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15 Cozily Irresistible Bubble Quilt Patterns

Quilting is a fulfilling project that gives you an awesome, practical result. Quilts make great gifts for friends and relatives, or even just a present for yourself. If you’ve done a lot of quilting and feel the need to change it up, however, it’s time to try bubble quilting!

Never heard of bubble quilts? Take a look at Awaiting Ada‘s great tutorial to see what we mean.

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Once you’ve decided to make a bubble quilt, it’s time to choose a pattern and color scheme. Check out these bubble quilts for a bit of inspiration!

1. Cartoon quilt

VIEW IN GALLERYcartoon-bubble-quilt

(Source: Cozy Chryssy)

This blanket features the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but yours can include images of any cartoon!

2. Orange flowers quilt

VIEW IN GALLERYorange-flowers-bubble-quilt

(Source: Once Upon a Childhood)

This sunny design will brighten up any room in your house, no matter who’s using the blanket.

3. Owl bubble quilt

VIEW IN GALLERYowl-bubble-quilt

(Source: Awaiting Ada)

This adorable owl theme is perfect for a kid’s bedroom or play room!

4. Muted tones quilt


(Source: Anita’s Soft Furnishings)

This more adult pattern and colour scheme adds some comfort and texture to the master or guest bedroom.

5. Pink ombre bubble quilt

VIEW IN GALLERYpink-ombre-bubble-quilt

(Source: Awaiting Ada)

A bright pink ombre effect adds some gorgeous decor to a little girl’s bed.

6. Animal quilt

VIEW IN GALLERYanimals-bubble-quilt

(Source: Cinnamons)

Baby’s playtime is comfortable and a learning experience with pictures of little animals all over their blanket!

7. White and grey quilt

VIEW IN GALLERYwhite-and-grey-bubble-quilt

(Source: Awaiting Ada)

Bubble quits can be customized to suit more neutral colour schemes to!

8. Camo quilt

VIEW IN GALLERYcamo-bubble-quilt

(Source: Awaiting Ada)

A camo theme makes this bubble quilt the coziest father’s day gift for the woodsmen or hunter.

9. Sports team quilt

VIEW IN GALLERYsports-team-bubble-quilt

(Source: Karri Rose)

Show support for your team at the game by setting up camp on a themed bubble quilt!

10. Dr. Seuss quilt

VIEW IN GALLERYDr-seuss-bubble-quilt

(Source: Gordon Quilts)

Story time has never been cozier than underneath this book themed bubble blanket.

11. Mickey Mouse quilt

VIEW IN GALLERYmickey-mouse-bubble-quilt

(Source: Janssen Creations)

You’re never too old for a little bit of Disney. Mickey Mouse ears and a corresponding colour scheme make for an adorable blanket during movie time.

12. Rainbow quilt

VIEW IN GALLERYrainbow-bubble-quilt

(Source: Awaiting Ada)

Nothing’s more fun than bright colours, especially with a subtle pattern added!

13.  Green tones quilt

VIEW IN GALLERYgreen-tones-bubble-quilt

(Source: Awaiting Ada)

Pick your favourite colour and use different shades and patterns to create a toned effect, like this gorgeous green creation.

14. Polka dot quilt

VIEW IN GALLERYpolka-dot-bubble-quilt

(Source: Awaiting Ada)

Polka dots give some pattern and style to your favourite colours.

15. Pastel quilt

VIEW IN GALLERYpastel-bubble-quilt

(Source: Made It)

Pastel colours make a bubble quilt the perfect baby shower gift.

Have you ever made a bubble quilt? If not, NOW is a great time to get started!