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7 Cool Dog Toys to Make Yourself

Do you have a dog? Well, if so, you would have noticed how expensive dog toys can be and how those cheaply made dog toys don’t last all that long with your buddy making it his or her mission to destroy their toy! This means you have to go out and buy another one in the hope that it might last a bit longer this time around. It’s a vicious cycle really and the only way out is to craft your own dog toys that are affordable and easy to make. Here are 7 ideas that should get you started in the right direction –

1. Yarn Scrap Dog Toy


When you know that you can make your own dog toys you won’t go back to the shops to buy one. Do you have old t-shirts you no longer wear? Then start off with it and turn the old rag into the perfect dog toy with the simple addition of a tennis ball. This is what The Experimental Home did in an attempt to shape a more lasting toy for their pawed friend.

2. T-Shirt Dog Toy


If you have a load of old t-shirts, but no tennis ball (bummer, really!) you can still make a sturdy dog toy. To provide more strength to it, simply weave your t-shirts into a plait leaving plenty of tassels at the ends for something to tug on when playing with your dog. To make your own, check out this design from LVLY.

3. Dog Sweater


While this might not necessarily be a dog toy, it is a sweater, which will provide warmth to your dog. Or maybe you could use it by placing it around the house so they can practice their stealth skills by creeping up on the cat! My So Called Crafty Life give you a step by step guide on how to get it done.

4. Tough Dog Ring


If you have a dog who loves tearing up his or her dog toys, you need something that will stand up to them and last longer than a week. Enter the tough dog ring from Instructables! This intricately woven ring is deceptively, easy to make and will definitely test your dogs ability to rip its toys to shreds.

5. T-Shirt and Dog Toy

VIEW IN GALLERYT-Shirt and Ball Dog Toy

Yep, an old shirt and a ball are pretty much the staple of this DIY roundup! This t-shirt and ball dog toy from Ammo the Dachshund is a simple to make toy and another version of the tried and tested DIY dog toy that never fails.

6. Reclaimed Dog Toy

VIEW IN GALLERYReclaimed Dog Toy

You don’t need much when you’re making your own handmade dog toy. This design from Retrobellish shows that all it takes is an old towel. That’s it, just a towel that has been tied up. It’s simple, but pretty effective!

7. Dog Toy for Heavy Chewers


Check out this ‘ball and rag’ version from With My Camera, which looks colorful and fun. It’s a simple design, but one that often costs a lot if you want to buy one off the shelf. Why bother when you can make your own?