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Timeless and Chic: Creative Black and White DIY Decor Ideas

When it comes to home decor, many people prefer subtle class, glamour, and detail to brighter or more ornate designs. Whether you’re looking to decorate your space for a holiday or just a change of scenery, adopting a black and white colour scheme is a great way to keep things simple but still interesting.

Check out these 14 black and white DIY decor ideas that will look sleek and stylish in your home!

1. Black and white Halloween decor

VIEW IN GALLERYBlack and white Halloween decor

If you’re looking for a way of decorating for Halloween without interrupting your already black and white decor, this set up by Creations by Kara is the kind of thing you’re looking for! We’re particularly big fans of the adorably painted black and white pumpkins.

2. Date canvas


I Heart Naptime shows you how to make adorable wall decor to commemorate a date that’s important to you. Try making it to mark your wedding anniversary, for example. You could make this decor in any colour, but we love how clean it looks in black and white!

3. Black and white triangle dresser

VIEW IN GALLERYBlack and white triangle dresser

Decoist dares you to get bold with patterns even if you’re keeping things conservative with colours! These evenly spaced triangles alternate shades and create clean, geometric lines that make your space and your old dresser look totally modern.

4. Black and white Christmas mobile

VIEW IN GALLERYBlack and white Christmas mobile

Look What I Made shows you how to incorporate black and white into Christmas decor too! We love this DIY mobile with little three dimensional Christmas trees made from decorative black and white scrapbooking paper. Try using paper in many different patterns!

5. Black and white photo wall collage

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Black and white photo wall collage

BHG shows you how to fix printed photos to a wooden backing in order to make a beautiful wall collage full of memories! Print the photos in black and white for a classy look that matches your decor.

6. Black and white DIY abstract art

VIEW IN GALLERYBlack and white DIY abstract art

Are you looking for a way to get a little more creative than stenciled letters and painted pumpkins? Let your inner artist speak by making black and white abstract art for your walls, just like Homey Oh My did!

7. DIY graphic circle wall art

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY graphic circle wall art

Do you like the idea of black and white wall art but not the overwhelming visual of an abstract design? Try this circular alternative by Homey Oh My instead! Using a round template to trace the perfect circle shape, cut pieces of black card stock to make this art.

8. DIY black and white striped storage box

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY black and white striped storage box

We love the idea of incorporating your colour scheme thoroughly in the room, right down to even the simplest storage boxes. Use black and white washi tape to create clean, straight lines all around the edges and across the surface of the box, just like this one on Decoist.

9. Black and white framed rubber doormat art

VIEW IN GALLERYBlack and white framed rubber doormat art

Lowes shows you how to turn a simple patterned door mat into a piece of wall art in just a few simple steps! This design is great because it lets you take advantage of an intricate piece that’s already very pretty.

10. Black and white paper terrarium

VIEW IN GALLERYBlack and white paper terrarium

Wally & Co. Lifestyle walks you through the process of creating an adorable little still life terrarium that won’t wilt and require care like terrariums made of living plants. Of course, any decor involving decorative paper is a perfect opportunity to incorporate another black and white contrast!

11. DIY black and white bracelets

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY black and white bracelets

We absolutely love these easy DIY jewelry options that totally follow the black and white theme! Okay, we know jewelry doesn’t really fall into the category of home decor, but adorning yourself in beautiful trinkets counts as a form of decor, right? Check out how they’re made on Starburst Studio.

12. Black and white lace mason jars

VIEW IN GALLERYBlack and white lace mason jars

This Pinterest idea is a cute way to upcycle old mason jars into decorative pieces for your side tables. Cover them with black lace and embellish them with white pearls (or vice versa) and fill them with faux flowers or a tea light candle!

13. Black and white striped flower pots

VIEW IN GALLERYBlack and white striped flower pots

Dimples and Tangles suggests outdoor planters as your next black and white DIY decor projects! Why not let your favourite  indoor colour scheme spill out onto the porch to give guests a little taste or your style?

14. DIY black and white geometric ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYBlack and white geo ornaments

The Learner Observer

guides you through the process of making these adorable little geometric ornaments that give any space a bit of a whimsical, modern aesthetic. The best part? It’s beyond easy to make them in black and white.

Are you ready to delve into the delightful world of black and white and its versatile, timeless charm?