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DIY Board Games for a Fun Game Night

Board games are a marvelous invention that always saves us from boredom on rainy days and evenings full of friends and family. They are a fantastic way to connect with our closest people or get to know new friends while having a laugh over a fun little competition! There are countless board games for sale and most of them are pretty pricey. If your goal is to have a fun game night and keep things budget-friendly, don’t miss these DIY board games!

Christmas Board Game


When the most wonderful time of the year comes ‘round, make this classic European board game that will assure a lot of healthy competitive spirit and some mild arguments. Nothing we’re not used to when it comes to family, right? Find the tutorial at Motte and make this fun game a new addition to your Christmas tradition!

Jeopardy Board Game 


If your family enjoys watching Jeopardy and is always screaming the (somewhat) correct answers at the TV, challenge them to a family round of Jeopardy right in your living room! You can find the instructions for this game board at My Joy Filled Life. What is the best quiz ever?

Settlers of Catan


Without a doubt, Settlers of Catan is one of those board games that can keep you entertained for hours. It’s the perfect choice for rainy days when all you want to do is stay inside and spend some quality time with your family while exercising only your brain! Ready to populate Catan? Life of Gregory D has the how-to!

DIY Monopoly 


Monopoly is an all-time favorite, classic board game. It has a way of making us feel like we’re super adults, dealing with money, the bank and real estate. As we make serious business, selling hotels to our friends and jailing our family, we bond with them in real life over laughter and well-thought moves! Personalize your game of Monopoly by following the instructions at The Craftables.

Inside Out Board Game 


This is a fantastic game to play with your children, inspired by the animated film Inside Out. When your little ones get to have fun and learn about emotions at the same time, you win the Parent of the Year award! Printable Crush will show you how to make this genius game!

Matching Pairs


Check out this classic memory game that is suitable even for the smallest children and is often one of the first board games we ever play! It’s great for your kids to help them with memorizing and won’t disappoint you either, when nostalgia for childhood hits you! Mollymoo has the tutorial!

Number Learning Board Game 


Here’s another educational game for children that combines fun and learning. It is no secret that it is the easiest to learn new things when we are having fun doing so! Visit B-InspiredMama to find out how you can make this innovative number learning board game your kids will both enjoy and benefit from!

Cookie Othello 


If you like the game of Othello, Kids Activities Blog offers a sweet spin on it. Switch the board pieces with cookies and you can have a tasty yet entertaining board game that will keep your kids busy and maybe give them a bit of a sugar high. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to play this one every single day?!

Despicable Me Tic-Tac-Toe 


The whole point of making things yourself is to give them a personal twist, something that is one-of-a-kind and solely yours! Forget the normal game of tic-tac-toe, you can make one with Minions now! This adorable and unique idea is brought to you by Sweet Pennies from Heaven!

DIY Checkers 


The game of Checkers is always a fun experience and it can be quite additive! How many times have you found yourself saying “Just one more round and then we finish!” The only thing that could improve Checkers is if you had a board and pieces that you made yourself! How to do that? I Heart Naptime has the answer!

Guess Who 


Guess who can make a Guess Who board game all by themselves? You! All for the Boys will help you out and in no time you will be all set to guess away! What’s great about making this board game is that you can completely customize it for your group of friends, making the characters famous, known only to you or really silly! The more creative you get the better!