the perfect ingredient proportions that will get you the best flavour possible, as well as how to garnish it with a simple but impactful mint leaf!

13. Sparkling raspberry lemonade


Have you been thinking about the idea of making yourself a delicious sparkling lemonade ever since we first mentioned it earlier on our list, but you think another fruit flavour might be better for you? Well, if you’re a huge raspberry lover, then you’re definitely in luck with this fantastic sparkling raspberry lemonade recipe featured on Cooking Classy! It’s surprisingly simple to mix but packed full of great spring taste.

14. Blackberry lemonade


Raspberries are a fantastic, refreshing thing when it comes to enjoying their juice in the form of a delicious drink, but we know that some people actually prefer blackberry as an alternative to just about any recipe that have raspberries involved. That’s why we were pleased to learn that there’s a delicious blackberry lemonade recipe out there too, just in case we ever have guests with these kinds of berry preferences! Find out how it’s made on Pastry Affair.

15. Sparkling rose lemonade


Roses might not be the kind of pick-and-snack edible flower that you’d reach for right out of your garden and garnish a batch of cupcakes with, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make delicious things with an essence of rose flavour! We were so excited by this idea when we came across it that we made this fantastic lemonade from Taste Made that very same day and it was so good that even our kids enjoyed it thoroughly, even though they thought we were a little crazy when we told them it was rose flavoured.