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15 DIY Winter Pram and Stroller Blankets

Where we live, this is the coldest time of year. When our kids were little, we would bundle them up just about up to their eyeballs every time we took them outside, whether we were going for a walk or getting in the car. At that time, our babies’ stroller blankets were an absolute staple in our lives. Now that our kids are older, we like to use our DIY skills to help the younger parents we know out a little bit by making them their own stroller and pram blankets! Sure, we could simply buy them a blanket from the store as a shower gift, but we always feel a better sense of satisfaction when we’ve made something ourselves. We also like to think that it conveys our love for our friends a little more clearly.

Are you feeling just as interested as we were, if not more, in the idea of making your very own DIY pram or stroller blanket this winter? Check out these 15 fantastic ideas, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search!

1. Water proof car seat and stroller blanket


Is the weather where you live very damp in the winter? Perhaps you find that your little one just lies to grab their bottle and make a mess at every opportunity. Either way, we think you might have some luck with something like this fantastic outer lined stroller and car seat blanket from D & G Stories that’s designed to be soft on the underside and water proof on the outside!

2. The ultimate stroller cover (with a window)


Perhaps the winter season where you live is a little less cold and a little more wet, but the blustery nature of the wind on your walks might be a little too much than the previous water proof design will stand up to? In that case, we’ve got a sneaking suspicion that you might get along a little better with something like this handmade stroller cover with a little window so Baby can still enjoy the view on your walk. Get the full details for making your own at Peek-A-Boo Pages.

3. Free, pretty crocheted pram blanket with woven ribbon trim


Rather than creating something that will stand up to the weather, would you actually prefer to make your loved one a stroller blanket that’s a little more vintage or traditional looking in its style? Well, if you’re even half the knitting enthusiast we are, then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at this beautiful pattern outlined step by step on Crochet n’ Create! They even show you how to put in the ribbon around the border.

4. Retro crocheted baby buggy blanket


Have we really caught your attention with this whole concept of making something slightly older fashioned, but you’d rather aim for retro rather than vintage in your aesthetic? Then, especially if you prefer crochet to knitting, we have a feeling you’ll have a little more success with this awesome retro styled crocheted baby buggy blanket pattern outlined in detail on ThredHED.

5. Crocheted elephant car set and pram blanket


Perhaps you live in a very cold place indeed and you’ve been thinking a lot about making your baby one of those cozy style travel sacs, but you’re also just as enthusiastic as characters and themes as we are? Well, if you’ve ever found elephants we could (and we don’t know anyone who doesn’t), then we’d suggest reaching for your crochet hook and this car seat and pram blanket from Dana Draves!

6. Fabric mermaid tail stroller blanket


Perhaps you do love this whole idea of pod style pram blankets and cute themes or characters but you’ve always been more of a fabric worker than a yarn enthusiast? Then we have a feeling this adorable tutorial outlined in detail on Little Red Window might be a little more up your alley! Check out their step by step guide to learn how simply this mermaid tail was sewn.

7. Warm stroller blanket from upcycled wool scarves


Are you the kind of DIY enthusiast who loves nothing more than using your crafts as an opportunity for upcycling whenever you can? Well, making a stroller or pram blanket doesn’t have to be any exception to that! We’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Sadie Seasongoods turned a series of warm wool scarves into a toasty little blanket in just a few simple steps.

8. Pretty knitted honeycomb stroller blanket


Just in case you’re still feeling totally enamoured with the idea of knitting a pram or stroller blanket for someone you love but you’d rather make something that’s a little more colourful and contemporary looking than the patterns we’ve show you so far, here’s a fantastic gradient design from How Stuff Works! Get all the details for making it in their Honeycomb pattern.

9. Chunky blanket stroller cozy kit


Perhaps you’re still feeling more than a little bit interested in the idea of making a pod style stroller cozy but you’re more of a knitter than a crochet enthusiast and you’re also a bit of a beginner! Then you’d definitely have better luck knitting a pattern from chunky yarn! Soft, thick yarn is also usually very soft and warm. See what we mean in more detail on Yarnspirations.

10. Crochet chevron stroller blanket


Are you totally intrigued by the idea of crocheting a lovely handmade stroller blanket for someone you love but you’d rather do something with patterning and colour changes for a little more of a challenge, since you’re not a beginner? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Crochet Pretty made this stunning chevron striped blanket with a fun fringe trim!

11. Easy flannel stroller blanket with cute trim


Were you a pretty big fan of the idea of making a lovely plaid and flannel or wool blanket but you don’t have any scarves to upcycle like you saw in our previous tutorial? Then we’d suggest taking a look at this awesome tutorial featured step by step on Girl Inspired instead! They show you how to make a simple flannel stroller blanket fro, fabric and cute trim.

12. Patchwork and minky stroller blanket


If you’re the kind of parent who also keeps up with different styles and trends in baby care like we do then we’d be willing to bet that you already know all about minky fabric and how wonderfully soft it is! If not, you’re in for a treat. Either way, putting your sewing skills to the test by making this lovely stroller blanket that has minky fabric on one side and a patchwork pattern on the other might be right up your alley! Get the full details for making one of your own on Stitched By Crystal!

13. Chenille baby stroller blanket


If you’re looking for a design that will let you put your sewing skills to good use but still create something a little more durable that can be washed nice and easily, we have a feeling this next tutorial might have everything you’re looking for! Hellobee‘s instructions show you how to make a double sided, washable chenille blanket with a nice bright trim.

14. DIY flannel rag carseat quilt


Are you the kind of sewing enthusiast who has a huge stash of fabric scraps that you’re always trying to find ideas for so they can be reused? Well, look no further than this next tutorial from Elizabeth & Co.! They show you how to make an adorably eclectic looking car seat quilt sewn from strips of material left from previous projects, like classic rag work.

15. Simple double sided DIY baby blanket


Did you really like the idea of making a double sided blanket but you’re not quite ready enough to start working on slightly finicky details like trim? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Rosyscription made this simple and very soft blanket that lets you choose two different complementary and contrasting sides!

Have you made another beautiful DIY baby, stroller, or pram blanket before that you were very happy with indeed but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about what you created and how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!