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15 Awesome DIY Fireplace Surround Ideas

If you’ve ever lived in a home with a fireplace, then you already know just as well as we do how quickly that becomes a central hub in your house, both socially and in terms of room organization. They just make the perfect focal point for so many things!

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That’s why we’ve been thinking about giving ours a makeover lately, just to make it look as worthy of the acclaim as it is when we’re all gathered around it in the evening for some family bonding time or socializing with friends.

We’ve spent all week scouring the Internet for awesome DIY ways to makeover and build a great fireplace surround that would impress just about anyone!

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15 Coolest Fireplace Surround Ideas

Are you feeling just as intent as we are, if not more, on making your very own DIY fireplace, mantel, and surround in your home?

Check out these 15 awesome fireplace surround ideas, designs, and tutorials that might help you out along the way!

1. Herringbone tile fireplace surround


Are you quite experienced in the world of home renovations and looking for a little bit of a challenge because you’re convinced that your fireplace could look really beautiful with some detail? In that case, we think you just might find what you’re looking for right off the bat with this tutorial from Jenna Kate at Home! Check out how they outlined the process for making herringbone shaped tiling happen in a way that’s actually a lot easier than it looks.

2. Simple DIY fireplace surround with electrical fire insert


Perhaps you actually don’t have a fireplace and surround in the first place but you’ve spent a lot of time wishing you did and planning out precisely where you’d put it? Then we think you just might be the perfect person to give this amazing tutorial from H2O Bungalow a try! They actually teach your how to build a simple DIY fireplace surround with an electrical insert.

3. DIY fireplace surround with wooden mantel


Perhaps you already have the electric fireplace to work with but it leaves a lot to be desired as far as the space around it is concerned? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a good look at how Fix This, Build That not only built a DIY surround to frame their electric fireplace, but also added a lovely rustic wooden mantel above it for decor.

4. DIY concrete fireplace


Does your home actually already have a rather specific aesthetic that falls somewhere in the industrial chic department, but with a slightly more natural or rustic feel? Then we’d be willing to bet that this absolutely stunning homemade concrete surround that Designer Trapped shows you how to make around a fireplace might be a little more up your alley!

5. DIY white wood and tile fireplace surround and mantel


Were you quite intrigued indeed by the concept of making a white wood and tile fireplace surround like you saw previously because you thought it looked quite chic but you’re just not sure that you want something as busy looking as the herringbone pattern as far as your tile is concerned? In that case, we’d definitely encourage you to take a look at this straight tiled tutorial featured on Dream Book Design instead.

6. Drab to fab fireplace surround makeover


Perhaps you actually already have a fireplace with its own surround but you just can’t help feeling like it could look even better with a little bit of DIY flair? Then we’re pretty sure Making Home Base has just the kind of thing you’re looking for! Their tutorial has a simple step by step guide for making things look a little classier using simple crown moulding and some unique looking hexagon tiles that are easy to arrange.

7. How to make a realistic faux fireplace and surround


Just in case you’re still in the market for a tutorial that will teach you how to built a makeshift fireplace where one didn’t actually exist, here’s an awesome tutorial that has you covered even if you don’t want to put in the electric heater that you’ve seen in some of these other suggestions! Instead, this step by step guide from Love The Thompkins teaches you how to make the surround and build a decorative fireplace with wood that’s purely for rustic, homey effect.

8. How to build a full fireplace from scratch


Are you actually looking for a much more challenging and hands-on project because you do, like we said before, have experience with more intense renovations and you fully believe that you can build your own full fireplace from scratch? In that case, we think you’ll really appreciate the way Portable Fireplace teaches you how to build an entire fully recessed fireplace into your wall, with a lovely decorative surround on the wall outside of it as well.

9. Marble fireplace and mantel makeover


Are you quite interested indeed in these tutorials that talk about tiling but you’re looking for something that looks a little more upscale than the classic bathroom tile? In that case, we have a feeling you’d have a little more success with something like this tutorial featured on Monica Wants It that teaches you how to do some marble tiling instead! We love the otherwise monochrome white effect that really lets the marble stand out.

10. Cheap and easy fireplace surround makeover


Perhaps you’re very interested in creating a surround by yourself where there isn’t one already but you’re also working on a bitch of a budget? Well, so long as you have a little space near the fireplace to work with, then perhaps you’d get a kick out of the way Katie Lamb built an easy surround that also has a decorative mantel and a raised platform around it for extra seating, a blanket, or even books!

11. Antique wooden faux fireplace and mantel


Did we actually really catch your attention with our talk of faux fireplaces that don’t actually involved a space for burning anything, but you’re more intrigued by the idea of making something that matches your house decoratively than you are worried about making the inside look realistic? Well, if your house has any kind of vintage looking or stylishly worn aesthetic, then this tutorial outlined in detail on Ana White is definitely the one for you!

12. Craftsman style mantel and hearth


Are you still feeling unconvinced by what you’ve seen thus far on our list but you also know you’re up for the challenge of creating something that makes a little more of a statement? In that case, we think you simply must check out this full, step by step guide from Make It, Love It that teaches you not only how to build and electrical heater space with a fully tiled and clean looking surround, but also to make it wide enough that a wall mounted television will fit right next to it as well, right below the mantel!

13. Covered brick fireplace update


Have you long been starting at your old fashioned brick fireplace and surround and wondering how best to update it without actually having to tear the whole thing out? Well, we’re pleased to tell you that your patience has finally paid off! Take a look at this nice, thorough guide from Nina Hendrick shows you in detail how they expertly covered their brick with white wood and marble for a more upscale look.

14. Rustic DIY wood pallet fireplace


Just in case you’re still finding yourself hooked on the idea of making a wonderfully rustic surround for your fireplace but you just haven’t quite seen the one that grabs you yet, here’s another concept for your consideration! This time, Hometalk shows you how they upcycled and repurposed pieces of pallet wood in order to create a beautifully farmhouse inspired surround piece between two shelves. We love the way they continued the wood panelling right up the wall to meet the ceiling above the fireplace!

15. Marble tile fireplace renovation


Just in case you’re still thinking about how much you adored the marble tiling talk that you saw before but you actually loved it so much that you want even more of it, here’s another tutorial for your consideration! Do It Yourself Divas shows you how to extend that marble tiling around, up, and even down to cover a portion of the floor in front of the fireplace, rather than stopping after a small border and using wood elsewhere.

Fireplace Surround – Conclusion

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