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Beat the Heat: DIY Paper Fans 

The summer is going to be here before you know it and it’s good to be prepared for the hottest days of the year. When the heat wave strikes, it pays off to have some cooling techniques ready to go and if you want to blend that with your DIY skills, here is a beautiful selection of innovative DIY paper fans to choose from!

1. Kids Art Paper Fans 


Kids love to be involved in projects that benefit the whole family. When you’re creating paper fans by the tutorial of Krokotak, ask your kids to contribute their unique artistic skills! This is a great way to make a whole collection of paper fans where each and every one of them is one of a kind!

2. Pocket Paper Fans 


Even though we would love to be on vacation throughout the whole summer, errands still need to be run and work needs to be done. When you’re on the go it’s hard to stay cool, but a cute little pocket paper fan can definitely help! Make your own by following the tutorial at Gluesticks!

3. Wedding Favor Paper Fans 


Summer weddings are an absolute dream, but the high temperatures can make the experience tougher for your guests. Never underestimate the power of  a functional gift and surprise your guests with paper fans as wedding favors! Learn how to make them at MVEM.

4. Fruit Paper Fans 


There are so many things to love about the summer but one of the best ones is that so much of delicious fruit is in season! You can eat the sweetest, most flavorful fruit all day long and not get enough of it. You can also keep cool with these fruit paper fans by The Idea Room!

5. Japanese Paper Fans 


Honor tradition and seek inspiration in the classic Japanese paper fans that have such a delicate and mesmerizing look. They look very sophisticated and seductive, so you can easily take them along to any event you’re attending and charm the onlookers!  Send your thank you note to eHow!

6. Decorative Paper Fans 


These paper fans won’t really keep you any cooler in warm temperatures because they   only have a decorative purpose, but we felt they deserve to be included either way. If you love the idea and style of a paper fan, it’s only natural to decorate with them as the next step! Find out all the details at Evermine Wedding.

7. Wheel Paper Fans 


Not all paper fans have the same shape and style, but the most recognizable ones usually come in the shape of a wheel! They are visually dynamic and absolutely adorable, so they actually make for a pretty cute accessory! Find out all about them at Celebrate Always.

8. Wedding Program Paper Fans 


Here’s another super creative idea if you are planning to have a summer wedding! Crafty Sticks will show you how to turn the wedding program into a paper fan and so make sure your guests are able to stay cool and on schedule all throughout the ceremony!

9. Girly Paper Fans 


Summer is the time of sleepovers and garden parties! It’s so important to find the time to catch up with all your girlfriends and organize a fun get-together! Two Shades of Pink shares a tutorial for paper fans with girly patterns that can be the perfect group crafting project!

10. Bicolored Paper Fan 


The paper fan’s number one job is to cool you off in warm temperatures, but because you’ll likely carry it in your purse everywhere you go, it’s important for it to have a certain level of style as well. We would say you should make it in your favorite color, but WikiHow has an even better idea!

11. Flamingo Paper Fan 


At the end of the day, it all comes down to the pattern. When you decide you’re going to be making your own paper fan and go shop for the right paper, pick something that has summertime written all over it – like this flamingo paper fan by We R Memory Keepers!