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Colorfully Charming: Lovely DIY Butterfly Decor Projects

Every once in a while, however, our kids will fixate particularly on a specific creature as their favourite, so we find ourselves doing a lot of crafts featuring that one critter for weeks at a time before they read a story or encounter a different thing that steals their hearts. That’s how we found ourselves looking for as many butterfly themed decor projects as we could possibly find this summer! We’ve been looking for fun ways to add personality and colour to certain spaces in our home while they’ve been chasing butterflies in the yard, marvelling at the colours in their wings and begging us to make every craft we sit down to do have something to do with the flying friends they met outside.

Just in case you’re as interested in making some butterfly themed projects with your kids as we were, if not more, here are 15 of the best ideas we’ve come across so far!

1. DIY dual layer paper butterflies


The idea of making paper butterflies might sound incredibly easy and not all that exciting, but we think you’d actually be surprised by just how many things you can make out of them! Leanne DG shows you how to make pretty double layered butterflies step by step, putting one colour, pattern, or texture on the top layer and another on the bottom, then bending the layers so that the butterflies look like they’re actually flying away. We love the way they scattered them simply across their wall like a beautiful cluster of butterflies flying into the wind!

2. Vertical butterfly garlands


Are you actually a huge fan of the idea of making cute, double layered paper butterflies but you think you’d rather turn them into something a little different than the simple wall stickies we showed you above? Then we’d urge you to check out how Trahu DIY made their butterflies (which they made in a similar way to those you saw above) into a series of adorable vertical garlands that will hang down your wall or from a window or doorway just like a set of beaded curtains might.

3. Butterfly silhouette candle


If you’re going to make something that’s butterfly themed, would you rather have it be a little more subtle within your decor scheme, rather than being full of bright colours and loud patterns? Then we think perhaps this whimsical looking candle silhouette design from Architecture n’ Design might be a little more up your alley! They show you how to make it happen using a mason jar, some malleable crafting wire, some crafting card, and some string. If you don’t like the idea of having actual lit flames around paper in your home, try putting one of those faux battery powered tea lights inside instead!

4. Gossip Girl inspired DIY butterfly clock


If you were an avid fan of the TV show Gossip Girls in its prime then you’ll know exactly what this tutorial is themed after but even if you weren’t, we have a feeling you’ll appreciate just how lovely this abstract butterfly clock idea featured on By Alenka is! They show you how to affix the clock hands to the wall and create a negative space clock “face” framed by scattered crafting butterflies all around the outside edge.

5. Butterflies made from folded ribbons


Are you absolutely interested in making hand crafted butterflies that you can use for all kinds of projects from scratch but you’re already tried the layered paper technique several times before and now you’re interested in trying something a little different? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Art Daniela created these adorable, colourful little butterflies out of twisted ribbons! We can think of almost unlimited lovely projects to transform these into.

6. Butterfly and tree branch 3D art


Have you actually been scrolling through our list so far and wondering how you might use those paper butterflies you love making so much to create a piece that’s a little bigger, or that will looking like more of an impressive statement wherever you put it? Then we think you might get along rather well with this idea and tutorial outlined by Tenshi! They guide you through the process of hand crafting an impressively realistic looking branch and scattering your brightly coloured butterflies across it like leaves.

7. Ombre dispersing butterfly canvas


Are you actually still thinking about how much you adore the whole “scattered butterfly” concept in general because you love how it looks like they’re flying across the surfaces in your home, but you just haven’t quite settled on a particular project that holds your complete attention yet? In that case, here’s another idea for your consideration! Baci di Sapori walks you through the process of making paper butterflies in a colour gradient and arranging them in a heart shape across your canvas, scattering one corner so they look like they’re either flying away from or joining the group.

8. Folded paper butterfly wall fans


Have we perhaps got you feeling very intrigued indeed by the idea of folding paper butterflies in different ways, but you’ve already made the other folding kind we’ve shown you before a number of times before so you’re looking for something a little bit different? Then we think you might feel interested in this paper fan butterflies idea outlined step by step on Meaningful Mama! They show you how to make a traditionally folded circular fan, which you might not need much guidance on, but they also show you how to create a contrasting little butterfly in the middle.

9. Patterned butterfly shadow box


Have you actually already made yourself a beautiful paper butterfly project but you got a little bit carried away when it came to actually creating the butterflies themselves, and now you have a whole bunch left over even though you’re already finished your project? Don’t throw them away just yet! Petit Republic suggests using those butterflies to fill a framed shadow box, scattering cut outs in different colours and patterns all together to create a very visually interesting piece.

10. DIY butterfly corner


If you’re going to create a butterfly themed decor piece that looks as thought they’re scattering and flying all over the place, would you rather do so in a way that’s a little more of an illusion, rather than just sticking paper butterflies to your wall or a canvas? In that case, we have a feeling this fantastic fishing line and faux butterfly mobile featured on Instructables might be just what you’re looking for! We can’t get over how stunning the “floating” butterflies look, as though they might land lightly on our shoulder any second.

11. Printable butterfly push pin boards


Are you the kind of person who is very organized in your daily life, but your favourite thing is actually to combine that organization with your creative skills, so that at least your neat, tidy work space has some colour and personality to it? Then you sound like the perfect person to give these awesomely delicate looking butterfly push pins featured on We Are Scout a try! Each time you pin a photo or a reminder to your cork board, it’ll look like a pretty little butterfly landed there to hold it in place for you.

12. Shrink plastic and embroidery hoop butterfly mobile


Do you love the idea of the fishing line butterflies we showed you earlier on our list that look as thought they might actually be floating through the air, but you’re just not sure you’re ready to take on a project quite as large as that idea? Then maybe you’d prefer to make this more simplified mobile featured on My Printly instead! They show you how to custom design cute butterflies on craft store shrink plastic and then attach them to am embroidery hoop base using the same deceivingly clear line.

13. Fabric origami butterfly


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about different origami based ways to fold little butterflies but you’ve been working with paper a lot lately and you’re just not sure that’s the kind of craft you feel like guiding your kids through right now? Then maybe it’s time to try your hand at some fabric based projects instead! Check out how Mollie Makes folded a double layer of fabric over to look like a butterfly, with one colour or print showing on the inside of the wings and another showing on the outside.