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Jotting Down your Musings in DIY Style: 15 Homemade Notebooks

When it comes to keeping notes, we’re almost as known for it around our house and friend circles as we are for being crafty! There’s just something about writing things down and making lists that makes us feel organized and prepared. We’re sure it’ll come as no surprise to you at all, then, when we tell you that recently we’ve found a away to combine out two greatest loves in the form of making (or at least customizing) notebooks of our very own. There are just so many fantastic ways to do it!

Just in case you love the idea of making a DIY notebook or two just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the very best designs we’ve come across so far in our search for information and inspiration.

1. Gold foil quote notebooks


Perhaps you have a plain old notebook that you like the layout of and can’t wait to use but that you feel could use a little more personality? Well, if you’re a big fan of the way gold shines when it catches the light, then we’re pretty sure we’ve already found the perfect tutorial for you. Check out how Lovely Indeed added quotes to the front of their notebook using gold foiling and simple lettering techniques!

2. Mini notebooks


Are you actually just looking for a tiny version of the rest of your notebooks that you can easily keep in your already crowded purse of even your pocket, just to make notes of phone numbers to remember or the few things you need at the grocery store on the way home? Then maybe you’d prefer to make yourself an adorable miniature notebook, just like Design Love Fest did here!

3. Button fasten pocket sized notebook


Did we really grab your attention when we started talking about smaller notebooks but you’re convinced that the design we showed you above is actually just a little bit too small? Then we think perhaps you’ll get along a little better with something like this small but reasonable stitching and tape bound notebook that’s sized to slide comfortably into your back pocket. Get the full details for making your own on Creme de la Craft!

4. Decorative paper notebooks


Are you actually still trying to think of different ways to spiffy up the notebooks you already have by transforming at least the front cover to be a little more decorative? In that case, we think you might get a real kick out of the way Blog of The Things replaced theirs using pretty crafting paper! Their tutorial shows you how to do it for stapled or spiral spine notebooks.

5. Sewn spine DIY notebooks


Would you actually like to make the entire notebook yourself from scratch and you’ve even got a cover, the kind of paper, and the number of pages picked out, but you’re torn over how to bind it all together? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Crafting Fingers made this version that features a neatly hand stitched spine using thread in a complementing colour to their cover!

6. Customized composition books


Composition notebooks are a very handy thing indeed to have around, bu they’re not always the most exciting kind of notebook to look at. That’s why Smiling Colors outlined the process for how they jazzed theirs up a little bit! We love the way they used simple decoupage, tape, cut and paste, and paper tab techniques to add some more personality than the books had originally

7. Homemade folded journals


Perhaps you’re intent on making your very own notebook but you’d like to keep it quite simple indeed because you’re rather new to crafting and you’re still trying to gain confidence in your skills? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how A Beautiful Mess made this super easy folded paper notebook that only involves basic threading for the spine.

8. Embroidered cardboard cover notebooks


Perhaps the DIY skills that you actually feel the most confident about are usually your stitching and embroidery skills so you’re always on the lookout for ways to incorporate those into other types of crafting as well? Then you just might be the perfect person to try out this lovely notebook customization from Make & Fable! Their tutorial shows you how to embroider the cardboard from cover of your book (and even how to create an ombre effect in your thread once your pattern is complete).

9. Midori-style traveler’s notebook


Just in case you’re actually looking for something a little more challenging and different from the cardboard notebooks you’re used to, here’s a fantastic idea from Stamped in His Image that’s a little more durable and vintage looking! We’re completely obsessed with the way they used tool leather to create their front and back cover, complete with a cute beaded detail for personality.

10. Washi tape embellished notebook


Are you actually a little bit pressed for time, money, and resources but you’re intent on customizing your newest notebook so that it feels a little more “you” while you’re studying or making notes at work? Then keep it simple! We’d suggest checking out how Burkatron fancied up the cover of theirs using simple washi tape in different colours and patterns to create fun stripes.

11. Hand illustrated and sewn notebook


Just in case you’re still looking for a fun way to customize a composition book but your primary DIY skills have always lied mostly in your ability to draw, here’s a simple guide from Barnyard Hillbilly’s to show you how they created a cute, personalized notebook cover featuring an original drawing. We love this idea because it’s easy to keep things simple with a sketch or pattern even if you’re not actually a professional artist.

12. DIY travel notebook


Are you actually interested in having a custom notebook with a few neat extra features because you’d like to use it as a journal rather than just a place to scratch lists or reminders down? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Paper Nerd added all kinds of pockets, pages, folders, stickers, and so on in order to make the ultimate travel journal! It’s like a blend between a notebook, a scrapbook, and a fun activity book, but you get total creative control by making it yourself.

13. Repurposed matchbook notebook


Are you actually still thinking about how much you loved the idea of making a miniature notebook that’s a lot smaller than most of what you’ve seen on this list, but you always prefer when your DIY projects have some kind of upcycling element to them? In that case, we think you’ll get a real kick out of the way Miss Vicky Viola got a little crafty in order to turn an empty matchbook into a tiny notebook that will fit right into any pocket or purse!

14. Stitching and fabric notebook


Perhaps you’re still thinking about how much you liked the idea of making your very own notebook from scratch and stitching the spine to bind it, but you can’t help wonder whether you might use your sewing skills and supplies to add even more personality and detail? Then we think you’ll be pleased to learn that Flax and Twine are on the exact same page as you. Check out how they did some cut and paste with scrap fabric to add lovely shapes to their cover!

15. Mini fabric covered notebook


If you’re going to start working with fabric in unconventional ways and involve it in your notebook making process, would you rather take that idea a lot further because you have some really good scraps waiting to be used? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how The Creative Place covered their entire homemade notebook in fabric all across the front and back and even stitched on a button to complete the look!