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Cute and Magical: DIY Fairy Crafts for Little Girls

When we were kids, we started our love for crafting and DIY very early. We’d spend long afternoons making whatever we felt like that day, drawing pictures of things we liked and recreating them out of string, yarn, paper, glue, glitter, and whatever else we could get our hands on. One of our very favourite things to craft as kids and, if we’re being honest, to this day as adults, was lovely little fairies! We seem to have passed that love down to our kids, because recently the only thing we can get them to make or draw when we get the art supplies out are fairies that are just as sparkly, if not more, than the ones we made back in the day.

Check out these 15 absolutely adorable, fun fairy themed crafts that will keep your kids busy on rainy afternoons or lazy Saturday nights, giving them something magical to do on any normal day and letting their imaginations run wild! If you’re secretly a big kid like us, we have no doubt you’ll be right there alongside them adding a little bit of extra glitter to everything.

1. Petal skirt fairy dolls


Crafting with silk flowers, or flowers made from other fabric materials, is always fun. In fact, we love it so much that we’ve actually written long lists like this that outline solely DIY things you can make using fabric flowers in all different colours and styles! One of our very favourite things to make with them, however, is this adorable flower petal fairy craft. Tuffet shows you how to build a cute fairy doll from pipe cleaners and a wooden bead with some yarn for hair and, once you’ve got your doll, they also show you how to flip a fake flower upside down so the petals turn into an adorable skirt!

2. Clothespin fairy ornaments


We’ve always loved making crafts from wooden clothespins. Probably the first craft we ever saw made out of these surprisingly versatile little DIY tools were Christmas Rudolph ornaments, and we loved those so much that we’ve always just kind of stayed on the prowl for other clothespin crafts to make as well! The moment we came across these adorable little fairies wrapped in sparkly tulle, we knew we were going to make them with our kids over and over and over again. We were right! See how they’re made on Bowdabra.

3. Sparkly pine cone fairies


Do you love the idea of adding sparkles and glitter to your little fairies but you’re not sure tulle is the way to go? Maybe you’re low on crafts supplies that would work for fun body bases but you have a nice, big back yard. In that case, you don’t need much else! Darice suggests combing the lawn under your trees for a few nice, big pine cones and making them shine with layers of glitter until they’re fit for embellishment until they look like little fairy creatures.

4. Beautiful fairy house


Not every fairy craft you make has to be of a fairy itself! After all, once you’ve made all kinds of different little fairy dolls for your kids, won’t their fairies need somewhere to live? That’s what Liva’s Crafts thought too, so they created this absolutely stunning little fairy house out of a simple gelato tub emptied and flipped upside down. This one’s so pretty we’d almost be tempted to keep ours as decoration if our kids didn’t love it so much!

5. DIY mason jar fairy candles


DIY frosting effects are one of the coolest crafting techniques out there, but not many people tend to use them all year round. Most of the crafting enthusiasts we know tend to save their faux snow texture and glass frosting supplies for the winter so they can make winter and Christmas themed crafts. If you ask us, however, that effect is one that can actually be used all year round… if you do it right. These absolutely wonderful little fairy silhouette candle jars from DIY Cozy Home are a great example of how to do it right!

6. Twig and bead fairy chair


Perhaps you’ve helped your kids make a gorgeous fairy house and now, as a housewarming present, you’d like to make them some furniture so their fairies can sit out on the patio and enjoy some sunshine? In that case, Teapapers has the perfect idea for you! They’ve made this adorable little chair and side table using twigs, feathers, and beads, and it’s the perfect size or a little garden sprite.

7. Wooden peg flower fairies


Perhaps your idea of a fairy is a little less sparkly and whimsical and a little more traditional and nature based, like European stories of garden fairies who live among the flowers and keep the plants growing and healthy? In that case, you might be more interested in making these simple little flower fairies in all different colours from wooden pegs and felt, just like The Imagination Tree did here.

8. Hollow clay fairy houses


Did you make one simple clay craft with your kids and now they’re completely obsessed with the idea of moulding things out of clay from scratch? Then it sounds like it’s time to start collecting clay modelling ideas so that they have plenty of different ideas to try out! Our personal favourite clay project is this cute little fairy house idea from imaCraftyCreature. They show you how to make a spritely, miniature little house that’s full of whimsical, gardenlike detail but has a hollow interior and a lifting roof so you can keep jewelry or little trinkets inside!

9. Fairies from scrap fabric, pipe cleaners, and wooden beads


Are you a sewing enthusiast who loves letting your kids play with your scrap fabric pieces and seeing what kinds of things they can come up with to make? Well, we’re sure they probably have lots of different awesome ideas of their own, but just in case they need an extra fun suggestion, here’s a tutorial for making little pipe cleaner and wooden bead fairies wearing scrap fabric dresses! See them in more detail on Meggipeg.

10. Felt flower fairies


Did you fall in love with the felt flower and wooden peg fairies we showed you just above this, but you almost wish their little outfits were even more floral and fancy than what you saw there? Then perhaps you’ll enjoy this style of fairy made with similar techniques but a little more flair! Wee Folk Art shows you how to make your fairies layered petal collars that make them look like blooming little flowers themselves.

11. Linked fairy garland


Making garland with your kids is always fun, but we love making linked garland with them even more. linking the pieces together afterwards makes it easy for everyone around to create a little part of the garland themselves so it’s more diverse and fun when you hang the finished string up. We’re completely in love with these little linked fairies by The Littlest M because they look like they’re holding hands! We also enjoy the fact that each kid at the birthday party or play date can make their fairy look a little bit different.

12. Paper roll and felt fairy houses


Perhaps you’re actually the one who is still completely enamoured with fairies after all your childhood years of searching for them in your garden, and now you just like to create them yourself instead? Well, if you’re a needle felting enthusiast on top of being an appreciator of fairies, then we’ve definitely found the perfect project for you! How To Instructions shows you how they used felt and a great deal of detailed concentration to build a stunning toadstool cottage scene right on the surface of an emptied cardboard toilet paper roll.

13. DIY fairy slippers


Are your kids so in love with fairies and the whole whimsical idea of magical garden folk that they really want to turn into fairies themselves? Well, you might not be able to give them wings or shrink them to the size of flowers, but you can certainly help them make some slippers that will have them feeling like they’re gallivanting through the petals along with their tiny imaginary friends! The Nature of Grace guides you through the process of making beautiful little floral “fairy shoes” from an actual old pair of shoes.

14. Pom pom fairy garland


Are you a yarn crafting enthusiast with a whole stash of scrap yarn ends left over from knitting and crochet projects past, so you’re always on the lookout for ways to let your kids use them in fun DIY ways? In that case, these adorable little rainbow pom pom fairies are the craft for you! They’re also a great way to teach your kids how to make yarn pom poms, which are versatile in all kinds of crafting ideas. Check the fairies out in more detail on Matome!

15. Popsicle stick fairies


Like pom pom crafts and wooden clothespin crafts, popsicle stick crafts are a classic staple in the world of kids’ DIY. That means they’re another things we’re always keeping an eye out for when it comes to finding cute new ideas for keeping our kids busy with the popsicle sticks during craft time. Well, even though we’re the ones who tracked down this adorable tutorial for popsicle fairies by Paintings That Fly, it was actually our kids who gave us the idea to include this option when they started making theirs of their own volition!