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15 Unique Ways to Display Your Photos

In addition to being avid crafters, we’re also totally nostalgic photo lovers. If you ask us, there’s nothing better than merging the two in order to use our DIY skills to better display our favourite photos in more interesting ways than just a single photo frame hung on the wall. That’s why we’ve always got our eyes peeled for unique homemade photo display ideas that we’ve never tried before or you can go for a digital frame.

Just in case you’re feeling as interested as we are, if not more, in the idea of learning how to make some awesome DIY photo displays? Check out these 15 fantastic ideas, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search for inspiration.

1. Jumbo photo wall clock


Rather than just hanging some pictures on the wall the way you’d normally see, would you prefer to create some kind of really decorative display with them? Well, if you’re also part of the kind of busy family who always has to be on time for things, then maybe you’d get along better with something like this photo frame clock idea made from framed pictures, battery powered clock hands, and wall vinyl! This tutorial from Beauty Dream shows you how to line things up perfectly to make it work.

2. Branch photo ladder


Have you gone out of your way to build a sort of rustic chic decor aesthetic in your home that’s also very nature inspired, and you’d like some kind of photo display idea that reflects and suits that scheme? Then maybe this awesome ladder shaped idea from Creative Ambitious that lets you construct things with branches will be a little more up your alley! The photos hang in the spaces between rungs.

3. Large horizontal wall collage


Do you actually have so many photos that you want to display that none of the ideas you’ve seen so far will even fit them? Then maybe you’d have better luck making something like this wide horizontal wall collage piece instead! The best part of this is that it’s completely customizable so you can include as many or as few photos as you need. Bits of Everything shows you all the steps for making it happen.

4. Old window turned picture frame


Do you adore the horizontal collage style of the DIY piece you saw above but you can’t help wishing it had a slightly more weathered chic or old fashioned style to it? In that case, maybe you’d prefer this similarly shaped version from At Home with Sweet that’s made out of an old, upcycled farmhouse window, still with its glass. They show you how to size the photos evenly to the glass spaces in your window.

5. Photo world map


Do you come a family of avid travellers who love to see the world together, and you enjoy incorporating that theme and your adventures into your home decor scheme for all of your visitors to see? In that case, we think you might really appreciate the way Cut, Craft, Create made this stunning photo map that helps you track all of the places you’ve visited!

6. PVC pipe photo vases


On top of being a creative person have you also always loved flowers? Well, did you know that there’s actually a way for you to combine your love for both of those things and your appreciation for old family photos in one place? These lovely PVC photo vases that feature family photos across their surfaces are the perfect example of what we mean. Get the full details for making your own on Mod Podge Rocks.

7. Twine and pallet photo collage


Does the idea of making something a little more rustic chic or reclaimed looking still appeal to you the most but you’ve also always been the kind of person that appreciates slightly scattered and more informal projects that are full of character? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Simply Kierste made this twine and pallet wood photo collage that you can add or change the photos on at any time.

8. DIY clothespin photo frame


If you’re going to make yourself some kind of unique photo display that’s all about family, would you actually rather create something that your kids can help you with? In that case, we think you might really appreciate the way Good Home DIY made this simple but super fun ring shaped photo frame from cardboard and clothespins. The tutorial also shows you how to arrange all the photos around the outside in a collage-like way.

9. Branch and string photo frame


Have we actually had you thinking all this time about how much you like the sounds of making a photo display with branches but you were really picturing a piece created with smaller ones that you might find in your backyard rather than the larger cut branches that you saw in the ladder idea? In that case, we think you’ll get along much better with this lovely branch and string photo hanger outlined step by simple step on Bre Thurston.

10. DIY photo lampshade


Do you have some photos that are so dear to you that you’d happily make them a more permanent part of your home decor scheme because you know you won’t ever want to change them out? Then you just might be the perfect person to give this DIY ink transfer photo lampshade outlined step by step on Mommy Moment a try! We love the way the light glows through the images.

11. Memory mason jars


Are you actually looking for a particularly unique photo display because you’re having a wedding, family reunion, or anniversary party and you want to make sure there are all kinds of family pictures and memories around for guests to look at? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how The Cottage Market made these photo memory jars that make fantastic centrepieces.

12. Geometric string photo display


Are you scrolling through our list and thinking about how much you loved the look of the photos held in place by twine the way we showed you earlier on our list but you just don’t think you’ll have access to any pallet wood that you can reclaim? Well, you don’t actually need the wood to make a good twine and photo piece! Check out how The Caldwell Project made geometric string photo display held in place with binder clips! We love how customizable this concept is to your space and tastes.

13. Photo to wood transfer


Have we got you feeling quite enamoured indeed with the whole concept of ink transfer photos but you’re simply not sure that a fully covered photo lampshade will quite suit your space? Perhaps you’d just prefer to use the technique on a more rustic looking base. Either way, we have a hunch that you’ll get along a little better with this tutorial from Hunker that shows you how to do photo ink transfer on a wood slice instead!

14. Rustic frame and ribbon barn wood photos


Rather than having an outdoorsy and nature inspired sort of rustic feel, would you actually rather make a wooden piece that has a slightly more vintage twist on it? Then we’d be willing to bet that this next idea from Ava Blake Creations might be right up your alley. They show you how to affix ribbon loops to vintage photo frames so you can hand them from reclaimed vintage drawer knobs fastened to recycled wooden boards. Mount as many on the wall as you need!

15. Instagram photo sachets


Have you always been a big fan of DIY projects that have more than one function? Well, if you’re also interested in making things that you and your family can really use for bonding time, then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Lil’ Blue Boo outlines the steps for photo printed DIY fabric bean bags that you can use for a game of toss in the backyard at family barbecues!

Have you made other kinds of fantastically hand crafted photo displays before that you still hang proudly in your home but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about what you made and how you did it or link us to photos of the finished piece in the comments section!