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Unique Salvaged Wood Crafts Add Textural Charm To Your Home

Nowadays, going green is not simply a trend, but is an incredibly important aspect of design for consumers. This obviously goes beyond just eco-conscious purchases as you can also dip into your DIY skills and turn those unused, discarded items into something useful. This is a venture that reduces waste and also saves a quick buck! Salvaged wood crafts fit this billing perfectly as you often can create something sensational with raw materials that can be found all around. Check out our roundup of delightful projects to see what you can make from recycled wood this weekend.

1. Coat Hook


If you want to create a unique looking coat hook in your home, then check out this lovely design from A Piece of Rainbow. This idea utilises salvaged wood along with old taps that act as colorful hooks. This will definitely make a smart statement piece in your mudroom or entry.

2. Salvaged Patio Table

VIEW IN GALLERYSalvaged Patio Table

If you want to enjoy the warm weather out in your garden, but don’t have a table to serve up a quick bite, why not make your own with reclaimed wood? This is by far the cheapest way to make a table and it definitely brings a different textural beauty when compared to new, factory-made acquisitions. To make your own, head over to Sauvages for a detailed guide.

3. Rustic Wood Letters

VIEW IN GALLERYRustic Wood Letters

These rustic wood letters from Finding Home Farms are easy to make and will add plenty of fun to your fireplace mantle or even bedside table. Time to craft a message in salvaged wood!

4. Funny Wood Image


This lovely design from Domesticated Engineer is sure to bring a smile to your face and those that see your creation as well. Whimsical and delightful, this looks great in the kids’ room too.

5. Moustache Candle Holder

VIEW IN GALLERYMoustache Candle Holder

Who says you can’t have fun with making crafts out of salvaged bits of wood? This moustache creation from Hi Consumption demonstrates how you can craft a unique candle holder for your home that moves away from the mundane.

6. Reclaimed Wood Lamp

VIEW IN GALLERYReclaimed Wood Lamp

This fantastic looking lamp has been made from reclaimed wood, giving you a lovely chic lighting fixture that also offers glittering geo style. With both metallic accents and geo style currently on top of design trends chart, this definitely makes a grand style statement. Check out Doddle Craft to make your own version of this inexpensive lamp.

7. Salvaged Wood Dresser


For something a bit bigger, why not make your own salvaged wood dresser that you can take pride in when it’s all done. This fantastic wood dresser from Black Oak Vintage is great fit for the shabby chic bedroom once you give it a distressed, painted finish.

8. Reclaimed Wood Headboard


Rice Designs take you into the incredibly popular world of pallet headboards. Inexpensive, fun and exclusive each pallet headboard has an aura of its own, with those crafted from salvaged wood seeming even more special.