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8 Super Cosy and Easy Dog Pillows to Make

If you have a lovable dog in your life, you would want to make sure that your pawed buddy has a cozy place to sleep; something that offers both comfort and style. After all, when it comes to our dogs we give them anything and everything to make their fun-filled lives as comfortable as possible! Instead of buying an expensive dog bed from your local pet store, why not put your creative talents to use and make one for them? What’s even better is that sometimes all you need is a fluffy DIY pillow.

1. Two Pillow Dog Bed

VIEW IN GALLERYEasy to make Two Pillow Dog Bed

This two pillow dog bed from Joyful Abode is pretty simple to make and won’t take much time to complete. You only need basic sewing skills to complete and the end product is something that both you and your dog will cherish! Pick the colours you want to work with depending on your decor and get started right away.

2. Flat Pillow Dog Bed

VIEW IN GALLERYFlat Pillow Dog Bed

Give your dog a comfy gift that they can truly call their own, like this flat pillow design from Always Rooney. The design incorporates leather and canvas so that you will have a long lasting dog bed that your dog can enjoy sleeping on for years to come.

3. Large Dog Pillow Bed

VIEW IN GALLERYLarge Pillow Dog Bed

Transform a floor pillow into a comfy dog bed for the favourite pooch in your life. This is what Adorablest has done with the help of glitter and mod podge, to create this fantastic large dog pillow that will become your dog’s favourite place to rest.

4. Custom Fabric Dog Bed


Your dog might already be draped in luxury, but what would make it even better is if they had the perfect custom made dog bed to lay their fluffy heads down on at night. This fantastic creation from Horse and Heels offers precisely that as it offers your best friend a great place to hangout and rest.

5. Dog Pillow Bed with a Zipper

VIEW IN GALLERYDog Pillow Bed with Zipper

A dog bed doesn’t need to be an expensive purchase and making one yourself is the best way to get around this conundrum. Trendy, cool and sporting a geometric pattern that blends in with your seasonal decor, this comfy pillow looks nothing like a DIY find. To make your own version of this dog bed with a zipper, check out this design by The Home Steady.

6. Block Printed Dog Bed

VIEW IN GALLERYBlock Dog Pillow Bed

This lovely block printed dog pillow is easy to replicate and will offer your little friend with a custom and unique bed specially made for them. To make your own, check out Red House West.

7. Round Pet Pillow Bed


Who said that a dog pillow has to be a square or rectangle? As this creation from The First Lime recycles an old pair of jogging bottoms by stuffing them to create this super comfy round dog bed for a small pooch. You can also go the extra yard by adding the name of your dog to the bed and personalize it in style!

8. Sweatshirt Dog Pillow

VIEW IN GALLERYSweatshirt Dog Bed

This design from Handimania has used an old sweatshirt to make a stylish dog bed; throwing the idea that a dog bed has to be expensive out of the window. Do you have an old sweatshirt that you don’t wear anymore? Why not use it to make a cool, custom dog bed.