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12 DIY Paper Mache Projects for Parents and Their Crafty Kids

Keeping the kids busy and happy is every parent’s priority, especially when you’re spending time indoors. Kids have a natural curiosity about everything around them and they love to try new things! Some can’t even sit still for ten minutes and are always trying to invent something new! Paper mache is an amazing craft that powers their imagination keeping them focused and busy. Here are 12 DIY paper mache projects to give you some ideas!

1. Paper Mache Moon 


The night sky can be a source of wonder and mystery for our little ones. If you are constantly facing the questions about the moon, sun and the stars, encourage your child to make a paper mache moon and let that be the gateway into learning about the universe! You’ll find the how-to at Jacks & Kate!

2. Paper Mache Bowl 


There’s always a need for a candy bowl in the house! Maybe the idea of a bowl being a home for delicious candy bars will give your kids that extra motivation to really get involved with the making of this fantastic paper mache bowl! Ilka’s Blog has a super cool tutorial!

3. Paper Mache Pumpkin 


Save it for Halloween or keep it around as something for the kids to play with – this amazing paper mache pumpkin looks like the real deal! It could totally fool us and if nothing else, maybe your mischievous little ones can play an innocent prank on a friend or two! Instructables will help you bring this pumpkin to life!

4. Paper Mache Nesting Bowls 


These nesting bowls will probably appeal more to the parenting side of the crafting team. They have a chic and elegant look, making it impossible to look at them without already planning in your head where you will place them or what they will display. Sorry kids, this one is for momma! See how they’re made at Wellnesting!

5. Paper Mache Animals 


It’s a saying you’ve heard a million times but they really do grow up so fast – and with them, so does the decor preference! Children can be incredibly opinionated about how their rooms should look like, so if your kiddo is asking you for a change, Lia Griffith has the tutorial for the perfect paper mache animals to spice up their bedroom wall!

6. Paper Mache Hot Air Balloon 


Your little daydreamer will love the idea of making a hot air ballon and sending his favorite toys and figures on magical balloon rides! Making a paper mache hot air balloon takes some commitment, which makes this project by Kate’s Creative Space a great bonding experience!

7. Pastel Pretzels 


Salty pretzels are fun to munch on, but pastel pretzels are fun to make! This paper mache project is really simple, as you’ll see at Oh Happy Day and it’s the perfect activity for a rainy day! The children will get to be crafty and you will end up with a lovely pastel decoration piece!

8. Paper Mache Pencils


Pencils can be so boring! We surely can’t say children get excited about them but thanks to Art for Kids and Robots, that’s about to change! Welcome to the world where kids can make their own beautiful pencil decorations! Hopefully this results in them wanting to pick up that pencil more often and getting a head start on their homework!

9. Paper Mache Teacup 


One of the cutest things about having kids is when they invite you to tea parties they’ve set up for all of their plushy toy friends! These paper mache teacups by Ann Wood are ideal for the occasion! You can make an unlimited amount, so no teddy bear feels left out!

10. Paper Mache Lamp 


Here’s another paper mache project that parents will appreciate a little more than kids, but you should still involve them in the creating of this stunning lamp, to teach them about the beauty of handmade interior pieces! If your living room is long overdue for a new lamp, Pretty Prudent knows what to do!

11. Paper Mache Letters 


Crafting with letters is always a great experience, because your kids have the opportunity to make something that’s very personal to them! You can help them make a monogram or better yet, spell out a whole word! A Sharper Focus shares how to make paper mache letters!

12. Paper Mache Vase 


A beautiful monochrome paper mache vase is something every home can make use of!  When your sweet children bring you a bouquet of freshly picked flowers, display them in this unique handmade vase! Check out The House That Lars Built for insider tips and tricks!

When was the last time you did a paper mache project?