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15 Ways to Upcycle Empty Wine Bottles

Whether you enjoy only the occasional glass of wine or you consider yourself a connoisseur, you’ve probably found yourself with empty wine bottles sitting around your home for a while. You can recycle these, of course, but there are also plenty of DIY projects you can use them for if you’re feeling very creative!

Check out these 15 unique ideas for upcycling wine bottles that are both decorative and practical!

1. Frosted wine bottle decor

VIEW IN GALLERYCool frosted wine bottle decor

We absolutely adore how these bottles by Real Coake look as though they’re actually frosted with snow because of the painting technique used to cover the glass. Whether you stick something inside or simply set them on an end table, they’ll be gorgeously decorative.

2. Painted Halloween wine bottle decor

VIEW IN GALLERYPainted Halloween wine botle decor

Do you love the idea of holiday wine bottle decor so much that you want some for other seasons too? All purpose or glass specific paint is your best friend then! Check out how these hilarious little ghost and Jack-o-lantern bottles were made on Nap Time Crafting!

3. Lace wine bottle vase

VIEW IN GALLERYLace wine bottle vase

A simple bit of unconventional decoupage is all it takes to create these cute lace trimmed bottle decor pieces. Pop a flower in the top to create a pretty balance of feminine elements. Hostess With The Mostess shows you how to make the lace lay flat and stick!

4. Glitter stencilled wine bottle vases

VIEW IN GALLERYGlitter stenciled wine bottle vases

Do you like the idea of paint stencilling a bottle but still think something is missing? Make wine bottle vases that have a little more flair by using glitter with your stencil instead of just regular paint! Get the instructions for this project on Real Coake.

5. Frosted ombre wine bottle decor

VIEW IN GALLERYFrosted ombre wine bottle decor

Saved by Love Creations reminds you how pretty ombre can be even though it’s been trending for quite some time now. Fading the bottle from blue to white up towards the next creates a beautifully worn look that’s completely shabby chic.

6. Decoupage wine bottle decor

VIEW IN GALLERYDecoupage wine bottle decor

Would you rather work with glue and scissors rather than paint and glitter? Karen Kavett has you covered with a decoupage tutorial! Try using torn pieces of maps or older ripped book pages to cover every inch of the glass.

7. Simple glass etched wine bottle

VIEW IN GALLERYSimple glass etched wine bottle

Chica Circle walks you through the process of doing some simple glass etching on the outside of a clean, empty wine bottle. Whether you put a flower in the top or simply set it in the sun so the letters catch the light, it’ll look absolutely beautiful bearing your favourite saying.

8. Twine wrapped wine bottle vase

VIEW IN GALLERYTwine wrapped wine bottle vase

Are you looking for wine bottle art that’s every so slightly more rustic than some of the previous designs? Wrapping the entire bottle with twine will certainly achieve the look you’re going for! Top it off with adorably sewn little jute flowers, just like Juggling Act Mama did.

9. Wine bottle lamp

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY wine bottle lamp

You can do more with wine bottles than just make standing side table decor! This tutorial from Home Dzine helps you create a project that’s slightly more high maintenance than a simple vase. We love the idea of covering the class with stone paint so it looks like an earthen ware jug.

10. Wine bottle book shelf

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade wine bottle book shelf

RoyMohanShearer shows you in detailed pictures how to create this stacked shelving unit where each level of shelving is held up by wine bottles. Make sure all the bottles are the same height so none of the shelves wiggle!

11. Wall hanging flower vase

VIEW IN GALLERYWall hanging flower vase

Saved By Love Creations reminds you that, even if you’re just creative a flower vase, sometimes displaying it alternatively to simply setting it on an end table is a great idea. The bottles will look great left clear and clear the way they are if you create visual interest by hanging them on a mount instead of painting or etching them!

12. Coloured wine bottle chandelier

VIEW IN GALLERYColoured wine bottle chandelier

Any project that involves electrical elements or cutting glass is clearly a little more high maintenance than some crafting ideas. If you have the tools necessary, however, then this bright, clustered pendant lamp is definitely worth the effort! See how it’s done on ModPodge Rocks!

13. Wine bottle dish soap dispenser

VIEW IN GALLERYWine bottle dish soap dispenser

Living Well, Spending Less guides you step by step through the process of transforming a wine bottle into a nice, tall dishwashing soap dispenser. Putting a top like an olive oil bottle on it makes it easy to pour the soap into the water.

14. Wine bottle bird feeder

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Wine bottle bird feeder

Filling a wine bottle with delicious bird seed and turning the bottle upside down is a great way to give the birds in your back yard a constant flow of snacks. Check out how to build and mount the wooden base of this bird feeder on Chicken Street.

15. Wine bottle coffee table

VIEW IN GALLERYWine bottle coffee table

Are you looking for something more high maintenance and fancy? We’re absolutely in love with this wine bottle vase and coffee table combination piece! Instructables shows you how to shape and create holes in a wooden tabletop and fit it into several wine bottles that you can then fill with pretty seasonal blossoms.