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15 Yard Decoration Ideas for Fall

Fall has finally come and it is in full swing! Thanksgiving is on its way (or maybe even already past, depending on where you live) and your TV is probably already advertising Christmas toys and holiday spirit at you. Just because some people have move onto the holidays, however, doesn’t mean it’s too late for you to get into the fall spirit a little more! We’ve been planning on doing just that this weekend, actually, which is why we’ve been looking up inspiration and tutorials for making our yard a little extra seasonal!

Just in case you love decorating your yard when the seasons change too, here are some of the best ideas we’ve come across in our search so far.

1. Tall dried corn stalks


Does your doorway or your porch area already have a lot of greenery that turns all kinds of lovely shades of yellow and red naturally in the fall? Then you don’t really have much work ahead of you to make things look lovely for the season! In that case, we think you might be best to try something nice and natural. That’s why we liked this tall dried cornstalk idea from Digs Digs. They placed their cornstalks in an outdoor vase and let them blend in nicely with what’s already there.

2. Hoards of pumpkins and gourds


Are pumpkins your absolute favourite part of fall, long past Halloween and Jack-O-Lantern season? In that case, we think you should hit up the post-Halloween pumpkin sale at your local grocery store! While you’re there, take a look at all the mini pumpkins and the colourful gourds that are sitting in the bin right next to all your pumpkins! Piling them all up and down the stairs like DIY Network did here makes a glorious entrance way for guests climbing your porch to knock on the door.

3. Bails of hay


Do you live in a home where everyone is lucky enough to be allergy free? That’s great news! In that case, you’ve got the opportunity to decorate your yard, porch, and doorway with beautifully autumn themed bails of hay. That might sound like a strange décor tool but we think you might change your mind when you see how cute this display from Atkinson Drive is. They’ve piled little pumpkins on top of a hay bail set on the porch. They even included a dried cornstalk like we showed you earlier!

4. Lit up fall leaf door arch


Have you always had a flare for the dramatic and you’ve been looking for a door display idea that really helps you… light the place up with DIY décor? Then maybe you should take that idea a little more literally than you might have thought when you first read it! Coco Fabulous guides you through the process of building an arch over top of your front door. They twisted faux branches and leaves together with tiny white string lights in a long string of fall glory and pinned them up over the door to turn them on and add some twinkle at night.

5. Vintage door with bucket planters and pumpkins


What if you live in the kind of house with a big, long driveway and lawn, where people can’t actually see your porch or your front door from the street? In that case, why not bring the door to them? We love the way Unskinny Boppy upcycled an old, unused door in a cute little fall display that also incorporates bucket planters, fall flowers, pumpkins, and hay. We’re particularly fond of how they hung metal bucket planters full of pretty colours down the middle in a line.

6. Hand painted harvest sign


Do you already have a little bit of a display going on thanks to some pumpkins and planters but you think it could use another touch that’s a little more overtly DIY, since everyone knows you love crafting so much? In that case, we think you might enjoy making yourself this homey fall harvest sign! The Magic Brush walks you through the steps they took to upcycle an old 2-by-4 with some paint.

7. Harvest wheel barrow display


Have you actually already finished collecting things like pumpkins, planters, and hay bails with the intention of making a great fall lawn display, but it can’t really go on your porch because there isn’t space or you don’t really have one? Then you might need something to give the setup some levels so that everything’s really visible, since you don’t have stairs. We like this suggestion from The Seasonal Home for using an old wheelbarrow! Fill it up with fall things to your heart’s desire.

8. Dried reed wreath


Are you still thinking about the dried cornstalk idea because you loved the rustic way it looked, but you don’t really have the porch space to stand giant cornstalk bundles on either side of your front door? Well, you can still get that dried aesthetic without making things too crowded! Check out how One Kind Design made this adorable fall wreath out of dried reeds, letting their natural shape add some fo the visual appeal.

9. Pumpkin and acorn filled lanterns


Do you actually already have some cute porch décor already that you’d rather alter for the season rather than replace? There are definitely ways you can do that! These empty lanterns, for example, are pretty popular and they’re very easy to turn into a fall piece. Check out how Popsugar did it by filling the empty space inside with miniature faux pumpkins or a mixture of pone cones and acorns.

10. Stacked apple baskets of pumpkins


Have those old, farm style apple baskets always reminded you of fall because it makes you remember picking apples with your family when you were a little kid? Then they’re the perfect thing to incorporate into your fall décor scheme! We love the way My Creative Days tiered their apple baskets in an easy way and filled them with pumpkins and leaves to make a fall décor piece that’s space efficient but totally cute.

11. Stone pedestal planters filled with fall coloured flowers and gourds


Are you still thinking about how you already have porch décor that you’d rather alter than replace for the season but you love lighting your lanterns at night so you don’t want to fill them up? Then maybe you can turn to your planters instead! Yours might not necessarily have stone ones that are quite as grand looking as the ones in this picture, but you get the idea. Check out how Stone Gable filled their tall standing planters with not just flowers but also small gourds arranged around the edge to complete the look!

12. Monogrammed painted pumpkins


Did you build yourself a collection of pumpkins but you’re looking at them and you just can’t help thinking that something is missing? Maybe you need a little more DIY décor aspect to the design rather than just setting a group of pumpkins on the porch! We love the way Designs by Tamela not only painted their pumpkin, but also monogrammed it for a bit more of a personal touch.

13. Wooden crate Jack-O-Lantern


We know that Halloween has passed already, but if your kids are anything like ours, then you know just as well as we do that they’ll keep the Jack-O-Lanterns out there until the colder winter weather comes in December and the snow freezes them right up. So why not give them a fall looking Jack-O-Lantern that will last a little longer so they don’t have to watch theirs turn black and cave in? Check out this awesome carved crate idea from HGTV! The rustic aesthetic makes the whole idea look very autumn seasonal but your kids still get the creep part they love.

14. Burlap wrapped and tied shrubberies


Maybe you already have plants that you love and want to leave out because the weather where you live doesn’t change all that much, but you still want to make a very specifically autumn looking display? In that case, we think perhaps you’ll be a big fan of this burlap wrapped planter design from Debbie Debbie Doos! They show you how to wrap the base of the planter and tie the burlap in place with some hemp string for a sort of farm inspired fall look.

15. Vintage farm wares as planters and pumpkin stands


We talked about farm inspired looks above but we haven’t actually shown you any designs that really use the things you’d see on a farm! That’s why we couldn’t end our list without including this upcycled vintage farm wares idea from Organized Clutter Queen. They walk you through the ways that they arranged old lanterns, rusted gates, and a few other pieces and popped pumpkins into the mix to really drive the aesthetic home.

Do you know a fellow DIY enthusiast who is also a total seasonal décor master and never leaves their door or front yard looking plain no matter the time of year? Share this post with them so they can find some new ways to make their outdoor space look its seasonal best this fall!