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DIY Clocks That Will Make Arriving on Time a Lot More Fun

Our kids’ enthusiasm about telling the time has made us decide that not having clocks around is just plain unacceptable, so we’ve decided to fix that problem… by using our DIY skills, of course! Sure, there are plenty of neat, stylish clocks that we could simply purchase in stores, but where’s the fun in that when we could create and customize precisely the kind of clock we’d like to have however we please instead?

Just in case you’re as interested in the idea of making your very own homemade clocks as we were, if not more, here are 15 of the best DIY clock designs, ideas, and tutorials that we came across in our decision making process!

1. DIY rustic wall clock


Have you taken great care to build a sort of rustic chic or farmhouse aesthetic in your home that you’re actually quite proud of so, if you’re going to add a homemade decor piece, you’d love to make it one that suits the currently existing scheme? We can totally understand that desire, which is why we thought this homemade rustic wall clock tutorial featured on Be My Guest was such a good idea! They show you how to purposely weather the background of the clock to make it look stylishly worn before adding clearly visible numerals.

2. Colour blocked, stripes, and dots clock


Perhaps your personal style or the scheme you’ve built in your home is actually a little more fun or art deco inspired, with lots of visual patterns and pops of colour involved? In that case, maybe something with some colour blocking and bright detail would be a little more up your alley! We’re pretty big fans of the way Brit + Co.  used equally sectioned out painted blocks to give their clock some personality, combining those chunks with dots or lines to make sure that, even without numbers, you’ll still be able to actually tell the time on the face.

3. Acrylic painted half colour clock


Perhaps you’re quite interested in the colour blocked idea and would absolutely loved to paint your own clock, but your home actually has a much more simplistic feel in its decor and you’re not sure all the stripes and dots we showed you above will quite suit what you’ve already built within the interior? In that case, we have a feeling you might actually prefer the way Almost Makes Perfect kept things very easy and neatly stylish indeed by only colour blocking the bottom half of their clock! You could recreate this style in any colour, but we certainly do admire their light wood and dark paint contrast.

4. Wood and domino clock


If you’re going to make a clock for your home, especially if your desire to do so is also inspired by your kids’ enthusiasm, would you rather do something that the little ones can easily help you out with? In that case, we think we might have found the perfect project for your family. Not only does this cute dominoes clock look kitschy and awesome because it’s made with game pieces, but it’s also an upcycling opportunity for things you might not use very often anymore! Sadie Seasongoods shows you just how simple it is to make.

5. DIY pictogram clock for kids


If you’re lucky enough to have the kind of intuitive kids who are eager to learn about things like telling time, would you actually prefer to make a craft together that will help harness that enthusiasm for things that go hand in hand with the ability to tell time as well? We actually made this adorable pictogram clock in our house and, besides having a total blast helping us decorate the pieces, our kids liked the idea because turning the hands to the next chore or daily activity together at the same times as the hands on the clock hit a new hour actually helped them learn about telling time before they even got to school. We love the way Cutesy Crafts made this detachable version so that you can move and replace the tasks and activities on your pictogram clock as your kids grow or their schedules change.

6. DIY donut clock


Speaking of fun, kitschy clock ideas, here’s an absolutely awesome and super bright graphic clock idea outlined step by step on Why Don’t You Make Me! We love the way this lock pays simple tribute to a delicious treat that makes just about everyone we know feel more cheerful (and we also love how shockingly simple this design is to make). This clock would look great in a kids’ playroom or perhaps even in a main room like the kitchen if your decor scheme is really bright and full of other unique statement pieces like this.

7. Wooden pallet clock


Are you still thinking about how much you’d love to create a rustic or farmhouse chic style clock but you just can’t help but feel like you’d rather create one that looks even more authentically weathered than the one we showed you earlier on our list? In that case, perhaps using actual upcycled wood to make the base of your clock would be helpful to your cause! We love the way Instructables outlines the process of gathering the wood, constructing the base of the clock, and attaching some guideline numbers, as well as the hands and battery pack. It’s a simpler project than you might think!

8. Stained plywood clock


Have you actually been scrolling through our list and thinking about how you’re having trouble choosing between which style of clock to make because there are elements you like in all different ideas? Well, why not combine a few in one place, rather than stressing yourself out about making decisions and missing out on something you like? We love the way M&J Trim Blog used the colour blocking idea but created it with wood stain rather than brightly coloured paint, keeping a sort of rustic or old fashioned feel about the piece even with the mod looking detail.

9. Old book into a clock


If you’re going to go to all the trouble of making yourself a homemade clock, would you rather create something that’s really unique or has a lot of character? Perhaps you’ve been scrolling through our list hoping to find something that relates to your interests a little more than a lot of the more standard designs you’ve seen so far. Well, book worms rejoice, because Charles Decor has a perfectly awesome tutorial that transforms a book into a clock in a way that will grab just about any visitor’s eye!

10. Personalized photo clock


Since it was your kids who actually took such an interest in clocks and telling time in the first place, do you perhaps think it’s a better idea to make a clock that they can not only help you with, but that might really encourage them to keep working on telling time, even when they’re on their own? In that case, we think maybe this adorably simple photo customization idea featured on Paging Fun Mums might be a really fun option for you!

11. DIY water colour wall clock


Are you actually a talented artist or painter who adores using your skills to customize pre-made pieces that would otherwise be quite plain? Well, we’re huge fans of that idea because we think the ability to add some life and personality to something is equally valuable to being handy enough to make it yourself. That’s why we thought this lovely geometric watercolour clock featured on Makoccino was so stunning! We think your finished product will be lovely no matter what kind of colour combination you choose to create.

12. Designer wall clock made with decor paper


Are you perhaps feeling very intrigued indeed by the idea of changing the background colour or pattern in a clock you already own, just to give it a bit of a facelift (no pun intended), but you’re just not sure you have the hand painting skills to handle something like the watercolour idea? In that case, we think you’d be better to take a look at how Community Table made those changes using fun decorative scrapbooking paper instead! We love having simple projects like this bookmarked for days where we only have one afternoon free but where we really want to get crafty and make something new.

13. Sliced cake wall clock


Did we kind of peak your interest when we started talking about the doughnut clock design that we showed you before, because you just loved the idea of bright colours and sprinkles hanging somewhere prominently in your home, but you’ve actually never really been a big fan of doughnuts? Well, in that case, we guess it wouldn’t really make sense to hang one on your wall, no matter how cute they look. Instead, we’d suggest keeping the dessert theme alive but customizing it to your tastes by creating something like this cake clock featured on Shelterness instead! We love that their tutorial shows you how to make it look like a slice has been cut from the cake and might be eaten any moment.

14. Silverware kitchen clock


We’ve already mentioned themed clocks and we’ve already mentioned upcycling old wares that you don’t use anymore, and those two creative elements are absolutely possible to use in the same project at once. What if, however, there’s a specific room in your home that you’d really like to make a clock for? Well, you’re in a lot of luck if that room is your kitchen! We’re completely in love with the way The Benson Street used a plate and some silverware to create a clock that will have everyone thinking about dinner just in time, without ever being late to the table.

15. DIY doily clock


Maybe you’re a longtime DIY lover with a pretty diverse set of creative skills, so you’d love to make a clock for your crafting room that reflects just how creative you really can get? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Busy Being Jennifer made this fantastic crafty clock using an embroidery hoop, some stretched linen, and an old lace doily. It’s the perfect thing for a room where you want to be surrounded by your own creations but where you’re also likely to lose track of time because you got so absorbed in whatever awesome thing you were making next.