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Easy DIY Gifts in a Jar Your Kids Will Love

Gifts in a jar can be unique treats for the children in your life, whether you’re looking for a birthday gift or a small reward for good behavior. The following suggestions are easy to assemble and appropriate for both boys and girls.

Joy in a Jar

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Fill a mason jar, empty spaghetti sauce jar, or large thrift store glass cookie jar with an assortment of silly party favors and candy treats to make a “Joy In a Jar” gift that kids are sure to love.  Mother’s Niche has the details, as well as a free download for a printable gift tag.

Homemade Play Dough in Dinosaur Topped Jars

VIEW IN GALLERYDinosaur Jar Lids

Use dollar store plastic dinosaurs and acrylic craft paint to make fun glass jars that can be used to create a custom play dough kit.  Lolly Jane has the details. (If your gift recipient isn’t into dinosaurs, simply substitute a more appropriate plastic animal for the project.)

Glow in the Dark Slime

VIEW IN GALLERYglow in the dark slime in a jar

This DIY concoction provides hours of slippery, gooey fun for kids. Visit A Pumpkin and A Princess for the recipe. If you are having trouble finding Borax locally, look for it near the laundry detergent in your favorite store.

DIY Monster Kit

VIEW IN GALLERYmonster kit

A child who loves monsters will flip for this cute monster making gift in a jar. Pom poms, pipe cleaners, wiggle eyes, and Popsicle sticks encourage endless creativity as kids enjoy making their own monster toys.  I Heart Naptime has the instructions for this project, as well as a free printable you can use to decorate your jar.

Loves to Draw Gift in a Jar

VIEW IN GALLERYloves to draw jar gift

A set of fancy markers or colored pencils presented in a jar makes a special treat for the young artist in your life. Head over to The Gunny Sack for the details and a link to a free printable gift tag.

I Spy Jar


A homemade “I Spy” jar filled with items that match a child’s special interests makes an excellent DIY gift for a toddler or preschooler.  Apartment Therapy has the instructions for this project. (For safety’s sake, use a plastic jar and super glue the lid shut after you’ve added all the items.)

Would You Rather Game

VIEW IN GALLERYWould you Rather Game Jar

This popular party game for tweens is fun for the whole family and can be a great way to spark an interesting dinner table conversation . This printable version has age appropriate questions that you can simply cut apart and put in the decorated jar of your choice. Visit Mom of 6 for the details.

Mason Jar Banks

VIEW IN GALLERYsuperhero mason jar banks

A bank decorated with a favorite superhero’s logo is a fun way to encourage a child to start saving his or her money. Make this gift extra special by adding some spare change to the jar to jump start the child’s savings.  Fireflies and Mudpies has the instructions for this clever project.

Candy Jar Surprise

VIEW IN GALLERYcandy and money jar

There are two things children of all ages are sure to love: candy and cash. Combine these two by adding a rolled sheet of card stock or an empty toilet paper roll filled with money to the jar of your choice, then filling the rest of the jar with the child’s favorite candy. Learn more at One Hundred Dollars a Month.

“I’m Bored” Jar

VIEW IN GALLERYboredom busting jar

Banish boredom for good with a jar that gives kids suggestions for lots of different activities they can do. Head over to Hip Homeschooling for the details, as well as printable with boredom-busting ideas. (Alternatively, you could write your own activity suggestions on Popsicle sticks for a more durable jar that is customized to suit your child’s specific preferences.)