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Creative DIY Gift Wrapping Techniques You Won’t Want to Tear Open

The best part of giving someone a gift is seeing how happy they are when they open it. It’s even better, however, when your friends and family are impressed and excited about how the gift looks before they’ve even torn the paper! How you wrap you gifts can be part of the surprise.

Check out these ultra creative DIY gift wrapping techniques that are so awesome your friends and family won’t even want to tear into them!

1. Roller stamp wrapping paper

VIEW IN GALLERYroller-stamp-wrapping-paper

(Source: Handmade Charlotte)

Roller stamps are useful tools for things like scrap booking, but they’re also perfect for making your own wrapping paper. Rollers give you a continuous pattern that looks consistent, just like store bought gift wrap.

2. Potato stamp wrapping paper

VIEW IN GALLERYpotato-stamp-wrapping-paper

(Source: Design Sponge)

Do you like the idea of stamped gift wrap but you don’t have access to a roller stamp right now? Try making your own stamps instead! Carefully carve the shape you want into half a potato, dip it in paint, and stamp it on some package paper or upcycled paper bags!

3. Colourful tights wrapping

VIEW IN GALLERYcolourful-tights-wrapping

(Brit + Co.)

Not everyone likes the idea of wrapping paper because it can be wasteful. If you’re looking for a greener alternative, try wrapping your gifts in stretchy material instead! Leggings stretched around the box and tied into a knot on top make great gift wrap.

4. Heart cut out wrapping paper

VIEW IN GALLERYheart-cut-out-wrapping-paper

(The House That Lars Built)

Cut outs are a great way to turn plain brown paper into adorable gift wrap. Cut the shape of half a heart and bend it outwards so the cut out and the paper form a whole heart. Leave the cut outs if you want to give people a sneak peek of the gift or wrap the gift in tissue or glitter paper first before you wrap the cut out layer.

5. Pom pom wrapping paper

VIEW IN GALLERYpompom-wrapping-paper

(The Paper Mama)

Plain or coloured paper wrap, some glue, and some coloured pom poms are all you need to give your friends fun textured presents! The fuzzy pom poms are even more amusing than paper featuring patterns or pictures.

6. Duct tape wrapping paper

VIEW IN GALLERYduct-tape-wrapping-paper

(Brit + Co.)

Duct tape makes great gift wrap for several reasons! Firstly, it’s available in brighter colours than most traditional gift wrap. It also lets you create your own fun geometric patterns, lines, and colour combinations!

7. Polka dot wrapping paper

VIEW IN GALLERYpolka-dot-wrapping-paper

(The House That Lars Built)

Sometimes simplicity is the best way to go. Plain paper, a ribbon, and some painted polka dots make for a classic gift wrap that costs you less than store bought paper.

8. Mouse wrapping paper

VIEW IN GALLERYmouse-wrapping-paper

(Handmade Charlotte)

Creative gift wrapping doesn’t always have to be about the paper itself! Try transforming gifts into adorable little mice for your friends. They’ll get a thrill out of the gift before they’ve even opened it!

9. Paper snowflake wrapping paper

VIEW IN GALLERYpaper-snowflake-wrapping-paper

(Brit + Co.)

Paper snowflake cut outs are an easy craft to make with kids and they’re also perfect for the holiday season. Try making huge snow flak shapes and wrapping them around your gifts over plain paper that will peek through the cut outs!

10. Wax paper bow wrapping paper

VIEW IN GALLERYwax-paper-bow-wrapping-paper


Bows give your gifts a little extra flare! This bow is made of wax paper, making it cheap and easy to do from things you probably already have in your cupboards. Pair it with some plain paper so the bow stands out!

11. Tassel wrapping paper

VIEW IN GALLERYtassel-wrapping-paper

(A Beautiful Mess)

Tassel strips from fabric stores come in all different colours, textures, and shapes. Wrap your gift in plain or coloured paper and stick tassel strips around the box.

12. Chalkboard wrapping paper

VIEW IN GALLERYchalkboard-wrapping-paper

(Going Home to Roost)

Matte black paper makes the perfect background for a chalkboard effect! Use white paint, a white gel paint marker, or actual chalk to write a message or draw holiday patterns.

13. Washi tape wrapping paper

VIEW IN GALLERYwashi-tape-wrapping-paper

(Brit + Co.)

Brightly coloured and patterned washi tape makes for the perfect accent and decoration on plain wrap or paper! Customize your gifts to your friends or the occasion.

14. Map wrapping paper

VIEW IN GALLERYmap-wrapping-paper

(A Beautiful Mess)

Do you have a friend who adores traveling? Tie their interests into their gifts by wrapping the present in a map! They’ll be pleased before the even rip the paper open.

15. Furoshiki gift wrap

VIEW IN GALLERYfuroshiki-gift-wrap

(Evermine Occasions)

In Japan, some people choose to wrap gifts in fun fabrics instead of paper. The art of Furoshiki wrapping eliminates holiday waste and gives your friends and family lovely fabric that they might have a use for along with their gift!

Have you ever given your friends uniquely wrapped presents that you made yourself? Link us to a picture of your work in the comments section!