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Fun, Simple and Unique: DIY Paper Decorations 

Decorating your home is one of the most enjoyable activities, especially if you are the one who makes all of the decorations by hand. In case you’re looking for simple, budget-friendly decorations you’ve come to the right place! You can make countless decorations from paper, all of which will give your home a very special look. Make them for a special occasion or just for your own personal amusement as you delve into the world of DIY paper decorations !

1. Paper Flower Wall Decor 


Flowers are a marvelous choice of wall decor and when they are made of paper they  can never wilt! You can make them in any color or size you wish, but we recommend you start with giant paper flowers by Maison de Pax in a charming white color!

2. Zig Zag Accordion Streamers


Big events call for celebrations and when the next one happens for you make sure your home looks the part! Hang some accordion streamers from your ceiling to give the room an extra festive look and be sure to choose paper in many different colors to create a lively ambiance! Get the instructions at Oh Happy Day!

3. Tissue Paper Pom Poms 


Pom poms bring joy into any room! Wherever you hang them, the space will instantly get an uplifting and celebratory spirit! Visit Exclusively Weddings and learn how you can make super-sized pom poms from tissue paper in your favorite bright color!

4. Flower Balls 


Maybe you wish to include flowers into your home decor but remain hesitant because you don’t want to take the conventional route. The House of Smiths can offer you a unique and exciting way to bring the florals into your home! Make paper flower balls in various bright colors and display them in any room that needs lightening up.

5. Tropical Paper Garland 


I think most of us wish we could live in a tropical climate where the feeling of summertime lasts all year long! If you can’t currently relocate, you can still bring a little of that tropical vibe into your home by making a paper garland with a tropical motive. Find the how-to at Studio DIY!

6. Rainbow Paper Fan Garland 


A colorful home is one that radiates happiness! When you’re decorating your house for a party, you want it to inspire joy and cheerfulness. That’s why your next party needs to include this paper fan garland by Ice Cream Off Paper Plates in all colors of the rainbow!

7. Paper Ice Cream Garland 


All paper decorations have a big factor of cuteness, but this ice cream garland by Oh Happy Day is an absolute winner! It’s the perfect paper decoration to be featured in your home throughout the summer or whenever you decide to host an ice cream party!

8. Paper Tassel Garland 


Tassels are a very popular choice of decoration and can sometimes be a bit predictable. Want to keep the tassels but achieve a surprise element nonetheless? Blue I Style will show you how to make a tassel garland from paper alone, which surely is an unexpected twist!

9. Paper Circle Garland 


If you’re in need of a modern and noticeable decor piece but don’t have much time to be super crafty, a simple paper circle garland is your best bet! Hang it near the window and the breeze will make the garland move and spin, making it come alive! Check out the tutorial at Fresh Crush!

10. Paper Fans 


Paper fans are a familiar choice of decor probably because they’re not just beautiful to look at, they’re also fun to make! This weekend invite your friends over and host a paper fan making party where you all get to create lovely fan decorations for your homes, following the tutorial at Craftaholics Anonymous!

11. Big Paper Daisy 


We couldn’t resist featuring another paper flower, especially a daisy! A big paper daisy by The House That Lars Built has potential to become your home’s most noticeable and captivating wall decoration, especially if you make more than one and cover the whole wall with them!

12. Tissue Paper Butterflies


As you can see, tissue paper is your loyal friend when it comes to paper decorations.  You can turn it into many diverse decor pieces and Country Hill Cottage‘s paper butterflies are a great example of that. Make them in a multitude of different colors and shapes, giving your home a romantic butterfly effect!