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Time to Reuse: Fun Ways to Upcycle Old Socks

Our family goes through socks like crazy. Whenever we fold laundry, we find ourselves with a plethora of single socks whose partners have gotten lost somewhere between the washer, the dryer, and the basket. We’re left with just a basket of socks that we feel bad throwing out but don’t know what to do with. Rather than looking at those socks as a burden, it’s time to start think about them as extra crafting supplies!

Check out these 15 awesome and super fun DIY sock ideas that will help you upcycle the spare socks left over after each laundry session (and have a lot of fun while you’re at it).

1. Bean bag toss game


Bean bag toss is a fun game for just about anyone, but kids will have a particularly good time practicing their dexterity and aim. They’ll have an especially good time with the game if they helped make it themselves. Let them fill the bags with your supervision before you sew the top shut! A Little Tipsy has all the details for you.

2. Socktopuses


When we first thought about what kinds of things we could make out of old socks, stuffed animals and plush toys came to mind immediately. We feel as though there are just endless possibilities in that department, so we went on the hunt for patterns and tutorials right away! One of our favourites was this little octopus design from Kristy Neale. We can’t get over how cute the eyes and tentacles are!

3. Homemade socks from sleeves


Okay, so we admit that this idea is a little bit off the mark from what we were talking about originally, but it’s such a cute sock-related upcycling idea that we simply couldn’t resist including it on our list! Me Sew Crazy guides you through the process of turning old shirt sleeves into light little pairs of socks. It’s the perfect idea to replace the pairs you’re missing because one of the two got sucked into the dryer duct and now the other is a craft supply!

4. Fingerless gloves from socks


Whether you use one pair of socks that you don’t really wear anymore so that your hands match or two different ones for a more eclectic look, socks make for great easy DIY fingerless gloves. We love to wear these at work at our desk in the winter because our hands tend to get cold but we still need to be able to type at the computer. Saved by Love Creations shows you how to make your very own gloves in any colour or thickness of sock you please.

5. Old sock arm warmers


Do you love the idea of upcycling your socks into something that will keep your hands warm but you’d rather not have your fingers even partially covered because you feel like it might annoy you while you try to do things? Then try making yourself wrist warmers instead! These are basically the same concept as the ones above minus the finger holds, but just in case you still need a bit of guidance, here’s an easy tutorial from Alisa Burke.

6. Hedgehog sock planter


One of our favourite parts of crafting with our kids is being able to make something that they can continue to use or enjoy when it’s done. That way they get the fun of actually doing the craft but that fun lasts long afterwards as well. These adorable little sock hedgehog planters from Praktic Ideas are the perfect example of what we mean!

7. Baby sock coin purses


Babies grow faster than anyone ever expects and suddenly you’ll find yourself with piles of little baby socks that don’t fit on your children’s feet anymore. You might hand some of them down to younger kids or donate some, but you might also keep a few for DIY projects! One of our favourite ways of crafting with baby socks is by making adorable little change purses for all of our coins. Second Street shows you how they’re done using miniature purse clasps from the local crafting or dollar store.

8. Stuffed sock doughnuts


Have you always been a fan of kawaii stuffed toys and amigurumi food art? Then we have a feeling you’re going to love this next suggestion! Jennuine guides you through the process of turning parts of old socks that have been rolled down on themselves into adorable stuff doughnuts. Add felt to look like icing and sew beads on like pretty sprinkles!

9. Lace topped knee high socks


Maybe the socks you have still have their pair and you’re just looking to create something a little fancier than the plain things sitting in front of you right now? Well, this adorable lace alteration tutorial from Show Me Cute teaches you how to add a strip of lace around the top of a pair of knee socks so give them a bit of a fancy touch.

10. Stuffed sock fish


Whether you have kids or cats, this next craft is applicable to you either way! little kids love stuffed toys of any kind and will even love helping you turn your old mismatched socks into funny plush fish with button eyes. Animals, on the other hand, will probably love chasing and wrestling with the sock fish! See how they’re done on Canal Vie.

11. Faux tie dye socks


Did you like the idea of jazzing up an old pair of socks and continuing to wear them but you’re just not sure that lay knee socks are quite your kids’ style? Then help them turn their socks into something fun and colourful instead! We love this faux tie dye tutorial from Artchoo because it gets you nearly the same effect as classic tie dye but with an easier and less expensive technique.

12. Sock mug warmer


Are you a coffee or tea enthusiast who is always on the go but you find that your drink gets cold after a while once you’ve left the house? Well, just like nice thick socks can keep your feet warm, so too can they keep your drink nice and toasty! SOS Solteiros shows you how to cut off the food and stretch the ankle part of the sock around your mug to insulate the liquid inside.

13. Workout sock phone case


Are you very into the idea of actually make yourself something useful by just cutting the foot of a sock and using the rest of the tube to help yourself out, but you’re not really a drinker of hot beverages? Then turn your sock tube into an iPod workout sleeve instead! To make it happen you can follow these simple steps laid out on Comment Economiser.

14. Old sock pin cushion


Are you an avid sewing enthusiast who’s always working on something and leaves your sewing supplies out often? Then it’s definitely a good idea for you to have a pin cushion handy so you don’t just have random sewing pins rolling around threatening to prick you or someone else. We actually did make ourselves one of these cute sock pin cushions by stuffing the end of an old sock and placing it in a miniature plant pot from the local dollar store. You can see all the steps for doing this on I Love Doing All Things Crafty.