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15 Awesome DIY Tie Dye Projects to Up your Fashion

Maybe because it’s summertime and the weather is warm or perhaps it’s because all of the flowers in the area we live in are in bloom right now, but there’s just something about this time of year that makes us excited about bright colours! Being avid crafters and DIY enthusiasts, of course, we’re sure it’ll come as no surprise to you that we adore any opportunity we can find for combining that love of colour with our creative skills. That’s why we love tie dye projects so much!

Just in case you love the idea of creating all kinds of different tie dyed garments, pieces, and designs as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the ideas and tutorials we’ve come across so far this summer.

1. Tie dyed kitchen towels


Is your sense of personal style a little more subtle and subdued so you’re not sure you’d actually wear something made of bright tie dye even though you adore the effect? Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t use the technique to brighten up your home in simple ways! We simply adore the ay By Stephanie Lynn tie dyed a set of kitchen towels with neon dyes for a cheerful pop of colour each morning and throughout the day.

2. A guide to different tie dye shapes and patterns


Are you actually quite new to the world of tie dye and you’ve got the basics of the simple technique down but now you’re looking to learn a few more challenging patterns so you can make you and your friends or family some really awesome graphic t-shirts to wear? Then we’d suggest browsing and bookmarking this fantastic pattern guideline collection featured on Instructables!

3. Tie dyed pillow cases


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about fun ways to add a bright pop of colour to your home using tie dye but it’s not actually your kitchen you’re interested in focusing on because you feel like your bedroom could use a little more personality instead? Then we have a feeling you’ll get along very well indeed with this wonderfully brightly coloured and fun patterned DIY tie dye pillow case created by Kinderart.

4. Tie dyed tissue paper


Are you actually looking for some kind of very simple tie dye starter project that you can use as an opportunity to introduce your kids to the technique with, but you’d prefer to make it a little more like an easy craft rather than an actual clothing project until they’ve tried it a couple times? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Adventures in Making made tie dyed tissue paper in just a few simple steps!

5. Simple spiral shaped tie dye t-shirts


Are you very intrigued indeed in the idea of learning new patterns to create with your tie dye skills but you’re not quite ready to tackle the more complicated things you saw in the pattern collection we showed you earlier on our list? Then we’d suggest taking a look at this simple spiral design instead! A Little Craft in Your Day shows you how to tie and dye strategically in order to create the easy swirling effect that will help you built the foundation skills for the harder patterns you saw before.

6. Sharpie tie dye


Were you very intrigued by the idea of introducing your kids to tie dye through started projects before you hand them the messier challenge of working with actual fabric dyes, but you’re not at all opposed to the idea of having them work on actual fabric or clothing? Then we’d definitely encourage you to take a look at how Babble Dabble Do created tie dye effects with Sharpie markers on fabric stretched across an embroidery hoop.

7. Tie dyed shirts dyed with veggies and natural things


Perhaps you’re very interested in doing some tie dying with your family but one of your loved ones actually has very sensitive skin and you’re worried about how even the gentlest dyes will affect them when they put the finished shirt on, even if you wash it first? Then we think this all natural dying technique made from actual fruits to get the colours will be much more up your alley! Get more details for making it happen on HGTV.

8. Frozen food colouring tie dye


Are you still definitely scrolling through our list looking for tie dye projects that are little kid friendly but you just haven’t quite seen the one that you think is perfect for your kids yet? Then here’s another one for your consideration! Check out how Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas added watercolour looking effects to a shirt using frozen food colouring “painters”. You’ll have a blast mixing your own custom shades to freeze!

9. Tie dye art done with baby wipes


Were you quite interested indeed in the idea of making tie dyed tissue paper practice squares with your kids but they’re actually ready and raring to craft essentially right now and you don’t happen to have any tissue paper on hand? Then we’d suggest following Vinegret‘s lead instead and grabbing the nearest pack of baby wipes from your changing table! This tutorial shows you how to add colour that spreads beautifully out from the centre.

10. Tie dye heart techniques


Are you the kind of heart loving person who looks for your favourite shaped option in just about every crafting technique, but you didn’t see what you were looking for in the larger pattern list we showed you above? Then we think you’ll appreciate this independent heart shaped tie dye tutorial featured on Fave Crafts very much indeed. Their tutorial is well laid out and easy to follow.

11. Tie dyed knitted fabric


Are you the kind of crafting enthusiast whose DIY skills have actually always been rooted in yarn based crafts like knitting and crochet? Then we think we might have actually found the perfect project for you! Take a look at how All Free Knitting created, step by step, this fantastic tie dyed knitted fabric that takes the idea of “hand dyed yarn” to a whole new place most knitters haven’t tried before.

12. Tie dyed swimsuit cover-up


If you’re going to alter a t-shirt, are you the kind of avid clothing alterations fan who would rather take that t-shirt to the next level by tie dying it and changing its construction to make all kinds of cute things? Then maybe this adorably bright and braided swimsuit coverup project outlined step by step on Adventures of A Middle Sister  would be a great place for you to start! It might be late summer now but it’s by no means too late to make and wear this beauty.

13. Reverse tie dye technique


Have you always loved the way that the colours spread, swoop, and spiral in tie dye projects of all kinds but you’re just not sure how you feel about the white spaces that inevitably show through because you’ve just always preferred to wear dark shades and blacks with your bright pops of colour instead? Then we think you simply must take a look at the way Tie Dye Your Summer  replaced the white elements of a classic tie dyed t-shirt with black pieces using an exciting “reverse tie dye” effect!

14. Shibori tie dye


Are you actually such an avid tie dye enthusiast that you’d really love to start learning all different methods and kinds of tie dye rather than just the classic string knotting version but you mean more than just the patterns we’ve shown you in several places higher up on our list? Then we absolutely think you should take a look at how Crafts By Amanda created this lovely shirt using the Japanese resist dying method of Shibori!

15. Tie dyed galaxy t-shirt


Were you quite enamoured indeed with the idea of reverse tie dye that we showed you earlier on our list, but you’re not sure that traditional tie dye swirls are really what you’re interested in making and wearing, so you’re trying to find a pattern that’s a little more trendy? Then we think perhaps you’ll get along very well indeed with this speckled galaxy dye effect outlined step by step on Shannon Schmid.