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Vivid and Powerful: 12 DIY Ideas for Neon Nails

A manicure is such an important part of one’s style and when it is made with bold and bright colors it has the power to define your whole look, representing your shining personality and courageous fashion choices. Neon nails are the perfect fit when you’re  really going for the most noticeable and outstanding manicure! Check out our selection of vivid and powerful DIY neon nails ideas! 

1. Neon Gradient Nails 


The gradient coloring is one that is always in style, thanks to its dynamic look that mixes together different color hues. Combining neon shades results in getting a bright manicure that instantly catches the eye and acts as an important part of your whole style. Check out the tutorial at My Simple Little Pleasures!

2. Tropical Neon Nails 


If you love the tropical climate for its warmth and humidity, channel that vibe with your manicure that is proudly showing off green and pink neon shades decorated with tropical motives. For an added wow-effect give the nails the famous almond shape! You’ll learn how to do it all at Dazzle Glam Nails!

3. Neon Rainbow Nails 


Challenge yourself to fit as many neon colors within a manicure as you possibly can, to create a mesmerizing explosion of colors. The neon rainbow nails by Sarah R have such a captivating look that you’ll often think of them as your most special artistic piece!

4. Yellow and Black Neon Nails 


The combination of neon yellow and black never disappoints! It carries a strong contrast, the black shades putting the neon ones even more to the front in a manner that almost overwhelms us with how bright the yellow is! Find out how you can rock this epic yellow and black neon manicure at Tracy Nailz!

5. Turquoise Ombre Neon Nails 


Creating the ombre coloring with neon shades is a wonderful way of emphasizing color but giving it a little softness as well. Kelli Marissa has a great tutorial for turquoise ombre neon nails that have a classic neon brightness but feel much subtler given thanks to the ombre coloring.

6. Halloween Neon Nails 


Have you picked out your Halloween manicure yet? Robin Moses Nail Art has a fantastic idea for paint dripping nails with a bold green neon color and a shiny glistening purple! The manicure has a creepy look that will go perfectly with the costume of a proper witch!

7. Floral Neon Nails 


Robin Moses Nail Art has another neon nails idea that we’re totally in love with! If you love floral motives and want them to be the center of your style, these floral neon nails are the perfect fit for you. The flowers painted in the brightest colors seem to have a hypnotizing effect!

8. Smoke Neon Nails 


Sloppy Swatches shares the tutorial for a really unique manicure, not just because of the coloring, but also because of the design itself. The neon colors give your nails the visibility they deserve and if you want to bring in extra versatility, pick a different color combination for each of your nails. The whole look is completed by the smokey decor!

9. Chevron Neon Nails


Do you love the dynamic and modern chevron pattern? Now you can display it on your nails! The pattern itself is modern enough, but if you give it a neon coloring you’ll create a youthful manicure perfect for matching your boldest outfits! Get the details at Twi_Star.

10. Tribal Neon Nails 


The tribal pattern is very popular at the moment and if you’re always the first one to chase new trends, capture the wonderful patterns within your manicure! Ane Li opted for pink and yellow neon color shades under the black tribal patterns and the combination works marvelously!

11. Puzzle Neon Nails 


The motive of puzzle pieces is absolutely adorable but if you’re eager to make it stand out and give it a vivid look, neon colors are the obvious choice! Nail Easy Dream Art will teach you how to make these stunning puzzle neon nails that will give your style a playful and powerful undertone!

12. Paint Dripping Neon Nails 


If you want to decorate your nails in a creative and dynamic fashion, consider the motive of a dripping paint! You can see how it works together with neon colors in the tutorial video by Peachy Charms. We love that every nail has a different neon color, bringing much diversity to the manicure.