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Baking with Love: Tasty Banana Bread Recipes to Savor

When it comes to baking, we tried a few different things but the forerunner for our entire family was, without a doubt, banana bread! Within a few weeks, however, we’d made so much regular banana bread that we started wondering whether there might be ways to switch our favorite thing up without losing what we love so much about it. That’s why we started searching for more unique banana bread recipes to try out on the ultimate dessert and treat critics- our kids!

Just in case you’re on the hunt for awesome and unique new banana bread recipes too, check out these great ideas and ingredients from across the Internet (and the world)!

1. Pumpkin banana bread


Autumn might be over and some people might think that pumpkin season has come to an end but, if you love pumpkin as much as we do, then you’ll probably happily eat pumpkin flavoured foods any time at all! Otherwise, maybe you’re just the kind of organized baking enthusiast who enjoys finding recipes now so you have them on hand later when the flavour is in season. Either way, we have a feeling you’re going to adore this pumpkin banana bread recipe from Just A Taste! The flavour combination is one we just can’t get over.

2. Pecan Dulce de leche banana bread


Were you actually hoping to find a flavour of banana bread that’s got a bit of a different texture too? Of course, you don’t want to change things up too much, but there’s no harm in letting yourself enjoy something a little more dense and sweet than usual! That’s why we’re such big fans of this pecan dulce de leche banana bread from Always Order Dessert! Beyond being completely irresistible thanks to its texture and rich drizzle, the sweet roasted pecans add some delicious crunch.

3. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup banana bread


If you’re going to try and put a deliciously unique spin on a classic family favourite, would you perhaps rather try out a recipe that appeals more to your kids? Then we have a feeling this insanely delicious Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup banana bread might be the best idea for you! This recipe gives you that satisfyingly sweet banana flavour that you love so much but adds a rich chocolate kick that will have you all licking your fingers and reaching for another piece. Check the full recipe out in more detail on Cup of Sugar, Pinch of Salt!

4. Apple cinnamon banana bread


Just because banana bread is already heavy on the fruit and is supposed to taste like bananas doesn’t mean you can’t add even more fruit to the mix! Personally, we’ve always been total fruit dessert enthusiasts, so this apple cinnamon banana bread recipe from Just A Taste caught our attention hard and fast the moment we saw it. Besides adding a little extra to the texture thanks to the apple chunks, you’ll get an ever so slightly heightened spiced flavour too because of the cinnamon!

5. Cinnamon pecan banana bread


Have several of the ingredients you’ve seen on our list so far caught your attention but they’ve been in different recipes, and you can’t stop thinking about how much you’d rather combine a few things together instead of making them separately? Well, if pecans and cinnamon were some of the things you’ve been craving while you scroll, we think we might have found the perfect recipe for you! Check out how Crazy for Crust made a delicious banana bread recipe using those precise things to shake things up a little.

6. Coconut macadamia nut banana bread


Have you actually been hoping to try your hand at making a banana bread recipe that includes a much more unique taste than what you’ve seen so far? Well, we have talked a little bit about adding other fruits that aren’t just bananas, but here’s one that reaches for a new and unexpected flavour a little further than apples. Port and Fin shows you how to make deliciously flavourful banana bread using macadamia nuts and coconuts! We’ve actually tried this recipe in real life and found it refreshing and essentially mouth watering.

7. Gluten free banana cranberry honey bread


We don’t personally have any dietary restrictions, but many of the people we love do! That’s why we like having alternative recipes on hand for the things we love making for our friends and family most. That way, everyone gets to enjoy delicious treats together and no one is left out! If it’s gluten you’re trying to avoid, here’s one of our very favourite gluten free banana bread recipes for you to try out! She Likes Food shows you how to make one using honey and cranberry.

8. Greek yogurt banana bread


Have you actually been looking for ways to change up the texture of your banana bread because you like your desserts a little more dense than the average person, but you’re not really into the idea of changing the flavour up too much or adding a lot to the classic, since you just love the original so much already? Then we think you’re going to totally love this little dessert bread making secret outlined on Creme de la Crumb! They show you how to make banana bread using creamy Greek yogurt to make things extra dense and delicious.

9. Slow cooker banana bread cake with brown sugar sauce


Perhaps you’re a huge homemade banana bread fan but you’re actually a really busy person who doesn’t often have time for things like baking, no matter how much you wish you did? Well, with dinner and entrees, the slow cooker would usually come to our rescue but, until recently, we actually didn’t know you can use a slow cooker for baked goods! Of course, the moment we found out, we immediately went looking for a great banana bread recipe that we could leave baking all day. That’s why we were so happy to come across this slow cooker banana bread recipe made with brown sugar sauce!

Averie Cooks

10. Double chocolate banana bread


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about chocolate banana bread earlier on our list but you’ve just never been a fan of peanut butter, so you’re on the hunt for an alternative recipe so you can still get your chocolate fix? Then we think we might have found just the recipe you’ve been looking for! Check out how the aptly named Chocolate Moosey created this double chocolate banana bread dream in just a few simple steps.

11. Chocolate chip almond butter banana bread


Perhaps we kind of caught your eye with the Reese’s Peanut butter banana bread recipe but you’re just not quite convinced because there are actually other nut butters out there that you’ve always liked better? Well, who says you can’t just make your very own chocolate and nut butter banana bread combination without sticking to a branded idea in particular? Half Baked Harvest did just that and chose to make their version with chocolate chips and almond butter instead!

12. Tahini banana bread


Have you actually always been a big fan of desserts and sweets that are actually a little more on the salty or savoury side than the sugary side? In that case, we think perhaps we’ve found just the banana bread recipe for you! A Cozy Kitchen guides you through the process of making a surprisingly mouth watering tahini banana bread covered in sunflower seeds.

13. Iced strawberry banana bread


We know we mentioned at the beginning of this list that we usually go for the banana bread recipes that are not iced, but every once in a while it’s nice to really treat yourself to something decadent! We’ve also already mentioned that we love combining different fruits for extra flavour, so we’re sure you can imagine how pleased we were when we came across this awesome strawberry banana bread recipe from Crazy for Crust! As if the strawberry chunks in the bread weren’t tempting enough, they show you how to make a deliciously sweet strawberry icing too.

14. Banana bread doughnuts with browned butter caramel glaze


If you’re going to go to the effort of putting a unique twist on your favourite treat, would you rather really shake things up and change it almost entirely, so long as you get to keep that delicious flavour you love best? Then we absolutely suggest making yourself this totally awesome banana bread donut recipe from Averie Cooks! Besides showing you how to change the texture and shape without losing your favourite taste, they also guides you through the simple process of making a delicious browned butter caramel glaze to drizzle on top!

15. Almond butter roasted banana bread


Are you still thinking about how delicious the idea of combining banana bread and almond butter sounds but you’re just not sure you really want to add all of the extras into the mix? Well, who says you have to put even more things into your bread if you already like it nice and simple? How Sweet Eats sure didn’t get complicated but they still managed to make something absolutely delicious! Check out how they made this almond butter banana bread, nice and easy.