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Wonderful DIY Beautiful Lace Lamp



It’s hard to believe that this beautiful hanging lace lamp can be made at home with little more than some creativity, a few doilies, and a balloon. Lace isn’t just for clothes anymore! Learn how to decorate any room with a beautiful lace lamp !

What You’ll Need:

1 .Lace material
2. Big balloon
3. Wallpaper glue
4. Pin to pop the balloon and a basic lighting kit

1. First, blow up the balloon and tie it.
2. Collect all of your lace, paint and soak them with wallpaper glue.
3. Hang your balloon on a string and place your glued lace all over the balloon, making sure they all overlap each other. Add another coat of glue after the lace is completely covering the balloon.
4. When the glue is dry,pop the balloon and attach a nice cord to it. To insert the bulb inside you just cut a small tear on the top of it, insert the bulb and then sew the piece back. Use a LED light for maximum security, they are very cold and won’t affect the lamp. You are done and can start enjoying it!

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