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Elegant to Eccentric: Awesome Lip Art Designs that Wow!

We’re pretty decent at makeup, if we do say so ourselves, but there are some makeup artists out there who simply blow our minds with their skills. We can only hope to be about half as skilled as them with makeup some day! In the meantime, we’ve been dedicating time to practicing makeup on each feature of our faces lately in an attempt to really refine and perfect our skills all across the board. Just because we’re still learning, however, doesn’t mean that we can’t take some time off from classic makeup to get creative with our brushes just for fun!

Our latest obsession is lip art. Who knew there are so many stunningly creative looks you can create just on your lips alone? In the hopes of making you feel just as inspired as we have lately to try your hand at making your own lip designs, check out these 15 awesome lip art ideas that aren’t actually all that hard to recreate!

1. Watermelon lips


Do you love the idea of themed lips, especially now that the weather is warming up and you’re feeling a little more bright and sunny yourself lately? Then try creating fruit inspired lip art of mimic how fresh and cheerful things are outside! We’re in love with these simple watermelon lips by Vy Qwaint.

2. Textured salt lips


Perhaps you’re also practicing your photography skills while you’re trying to perfect your makeup artistry and you’ve been looking for more conceptual makeup ideas that photograph well, even if they aren’t long lasting details that you’d actually wear out? Then we think you’ll appreciate these textured sugar lips featured on Makeup Tutorials.

3. Eyeball and lash lips


Are you so intent on creating a unique lip art look sometime soon that you’d even be willing to stick things to your face just to really flex your creative design muscles? Then you simply must check out this eyeball lip art by True Blue Halloween! Besides the stunning detail in the iris, we can’t stop staring at how cool the lashes of this “eyeball” look. It’s so cool that it’s almost unsettling!

4. Dual colour cat lips


Maybe you’re interested in getting creative with your lips in a simple way that actually ties into part of a whole look for a little bit of face-wide art that’s still cohesive? Then practice neat, precise lipstick application by doing dual colour lips, just like Roxy Paay did here in their adorable cat face!

5. Purple ombre lips with glitter


We’ve already talked about adding and sticking things to your lips a little bit so far, but maybe you’re looking for additions to your makeup that are a little more realistic to actually wear? Well, glitter is always an awesome way to draw an observer’s eye and also slice things up! We’re obsessed with this stunning black and purple ombre lip with a little bit of twinkling glitter dotted in the centre to really make things shine. Get the full details on making it happen at

New Hairstyles for Men 2014.

6. Scarecrow stitch lipstick


Were you intrigued by the cat face idea but you’d prefer a themed look that has a little more detail about the lips than just applying two different shades? Then try your hand at scarecrow stitches, just like The Domestic Diva did here! Sure, you’re simply drawing little lines in strategic places, but you’d be surprise how much practice even easy makeup can take to really get a look you’ll be truly happy with. Practice is once or twice!

7.  Ombre glitter lips


Were you pretty crazy about the ombre glitter lips we already showed you but you’re actually such a sparkle lover that you immediately started picturing what how the look would come off if you used just glitter? Well, you and DIY Projects are on the same page, because that’s exactly the look they created! Follow their steps and then play with your glitter colours to make it your own.

8. Stretched smile makeup


Are you actually already quite good at basic makeup but you’ve been itching to try your hand at some of the amazing optical illusion style artistry you’ve been seeing on Instagram? Well, Wish to Find‘s tutorial for creating a stretched smile across one side of your face is a great place to start! This is the kind of look where makeup and actual artistic painting start to intersect in a beautifully awesome way.

9. Sunset lips


Do you love creating lip art that’s unique and eye grabbing but you prefer the inspiration to be a little more subtle rather than being painted right there in plain view on your face? Then check out this wearable sunset created in an orange and yellow ombre by Roseanne Tang. Adding gloss makes it look like the reflection of a sunset shimmering on the surface of water!

10. Slate lips


Perhaps your taste in lip art is a little more on the darker side rather than full of bright colours and sparkles? Working with dark colours is a whole other ball game and skill set because keeping the edges neat is imperative since things like fallout and feathering are so much harder to hide. That certainly makes these stunning slate lips Nikkie Tutorials art in our eyes! Adding shimmer to a dark lip in perfect balance takes skill.

11. DIY golden orange lips


Perhaps when you do other kinds of art like painting, you really value your colour theory knowledge and colour mixing skills as a key part of your process? Then we have no doubt that you’ll love the idea of mixing colours, products, and textures to get the perfect lip when you do your makeup! We think the way DIY Projects for Teens mixed a lipstick, a glitter shimmer, and a gloss to create the perfect golden orange effect that you certainly won’t find premade in stores counts as lip art just as much as the rest.

12. Monochrome glitter lips


Are you still completely enamoured with the idea of glitter lips but you’re kind of tired of making ombre everything lately, since colour gradients have been so trendy? Then go back to the basics and harness the beauty of solids again! Okay, we know we can’t exactly say that completely glitter lips are a classic look, per se, but the concept of solids certainly is. Why not blend the two like Beautylish did here?

13. Pop art comic lips


What can we say? We’re suckers for lip art that becomes part of an entire look, particularly if it’s an exiting costume one! Lichtenstein style makeup has been trendy for quite some time now, but we’ve always thought that the kind that stands out the most and remains the most stylish was the kind made from pixelated dots, mimicking the way colours were filled into the page in old comic books. Lauren Conrad guides you through the process of creating that look complete with a “shining” cartoon lip that really brings the whole concept together.

14. Deep magenta ombre


Ombre might not be for everyone, but if you ask us, ombre lips are something that’ll never get old, particularly if you give them dimension by layering colours in a multifaceted way. Preen shows you how to move from a deep plum to a middle purple and on to a brighter pink in order to create a magenta gradient effect.

15. Neat black lips


You read that right: just plain black lips are lip art too! Whether you prefer them matte and sleek or shining and glossy like the photo, a really good, neat set of black lips takes a lot of skill when it comes to evenness of colour and neatness around the edges. Whatstyleistonickel shows you how to make your clean and concise for maximum effect.