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Staying Warm and Stylish: Trendy DIY No-Sew Scarves

The moment winter comes, we find ourselves looking at and making all kinds of knit and crochet scarves. Recently, however, we’ve been hoping to actually work in our fabric working skills, but there’s just one hitch: we’re not very good at sewing! It’s something we’re working on, but that won’t help us this winter, so we’ve been looking up interesting ways to make nice fabric carves using no-sew techniques instead.

Just in case you like the idea of learning how to make some no-sew scarves just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 fantastic ideas, designs, and tutorials that we can’t wait to try!

1. DIY no-sew fringe scarf


We know we said that the goal here was to learn how to make scarves from things besides yarn, but sometimes it’s hard to stay away from your favourite crafting materials! We love the way Creme de la Craft created a fabric scarf with buttons and added a lovely fringed edge made from looped yarn.

2. Easy plaid blanket scarf


This fantastic wrap, which is basically like wearing a blanket like they might have done in the Highlands back in the day, is basically a practice in fabric draping! We can’t get over how simply but effective it is. Get the full instructions for making the jumbo scarf on The DIY Mommy.

3. DIY T-shirt scarf


Just because you’re using fabrics instead of knitting yarn this time around doesn’t mean you can’t still create a scarf that has some texture to it. We love the way Read Inspired Mag upcycled an old t-shirt in order to make a stripped scarf fastened with a lovely little DIY rosette.

4. Simple no-sew infinity scarf


If there’s one type of scarf we simply adore besides knitted ones it’s infinity scarves! There’s just something about the ease of putting the loop on and bundling into it that makes us feel cozy. Now, making a loop might not sound like the kind of project you can do without sewing but The Fab & Frugal is here to show you that it’s absolutely possible!

5. Looped rainbow fleece scarf


Perhaps you’d rather have a pop of colour and some kind of fun technique that takes a little more than just draping a singularly coloured fabric? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how The Decorated Cookie used various knotting techniques to create a chainlink effect rainbow scarf with adorable fringy fleece pom poms on each end!

6. No-sew flannel blanket scarf


Were you a big fan of the idea of making a lovely plaid scarf but you’re not sure you want such a large blanket style wrap like you saw before? In that case, we think you might prefer this more thinly cut plaid flannel scarf with a stylishly frayed end outlined step by step on Wholefully.

7. Fringed fleece and yarn scarf


Were you quite intrigued by the idea of making a fleece and yarn fringe scarf like you saw higher on the list but you’re not interested in the button detail? Then maybe you’d prefer this much more simplified version featured on Easy Peasy Creative Ideas instead!

8. Colourful braided T-shirt scarf


Perhaps you’re still thinking about how much you enjoyed the idea of making an upcycled t-shirt scarf but the stripped infinity scarf idea that we showed you a little high up didn’t really appeal to you? Well, particularly if you enjoy colours, we think you might get along a little better with the way Happy Hour Projects cut strips from several different shirts and braided them together for a thinner scarf.

9. DIY T-shirt string scarf


What if you actually loved the stripped t-shirt scarf idea a lot but it’s the fastening rosette element we showed you that you’re not entirely sure about? In that case, we’d encourage you to take a look at the way Pieces by Polly pulled their strips a little longer to make them curl and then used another string to tie the bundle together. Put it on by looping it like a scarf!

10. Braids and strings twisted scarf


Now that you’ve seen both the stripped t-shirt idea and the braided t-shirt idea, are you having trouble choosing between the two? Well, who said you have to choose at all? Instead, take a look at how Cafe Craftea made a twisted and braided t-shirt strip scarf that has a lot of style and looks great in consistent or different colours!

11. Beaded fringe infinity scarf


Is your sense of personal style a little more eclectic, so you’re looking for a design that has some extra personality to it compared to what you’ve seen so far? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Naztazia created this fringed no-sew t-shirt scarf that has beads at the end of each strand!

12. No-sew Hogwarts house scarves


Just in case it’s actually your kids you’re looking for no-sew DIY scarves for, here’s an idea that might link to their favourite books, making them even more excited than usual to get bundled up before going to school on a cold morning! We love the way Michelle’s Party Plan-It made these Hogwarts house coloured scarves out of simple fleece and some fabric glue.

13. Two-sided braided edge fleece scarf


Just because you’re trying not to involve sewing in these projects doesn’t mean you can’t attach two things together in a different creative way! This double sided fleece scarf outlined step by step on Pieces by Polly is the perfect example of what we mean. check out how they put the two pieces together and braided strips cut into the edges in order to make them stay and create a cute border.

14. No-knit, no-sew hat, mitts, and scarf set from a sweater


Just in case you liked the idea of upcycling old clothing to make a new winter scarf but it’s sweaters you have to work with rather than t-shirts, here’s an awesome tutorial that will teach you how to make that work! We love the way Idunn Goddess created a no sew scarf with a matching hat and mittens for a cute complete set!

15. No-sew regular scarf turned infinity scarf


Perhaps you actually have a scarf already that you really like the look of but that you find slides off too easily because of its light material so you don’t wear it as often as you might otherwise? In that case, we’d suggest altering it the way DOP Designs did to this one in order to make it a circle scarf instead!