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Wonderful DIY Hanging Herb Garden for Kitchen

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How gorgeous is this herb garden in the kitchen ! It’s beautiful, simple, inexpensive, and yields fresh herbs right in your kitchen. Herb Gardens are definitely Fabulous !

If you don’t want to give up counter space, please try this ! For my kitchen, I usually put some flowers on the window, that flowers make me not bored for my cooking work every day. I think it’s better if we add more planter in the kitchen .Please check the tutorial by 3peppers-recipes , learn how to make this hanging kitchen herb garden, it’s easy, why not to try ?

To make the hanging garden, you will need:

9 aluminum painters buckets (water proof / no leaks)
3 curtain rods
vinyl / silhouette
rocks, soil and plants
18 S hooksVIEW IN GALLERYhanging-window-garden-2-logo

Click here for the tutorial

Do you like this hanging succulent ball ? Why not to make your own for your garden ?

VIEW IN GALLERYSucculent  Ball F

DIY garden-succulent-ball — Check here