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15 Mouthwatering Recipes for Garlic Fiends

I confess: I absolutely adore garlic. I know it’s a bad date food and that I definitely need a breath mint after I eat it, and sometimes it even upsets my stomach a little bit, but I eat it anyways because I love the flavour so much. In fast, I’m actually so obsessed that I once at a full meal, completely with appetizer, entree, and dessert, at a completely garlic themed restaurant where everything on the menu was made with and taste like garlic. I know that’s a lot, but I’m not ashamed!

If you’re a garlic fiend like me, check out this list of 15 awesome garlic based recipes that will made your mouth (and possibly your eyes) start watering just thinking about them!

1. Garlic martini

VIEW IN GALLERYGarlic martini recipe

You read that right. I know that sounds totally gross, but I’ve actually had it before and it wasn’t half bad! This might not become your new regular weekend cocktail, but it’s a fun novelty that your guests will be so surprised by that they won’t be able to resist at least trying it. Get the recipe on Mix That Drink.

2. Chocolate covered roasted garlic

VIEW IN GALLERYChocolate covered roasted garlic

Have you always loved sweet and savory flavours together in one place? I’m a huge fan of that too, but here’s an idea that really takes some commitment to eat. It’s an entire garlic clove! I eat these in soups and stir fries all the time, but not everyone likes to put entire cloves in their food. These chocolate covered ones, however, are certainly worth trying at least once. The contrast is unlike anything else! See how they’re made on Cupcake Project.

3. Black garlic chocolate donuts

VIEW IN GALLERYBlack garlic chocolate donuts

Are gourmet recipes that you haven’t seen before your favourite kind of recipe? Well, I’d sure never seen these black garlic chocolate donuts before, and I’m literally already writing the shopping list of ingredients so I can Try making myself some as soon as possible! The thought of chocolate and garlic together but with coconut shavings is making my mouth water. Paleo Recipes World shows you how they’re made.

4. Garlic chocolate truffles

VIEW IN GALLERYGarlic chocolate truffles

Did you try the chocolate covered garlic cloves and decide you really liked the flavour, but you want something that’s a little less pure garlic and a little more dessert? Then truffles are probably much closer to what you have in mind! Besides being made of deliciously soft chocolate, they’re rolled in sweet cocoa powder and sugar. The garlic flavour comes out as you chew like a delicious savory surprise. Get the recipe on Baking Barrister.

5. Sweet potato burger with roasted garlic cream

VIEW IN GALLERYSweet potato burger with roasted garlic cream

Because garlic is such a good, strong flavour, it doesn’t always have to be the very central part of the dish to be a delicious standout flavour. This sweet potato burger, for example, is already full of mouthwatering tastes and the addition of a rich roasted garlic cream ties it all together in an awesome way here. How Sweet It Is guides you through the process of making your own.

6. Potato chip nachos with garlic cream

VIEW IN GALLERYPotato chip nachos with garlic cream

Pepper has yet another fun novelty snack idea for you! Everyone loves chips and dip, but usually with regular potato chips the dip options are just cream based. Here, however, the dip is loaded with more fun stuff, like nachos usually would be. This garlic cream drizzle makes me want to get in the car and go to the store right now so I can eat it while I watch a movie tonight.

7. Roasted eggplant with garlic cumin yogurt

VIEW IN GALLERYRoasted eggplant with garlic cumin yogurt

Here’s just one more example of how garlic doesn’t have to be the primary ingredient to steal the show! Roasted eggplant is always great but it was the description of a garlic cumin yogurt that really got my attnention! Check out how to make the whole delicious combination on 80 Breakfasts.

8. Garlic butter pretzel bites

VIEW IN GALLERYGarlic butter pretzel bites

Sometime all you need to transform a good recipe into a great one is a subtle hint or light brush of garlic! I’ll admit I don’t do many things subtly in my life, but these deliciously soft pretzel bites area already so good that just a hint of garlic butter will help take them to the next level. Dip them in mustard and voila! Check them out in more detail on Key Ingredient.

9. Garlic, rosemary, and chili almonds

VIEW IN GALLERYGarlic, rosemary, and chili almonds

If you’re already an almond lover, then I’m about to blow your mind. The Passionate Cook shows you, step by step, how to make roasted almonds with garlic and rosemary for aromatic flavour and chili for a little bit of a kick! Add more or less chili depending on whether you’re a huge spice lover or not.

10. Garlic Parmesan edamame

VIEW IN GALLERYGarlic parmesan edamame

Are you already a big edamame fan when it’s served with it’s normal recipe, lightly salted? Then it’s time to take the whole idea to the next level! Salt is great, but roasted, finely chopped garlic and parmesan on top makes it practically gourmet. Get all the ingredients on Notions and Notations of a Novice Cook!

11. Sticky garlic chicken

VIEW IN GALLERYSticky garlic chicken

Garlic chicken is one of my very favourite things. I don’t care whether it’s marinated, fried, a chicken breast, wings… I just love garlic chicken. Imagine my excitement, then, when I came across this delicious recipe for lightly fried “sticky” garlic chicken that’s better than any fast food takeout. See it in more detail on Notions and Notations of a Novice Cook.

12. Garlic and thyme quinoa patties

VIEW IN GALLERYGarlic and thyme quinoa patties

Quinoa patties are one of my favourite things to make when I have friends over who have any type of dietary restriction or food sensitivity. They’re quite friendly to almost anyone’s belly and they taste good almost no matter how you season them. Of course garlic is my flavour of choice! Get the perfect farlic and thyme combination on Cook Republic.

13. Roasted garlic mac and cheese

VIEW IN GALLERYRoasted garlic mac and cheese

Yes, you did read that right. As if mac and cheese isn’t already delicious enough on its own, Just a Taste has gone and added roasted garlic to the mix! The combination of flavours is about enough to make me sit down and eat the entire casserole dish of mac and cheese by myself!

14. Roasted garlic with thyme

VIEW IN GALLERYRoasted garlic with thyme

Drizzle and Dip shows you step by step how to make an amazing pure garlic spread that tastes like perfection on toast. Roast the garlic and infuse it with thyme and by the time you’re done, it’ll be so soft that you can smear it across croustinis with a knife. It’s like garlic bread, but a little more “gourmet”.

15. Garlic chive and egg parcels

VIEW IN GALLERYGarlic chive and egg parcels

Are you a huge fan of omelettes and egg dishes on a relaxed weekend morning? Then I definitely recommend these garlic, chive, and egg parcels to get your day started. They’re full of hearty, delicious flavours that will keep you going throughout the day. Check out how they’re made on Ichigao Shortcake!