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14 Creative Mod Podge Transfer Craft Ideas

Every DIY enthusiast knows that Mod Podge and similar products are practically a lifesaver when it comes to projects of all types. You can stick things, seal things, repair things, and give things matte or shine finishes, all with the same glorious goo. You can even use it to help transfer images onto new objects in order to make artistic pieces and beautiful crafts.

To celebrate how much we appreciate Mod Podge, here’s a list of 15 lovely Mod Podge transfer projects that we either loved making or can’t wait to try!

1. Sheet music on a glass plate

VIEW IN GALLERYStylish sheet music on a glass plate

Stepping Thru Crazy suggests adding a musical flair to a clear glass plate by using Mod Podge to transfer the ink staffs, notes, and clefs to the underside. You’ll be able to see the delicate designs through the glass each time you use the plate.

2. Anthropologie-inspired Polaroid shirt

VIEW IN GALLERYAnthropologie-inspired Polaroid shirt

Stars for Streetlights guides you through the process of creating a faux-vintage Polaroid shirt using Mod Podge image transfer techniques. We love how the final product looks every so slightly pre-distressed, as though you’ve been wearing the shirt with the beloved image on it for years.

3. Large scale photo transfer wall art

VIEW IN GALLERYLarge scale photo transfer wall art

Have you ever thought of turning pictures of your kids into awesome pop art wall decor? Well, Wendolonia is here to walk you through the process, just in case you didn’t! These black and white photos were transferred onto a painted wooden backing using our trusty friend Mod Podge, of course.

4. Floral canvas shoes

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY floral canvas shoes

Hello Glow reminds you of how much fun it can be to customize old shoes however you please, rather than just running out to buy a new pair. Using Mod Podge to transfer coloured and patterned flowers to the canvas material is a great way to give a simple pair of runners a new leased on life.

5. Canvas art jewelry holder

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Canvas art jewelry holder

Technically you could choose any theme when it comes to this Mod Podge transfer canvas craft, but we love the vintage bicycle and move theatre theme that Northern Cottage Views chose for this particular design! Once the Mod Podge process is complete and dried, add some small screw hooks to the bottom edge of the canvas to hang necklaces, bracelets, and so on.

6. Faux vintage garden caddy

VIEW IN GALLERYFaux vintage garden caddy

If you’ve searched high and low at thrift shops and rummage sales for a vintage wooden service caddy but you just can’t find one you like, perhaps it’s time to create your own “faux vintage” version? Creative Carmella guides you through the process of not only using Mod Podge to transfer an old image to a new caddy, but also of purposely weathering the project as though it’s been used for many years.

7. Chevron polymer clay pendant


What better resource to get Mod Podge crafting ideas from than Mod Podge Rocks? In case you’ve had enough of home decor pieces and wood photo transfers, here’s an adorable little chevron jewelry project to change things up for you and let you express yourself through accessories!

8. Photo transfer wooden blocks

VIEW IN GALLERYPhoto transfer wooden blocks

Maybe you’re not over the wooden photo transfer thing at all yet? Well, there are plenty more ideas out there, ready and waiting for your DIY skills! This wooden playing blocks idea, for example, is one so cute that we can hardly wait to try it ourselves. Check out how it’s done on Cheerios and lattes.

9. Faux vintage side table

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Faux vintage side table

Do you need a small side, end, or service table to go with your faux vintage photo transferred caddy? Then Spittin’ Toad is here to save the day! Here’s another method of Mod Podge image transfer that will help you build a purposely weathered look no matter how old or new the base table you choose is.

10. Photo transfer letter pillow

VIEW IN GALLERYPhoto transfer letter pillow

Did you know that you can use Mod Podge to image transfer things onto fabric and material rather than just wood and hard surfaces? If not, it’s time to give it a try! Start easy with this simple letter transfer idea from Balancing Home.

11. Quote transfer tote bag

VIEW IN GALLERYQuote transfer tote bag

Are you intrigued by the idea of Mod Podge fabric trasnfers but you don’t really need an extra throw pillow right now? Try this adorable tote bag featuring an inspirational quote instead! You can choose whatever quote or design you please and then follow the steps outlined on A Creative Princess to transfer it properly.

12. Quote transfer wooden hangers

VIEW IN GALLERYQuote transfer wooden hangers

Are you the kind of detailed decor enthusiast who takes care to make sure your scheme and aesthetic are cohesive down to the last detail in your home? Then we think these little faux vintage image transfer hangs might interest you more than most other people! Check out how they’re done on Matsutake.

13. Image transfer children’s puzzle

VIEW IN GALLERYImage transfer children's puzzle

Are homemade toys your child’s favourite toys? Well, here’s a simple one they might enjoy helping to make before it’s finished for playing! This simple Mod Podge image transfer idea is easy, but still totally fun when it’s done. get the instructions on The Handmade Home.

14. Pattern transfer coasters

VIEW IN GALLERYPattern transfer coasters

Maybe you love Mod Podge transfer projects but you’d like to keep it simple and subtle rather than getting into things like big home decor statement pieces? Check out how Shanty 2 Chic created these easy patterned drink coasters instead!

Have you created other Mod Podge transfer crafts that you don’t see here? Tell us about how you did them or link us to pictures of your work in the comments section!