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15 Lovely DIY Flip Flops to Welcome Summer in Style!

We know it’s not quite sandal weather yet, but it’s never too early to start dreaming of sunny days and warm summer temperatures! To tie you over until it’s finally warm enough to take off your socks and boots, why not do some DIY preparation to make sure you look fabulous when summer finally gets here?

Check out these adorable DIY flip flop tutorials that will be perfect for hitting the beach!

20 minute flip flop

VIEW IN GALLERY20-min-flip-flops

Tatertots & Jello shows you how to create these adorable flip flops with flowered adornments in just 20 minutes! They’re also wallet friendly.

Knotted flip flops

VIEW IN GALLERYknotted-flip-flops

These adorably nautical knots will make you feel right at home on the seaside. Wholly Kao shows you how they’re done!

Braided flip flops

VIEW IN GALLERYbraided-flip-flops

Any style of braid will look cute, but a four strand braid like these ones gives your sandals an intricate look! Find out how to do it on Make it, Love it.

Pleated flip flops

VIEW IN GALLERYpleated-flip-flops

Sweet Charli shows you how to make these adorable pleated flip flops in no time at all. Embellish them however you please!

Button flip flops

VIEW IN GALLERYbutton-flip-flops

What better way to put spare buttons to use than by turning them into adorable fashion? Check out the tutorial on Scrapbooks & Cards Today!

Ribbon and bow flip flops

VIEW IN GALLERYribbon-and-bow-flip-flops

The Crafty Ninja shows you how to make sandals with the perfect girly twist. Adding a bow will spiff anything up!

Wrapped flip flops

VIEW IN GALLERYwrapped-flip-flops

Do you hate the feeling of something between your toes? Annekata shows you how to make beautiful sandals that wrap around your toes instead!

Braided tying flip flops

VIEW IN GALLERYbraided-tying-flip-flops

You’ve already seen sandals with braided straps, but these are for people with a little more flair! Find the tutorial on By Wilma.

Pearl flip flops

VIEW IN GALLERYpearl-flip-flops

This pearl design gives flip flops a classy new spin that makes them perfect for a summer wedding! Trinkets in Bloom shows you how to make your own.

Friendship bracelet flip flops

VIEW IN GALLERYfriendship-bracelet-flip-flops

Remember how much fun you had making friendship bracelets as a kid? Dream a Little Bigger shows you that those same bracelet skills can be used to make adorable sandals!

Jewelled flip flops

VIEW IN GALLERYjewelled-flip-flops

Whether you choose white rhinestones or fun coloured gems, these jewelled flip flops will glam up any summer dress. Find the tutorial on Papery & Cakery.

Flowered flip flops

VIEW IN GALLERYflowered-flip-flops

Wayback Machine shows you how to make the perfect faux flower sandals for your tropical vacation.

Thread wrapped flip flops

VIEW IN GALLERYthread-wrap-flip-flops

Rather than giving your sandals a complete overhaul, why not juts give them some extra character? A Well Traveled Woman shows you how to do that with embroidery thread.

Ankle wrap flip flops

VIEW IN GALLERYAnkle wrap flip flops

If you love the ankle wrapped look but you’re not a fan of the chunky braided style above, check out Cut Out and Keep‘s tutorial instead!

Knotted ribbon flip flops

VIEW IN GALLERYribbon-knot-flip-flops

Nautical knots might not be your think, but these more delicate knots made from ribbon or strips of pretty material might appeal to you more! Check them out on Wayback Machine.

Have you made other DIY flip flops that you don’t see here? Tell us how you did them in the comments section!