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20+ Super Cute Crochet Knitted Owl Patterns

While there’s much to be said for the deeply mysterious and spiritual connotations of owls, the only thing most kids care about is how darn cute they are! And rightly so, as there’s really very little in the world that’s sweeter than the deeply-hypnotic stare of the gigantic eyes – it’s little wonder owls that have become seriously fashionable as of late!

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Here you’ll find what we believe to be the 20 best crochet knitted owl patterns. We’ve searched high and low for the very best free and paid patterns alike, which will help you put together everything from pants to ponchos and from bonnets to booties! If there’s something out there that could look adorable with an owl on it, chances are you find the guides and patterns you need right here!

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Try One, Try Them All!

If you’ve been looking for the perfect time and the perfect reason to get into the art of crocheting, now’s your chance! Even with just a few basic stitches and no prior experience, you’ll soon be finding your way around the incredible patterns and designs below – you might even want to try your hand at a whole bunch of them!

One thing’s for sure though, which is that everything you see below would make the kind of uniquely thoughtful gift the likes of which money alone cannot buy. You might find they’re just the little bit too cute to give away however, so it’s probably best to crochet at least two of everything…just in case!

1. Crochet Acorn Owl Poncho

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet Acorn Owl Poncho - adults VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet Acorn Owl Poncho

[Paid pattern from Etsy]

2. Crochet Woolly Owl Hat

VIEW IN GALLERYowl hatGuys at Ravelry have the free pattern

3. Crochet owl slippers

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Mary-Jane-Owl-Slippers DIY FWe have the free cute crochet owl slippers pattern available for you.

4. Knitted Silly Creatures Pants

VIEW IN GALLERYSilly-owl-Creatures-PantsPaid pattern from Etsy

5. Crochet Owl Purse

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet Owl PurseFree pattern by Bigcraftyblog

6. Crochet Owl skirt

VIEW IN GALLERYOwl_Skirt_Crochet_Pattern_3Guys at irarott have a paid pattern for this skirt.

7. Crochet owl hat

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Cute-Drowsy-Owl-HatAdorable crochet owl hat available from WD.

8. Crochet owl pants

VIEW IN GALLERYOwl_Pants_Shorts_Crochet_Pattern_3Another one from irarott – will set you off ~ $9.

9. Crochet Owl Basket

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet-owl-basket-1

10. Crochet Owl Cushion

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet-owl-cushion-with-colorful-feathers-1-570-px

11. Crochet owl ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet-owl-ornaments-1-570-px

12. Crochet owl purse

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet-owl-purse-1-570-px

13. Crochet ball owl

VIEW IN GALLERYchristmas-ball-owl-1-570Get ready to spend a Lincoln if you like any of the four, above: from ZoomYummy

14. Crochet baby owl hat

VIEW IN GALLERYBaby-Crochet-Owl-HatAvailable with a free pattern from Bhookedcrochet

15. Crochet Owl Mittens

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Owl-MittensWe have the free pattern, here on WD.

16. Crochet  Hooty Owl Coasters

VIEW IN GALLERYOwl-Coaster-Crochet-Pattern

VIEW IN GALLERYOwl-Coaster-Crochet-Pattern-1Folks at Ravelry, have the free pattern.

17. Crochet Bonbon the owl

VIEW IN GALLERYBonbon-The-Owl-FREE-Crochet-PatternFor the Bonbon owl check this.

18. Crochet Snot Owl Tissue Box Cover


VIEW IN GALLERYSnot owl1 Again, free from Ravelry

19. Crochet Little Owl TP Keeper

VIEW IN GALLERYlittle owl TP kepper

20. Crochet little baby owl

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet owl FCrochet-little baby owl with FREE PATTERN

21. Crochet Austin Owl Amigurumi

VIEW IN GALLERYAustin Owl Amigurumi

VIEW IN GALLERYAustin Owl Amigurumi1

Which one is your favourite Owl crochet project?