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A Touch of Glam: Fun Dangly DIY Earrings

We love wearing earrings. In fact, we love wearing them so much that we have multiple holes pierced in each ear lobe just to make sure we have lots of different space to display more earrings at once! Since they’re our favourite accessory and you’ve probably guessed how much we love crafting by now, earrings are also one of our very favourite things to make for ourselves sand our loved ones. There’s a particular type of earring, however, that gives us special satisfaction to both make and wear; there’s just something about  a dangly earring that makes us feel pretty and ready to take on the day!

Check out these 15 DIY dangly earring tutorials that will help you create awesome, glamourous earrings in all different designs and styles but all with one thing in common; just enough dangle to give them a good, sassy swing!

1. Dolce and Gabbana inspired pasta earrings


If you’ve ever seen the actual designer version of the earrings we’re referring to, then you know we’re not kidding when we tell you that many people will pay designer prices for pasta earrings thanks to how creative the design looks. We think it’s neat, however, that tutorials like the one from Honestly WTF exist to teach you how to recreate more expensive designs so that you can still enjoy the idea even when you’re on a budget.

2. Feathered dream catcher earrings


Have you ever looked at the dream catcher hanging in your window and admired how lovely it looks as it sways slightly in the breeze, feathers brushing the glass lightly? Well, we loved that visual so much that we decided we wanted to make ourselves miniature dream catcher earrings! We followed the steps on Lush Zone and were extremely happy with our final pieces.

3. Anthropologie inspired hammered metal earrings


Are you still intrigued by the idea of recreating designer label designs for yourself to save money, but the pasta design just didn’t quite do it for you? Then perhaps you’d prefer this Anthropologie inspired dented metal style of earring instead! My Girlish Whims guides you through the (extremely fun) process of making these earrings happen.

4. Prada inspired rose and rhinestone earrings


Maybe your personal style is just a little bit more girly and sparkly than what you’ve seen so far? In that case, this rose and rhinestone tutorial from Honestly WTF might be more your speed! These earrings are also a good design for something who likes a little bit of a dangle but not too much because you’re worried about catching your earrings on something or getting them tangled in your hair.

5. DIY dangly gem earrings


Are you the opposite of what we just described above when it comes to dangle factor and you want your earrings to be very long and swinging on purpose? Well, if you’re also still caught on the idea of gems, then these lovely strings of faux stones featured on M&J Trimmings Blog might be just the thing you’re looking for! We love the idea of changing the colour each time you add a stone.

6. Paperclip and string earrings


We’ve probably all heard stories about kids making themselves “earrings” out of paper clips and ended up with irritated ears from the cheap metal on their skin, but there is actually a way to use paper clips in earring making that’s safe and totally funky. The key difference is that you should use the paper clip as a shaping frame for the decorative dangly part, not the earring hook that goes through your ear! Find out how to do it the right way on this string wrapping earring tutorial from Evie S.

7. Knotted chain tassel earrings


Have you always enjoy the look of tassels in just about any material or colour but right now you feel like making something a little edgier than usual? In that case, we suggest that you follow in Miss Kris‘ footsteps and get creative with what you make the “tassel” part of the earring out of! We adore the strong, sort of rustic punk aesthetic they created when they made these tasseled earrings from fine knotted jewelry chain rather than coloured string or embroidery floss.

8. Feather and chain earrings


Did you love how the feather aspect of the dream catcher earrings looked but you’re worried that including the entire woven hoop part of that design will just be a little too much for you and your ears? In that case, check out how Trinkets in Bloom created a look that still gives you the beautiful feathered aspect of a good dangly earring but combines then with nice decorative chain rather than what essentially feels like a whole second piece of jewelry on each side.

9. Mock antique spiral earrings


We absolutely adore buying antique jewelry, but sometimes we just have a style or design in mind that we’ve seen in pictures but simply can’t find in real life. That’s when antique recreation tutorials like this one from House of Avandan save the day! They show you how to use malleable copper jewelry wire to create the illusion of antique looking hanging spiral earrings to get the aesthetic of a worn vintage piece without having to search forever for the authentic period pieces. This is an especially useful idea of it’s the pretty shape and design of the earrings you’re after rather than the actual vintage aspect itself.

10. Hanging patinaed filigree earrings


Have you always loved the look of jewelry that’s made from intricate looking find metals but you find the prices of what you see in stores to be just a little bit out of your price range? In that case, you’re going to love this colourful and stunningly shaped filigree design from The Crafted Sparrow! We also adore this tutorial because it shows you how to get a simple patinaed effect across the surface of each earring in a surprisingly simple way.

11. Embroidery wrapped color block hoops


The debate is still out on whether or not big hoops are truly considered “dangly” earrings, but in the interest of giving you as many awesome DIY earring designs as we possibly can, here’s a set of custom hoops that we think you’ll have a total blast making! Delighted Momma shows you step by step how to wrap a pre-existing set of hoops in embroidery floss to get a colour blocked effect that’s both stylish and contemporary.

12. Lace applique and pearl earrings


Have you always loved lace so much that you’d add it to just about any outfit if you wear if you could? We love lace too and, even when we’re trying to dress subtly, we often find ourselves adding at least a tiny touch of lace in the form of accessories. That’s why we love this DIY lace applique earring design so much! The Cupcake Diary shows you how they’re made, as well as how easy they make it to give any outfit some classy character.

13. DIY confetti earrings


Have you ever thought about making yourself earrings out of paper? We hadn’t either until we saw these awesomely dangly confetti cut out earrings from Evie S. They use thick scrapbooking paper for the circles and jewelry wire that’s thing but still strong enough to hold a position. If you’re really worried about the paper aspect of these, you could definitely customize your design to be made out of something like felt instead!

14. Simple hoop and bead earrings


Maybe you’ve always been a big fan of earrings that have lots of little dangly pieces rather than one very long piece on each side than hangs down to your shoulders? In that case, check out how The Sway used simple jewelry links like decorative hoops and embellished them beautifully with coloured seed beads! We love that there are so many variations of this design you could make just by changing the number of links you include or making different colour combinations with your beads.

15. Dangling antique button earrings


Whenever you craft your own jewelry, are you intent on making sure that the project is an upcycle one as well as a DIY fashion choice? In that case, grab that old tin of spare buttons you’ve been hanging onto for a rainy day and check out how Discount Queens put theirs to good use in order to make these cute hanging chandelier style earrings!