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DIY Fall Wall Hanging Crafts

We’ll fully admit that we’re the kind of enthusiastic home decor lovers and crafters who will not only rotate which pieces we have set out according to the seasons and holidays, but who will also make new ones along those themes as well! Lately, we’ve completely obsessed with the idea of making simple fall wall hangings, probably because our home is laid out such that we have lots of free wall space to fill with nice things. That’s why we’ve spent so much time this autumn looking for DIY ideas and inspiration.

Check out the 15 cutest, most unique, and most creative DIY fall wall hanging ideas that we’ve come across in this year’s search so far!

1. Embossed falling leaves wall hanging


Besides the fact that we absolutely adore paper embossing, there’s just something about this wonderful falling leaves wall hanging that really appeals to us! We’re not entirely sure whether it’s the brand at the top that makes it look like we’re really watching the leaves fall outside or whether it’s the clear, fine crafting string the leaves are “falling” on, but we’d definitely encourage you to check it all out for yourself on Crafts Unleashed.

2. DIY fall coloured yarn hanging


Yarn wall hangings are one of the simplest and most appealing ideas to us because they’re suitable all year round but very easy to customize by season simply by changing the colours you choose to work with! Check out how Drawn to DIY made this fantastic yarn and wooden dowel design in just a few simple steps, incorporating some thicket yarn in rich fall colours on either side like an autumn accent.

3. Dried fall flower and branch hanging


Did you actually love the idea of making a wall hanger that actually includes a real branch from the yarn outside, dried and cut to the right length, but you can’t help wondering whether you might prefer to keep the whole craft authentic, rather than making paper leaves? In that case, we think you simply must take a look at he way She Knows strung their branch with delicately dried fall flowers and berries instead!

4. Paper backed pressed leaf wall collage


If you’ve never tried drying and pressing fall leaves in different vibrant colours then we’re sorry to tell you that you’ve been missing out! Midwest Living is here to help you fix that by showing you how to make a beautiful wall collage of lovely pressed leaves backed on white card, giving the whole wall a bit of a simple fall feel.

5. Multi-fibre yarn wall hanging


Were you intrigued very much by the yarn wall hanging but you can’t help wondering whether you might like the look even more if you expanded your materials a little and used all kinds of fibres? Then we have a feeling this neutrally coloured wall hanger from A Beautiful Mess, who did precisely that, will be a little more up your alley.

6. DIY dried flower bouquet


Are you finding yourself still thinking about how much you loved the falling branch design we’ve shown you two iterations of now but you’re wondering whether your last bouquet of the summer might be a better drying option, just to preserve its beauty a little longer? Then we’d absolutely suggest that you take a look at how A Pair and A Spare added beautiful colour to their fall decor scheme in that same way, garnering results that are nothing short of stunning.

7. Dried wheat wall hanging


Maybe you’re quite into this whole drying concept we’ve been talking about indeed, but you’d rather use something more traditionally autumn themed like fall wheat? Well, particularly if you’re a big fan of multi-media projects that use all kinds of finishes and materials in one place, we have a feeling this dried wheat, embroidery hoops, copper piping, and embroidery floss project from Ampersand Design Studio will be right up your alley.

8. DIY apple and branch wall hanging


For those people who adore going apple picking in the fall almost more than they love doing anything else, this apple themed wall hanger from Moms and Crafters is for you! Check out how they made their cute little hand crafter apples from red painted jar lids and pipe cleaner, stringing them up using hemp string and a branch.

9. Modern tassel wall hanging


This particular iteration of this yarn tassel idea might look a little more modern than fall themed, but we’re putting in on our list anyways because we like the design so much. We actually made one of our own following the steps on Homey Oh My, but we made it suit our fall aesthetic more by using yarn in burnt orange shades and neutrally coloured wooden beads, instead of doing everything in black.

10. DIY dip dyed macrame wall hanging


For those avid crafters who have been looking for new ways to practice their macrame skills, here’s a project that you’ll have a blast doing but that you won’t have any trouble with at all! Check out how Classy Clutter created a sort of knotted tapestry woven downward from a wooden dowel and then dip-dyed the ends of their string in a pretty, very autumn like orange shade, letting it absorb upward into the string until it fades out for a natural ombre effect.

11. Fall burlap and bow wall hanging


If you’re going to make some type of fall wall hanging, would you much rather create a look that’s a little more explicitly fall? Then we think you simply must check out how Occasionally Crafty used some wide burlap ribbon as a base for hand painted wooden pieces featuring letters that spell out the season. We love the finishing touch of a slightly different burlap bow on top!

12. DIY feather wall hanging


Do you have a lovely wooded yarn that, in addition to being covered with leaves, has a light smattering of feathers right now where the local birds took off and flew over on their way to migrate towards warmer weather now that a fall chill has set in? Then collect and clean those pretty feathers and consider turning them into something like this fantastic feather and leather string wall hanger outlined in detail on Homey Oh My!

13. Braided and woven wall hanging


Have you actually been scrolling through our list and finding yourself still thinking about the idea of using several types of fibres to create a yarn work wall hanging, but you’re also feeling curious about the idea of playing with thickness and weaving techniques? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at all the different fibres, yarns, wools, braiding styles, and knots that went into this beautiful piece created by A Beautiful Mess!

14. Dried flower and branch wall basket


Just in case your idea of a wall hanging is a little more structured than some of the fabric based, wispy things you’ve seen so far, here’s a method from Saint Loup that shows you how to make a wall hanging flower display instead! We love the way their knotted branches and delicate dried flowers extend from an old woven basket, sprawling out to fill the blank wall space in a beautiful way.

15. Embroidered fall words hanging


What if your instinct when you read the words “wall hanging” was to put your carefully honed embroidery and needle work skills to good use in order to make some kind of tapestry? In that case, we think you just might be the perfect person to try your hand at this lovely embroidered fall greeting hanger outlined word by word and stitch by stitch thanks you DIY Candy!