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Relive The ‘90s With These DIY Chokers

Fashion trends are fluid, not carved in stone. They come, they go and then they come back around. If you haven’t noticed the epidemic of the ‘90s trends coming back lately, let us be the first ones to shed a light on it! Among other things, the chokers are back and they’re even cooler than they used to be! Find your inspiration in this roundup of DIY chokers that will satisfy your hunger for epic jewelry!

Ribbon Chokers


Wildfire Charm tells you how to make a few different chokers out of a ribbon. You’re totally open to experiment with your own creativity– the more of them you make, the bigger selection to choose from! Make one for every occasion and prove you’re as versatile as the fashion trends themselves!

Ring Choker


If you want something that embodies simplicity and elegance, go with this choker. We love it because it’s noticeable, but still remains subtle. Plus, black and gold are always chic! Convincing enough? Find the simple instructions at A Pair & A Spare!

Leather & Chain Choker


Dare to be different! Adding a little edge to your choker never hurt anyone! In a way, our jewelry reflects our personality, so let’s show everyone know that you mean business! High On DIY will tell you how to make this perfection of a choker in just a few steps!

Velvet Wrap Choker

VIEW IN GALLERYvelvet wrap

Alright fashionistas, this one is for you. If you gush over runway fashion, and we know that you do, you absolutely must try this choker! It’s extraordinary and no one will be able to tell it’s not from a high-fashion accessory boutique. Bisous Natasha has the tutorial!

Braided Chokers


These colorful, tiny chokers are the perfect project to take on when you have an hour to kill. Yep, that’s exactly how long it takes to make all of them! Don’t believe us? Ask the Quiet Lion! It also makes for a wonderful bonding experience on a girls’ night in!

Tattoo Chokers


The classic. Remember when we used to religiously wear these? Well, you still can! Prove that you can still rock that ‘90s fashion trends like a total pro! Make yourself a classic tattoo choker and wear it with pride! Hello Whimsy will help you out!

Pearl Choker


Pearls are the aunts of all jewelry; a little freaky, often misunderstood, polished, outstanding and most importantly, so much fun! Channel that energy into a pearl choker you can make in the comfort of your own home! Panda Hall shares the how-to!

Giant Pearls Choker


Here’s another pearl idea, because you really can’t have too many pearls. This one consists of two giant pearl beads and looks totally extravagant! Head over to Honestly WTF to see how you can make this! (The instructions won’t make you go WTF at all, we promise!)

Lace Choker


What is it about lace that makes everything look so sexy?! We can only imagine that wearing this lace choker will make you look and feel like an absolute goddess! You can even add a little broach as a special touch of empowerment – just like TiB did!

From classic ones to more modern ones, we hope you’ve found your perfect choker and are now ready to tackle the return of ‘90s trends!