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Repurposing Old Jeans: 12 DIY Denim Projects

Do you have a pile of old jeans you don’t know what to do with? You’re in for a treat! You can repurpose anything from your favorite pair of jeans to that denim jacket you never even wore! If you tend to get sentimental about your clothes, this is a perfect way to keep them in your life, but give them a new purpose! Show some love to your old denim outfits and check out these 12 DIY denim projects you have to try before the summer is over!

1. Denim Basket

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Baskets tend to get a little boring if you don’t at least dress them up a bit! Why not dress it up in denim and make it the coolest basket you’ve ever seen? Yes, we thought so too! OhOh Blog has everything you’ll need!

2. Denim Wrap Bracelet

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Here’s a great idea by One Artsy Mama that will add something special to your bracelet collection. These may get so addictive that you’ll want to make more than one – maybe even have a nostalgic bracelet making party with your friends, 90’s style?!

3. Denim Wreath

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You’ll keep this wreath for years to come and it will perfectly complete your doorway even out of holiday season! Its navy look will make you think of seaside adventures, so head over to U-Create Crafts to find the tutorial!

4. Denim Wall Organizer

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This idea is a show stopper! Redo It Yourself Inspirations made a wall organizer using the pockets of old jeans and the result is brilliant! If you’re asking yourself “How did I never think of that?!” now’s a good time to make this project!

5. Denim Lunch Bag


Eat your lunch in style with these incredibly cute denim lunch bags by Purl Soho! They are much more sustainable than paper ones and are bound to make your work day a little better! Ready to make your colleagues jealous?

6. Denim Game Board

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Isn’t tic-tac-toe one of the best games ever?! It’s quick, fun and we never get tired of it! Thanks to DIY Show Off you can now make your very own tic-tac-toe game board out of an old piece of denim that needs an upgrade!

7. Denim Pillows

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Seriously, who wouldn’t want one of these arrow cushions?!  If you can already envision them in your living room, adding to the entire living space, visit Etsy Blog to see how you can make them!

8. Denim Place Mats

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Talk about a brilliant idea! Do you want to give these denim place mats a try? Visit Creatively Sam’s and soon your dining table will be decorated with the most original place mats you’ve ever seen! They may even inspire your kids to set the table more often, who knows!

9. Denim Ottoman


If you’ve been longing for an ottoman but find them too pricey, Michele Made Me may have a solution for you! You can make this ottoman yourself, but you will need to sacrifice some of your old denim clothes. Sacrifice worth making? Hell yes!

10. Denim Wall Art

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All you need is love, but some denim wall art would be nice, too. This one looks absolutely lovely and will make a cherry on top of any wall! Find out what happens when love and denim come together at A Beautiful Mess!

11. Denim Pouch Bag

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A denim pouch bag is a wonderful accessory! Not only does it look great, it’s also super useful! Make it out of that special pair of jeans that always went everywhere with you and let it continue its purpose! Find the tutorial at Jessica Rebelo!

12. Denim Backpack


Last but not least, here is an epic denim backpack that will be well worth the time you’ll put into making it! If you are ready to take it on daily adventures with you, be sure to check out the in-depth instructions at Fili & Lino!

Saying goodbye to old jeans only means saying hello to a denim project you have yet to try!